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Aventura al fin del mundo 2015 2014 - 2016 2015 Estancia Fitz Roy in Isla Riesco: THE SPIRIT OF MAGELLAN STOCKBREEDING A prosperous family business is what Secundino Fernández has consolidated in over 30 years in the stockbreeding industry in Magallanes with sheer hard work and perseverance, which is exactly what it takes to make front to the challenging weather in Patagonia. A pioneer entrepreneur in the passenger transport business, Fernández started in the 80s at the renown Isla Riesco, located in the Río Verde sector. First, with “Chilenita” estancia, dedicated to ovine cattle following the world tendency, and then, with the changes in international meat and wool prices, Mr. Secundino opted for bovine, an industry which he holds to this day through his stockbreeder firm SFG. With the years, and as part of his entrepreneur vision and commitment to the region, Fernández and his family decided to share the privilege of living in a place signed by the coexistence with a southernmost pristine environment, with whoever wishes to live the experience. A specific environment that may only be found in places such Estancia Fitz Roy, located just a few miles from Río Verde, in Isla Riesco. This way, stockbreeding, one of the main productive sources in Magallanes, is linked with touristic activity in the region, an industry that has acquired importance and value, considering the growing amount of national and international tourists that each year visit the region, drawn by the southernmost landscapes and people. Today, Secundino’s daughters have taken charge of keeping the family company running, with the same enthusiasm and passion that has driven their father all these years. Karina, Ximena and Geraldine, administration mayor, accountant and agronomist, have taken upon the challenge of being entrepreneurs in Patagonia with much success, leaving their mark in each company they run. WHERE IS THIS LOCATED To access Estancia Fitz Roy (named in honor of Robert Fitz Roy, vice-admiral of the British Royal Navy and commander of the HMS Beagle during the famous world travel of naturalist Charles Darwin, between 1831 and 1836), this icon of special interest tourism, it’s necessary to travel almost 100 kilometers from regional Capital, Punta Arenas, and then make the cross by ferry to Isla Riesco, one of the largest islands in Chile, and where the concept of the pioneers, local stockbreeding and respect for nature are united to give birth to a unique site. Upon arrival, it is not only possible to maintain a direct contact with the pure experience of the Patagonian ecosystem, but also to participate in typical activities of an estancia, such as sheep roundup with specially trained dogs, wool baths, shearing, horseback riding, and tasting a traditional roasted lamb barbecue with local “gauchos” and their typical work apparel. Information and knowledge acquired during one’s stay are an example of the historic path that the region’s communities have gone through, particularly regarding to country life. And in this regard, the estancia presents an especially interesting experience, because history presents itself upon arrival, through all kinds of classic objects. Magallanic kitchen sets, work machinery, old cars, domestic good and tools, and a long etcetera. This selection is then brought together at the shearing hall, which today serves as exhibition room for this particular museum. Mr. Fernández has played the role of a true curator, recollecting and valuing objects dismissed by others, that he has stumbled upon during his long travels around the area. Maintaining an estancia requires a strong dedication that includes a special feeling towards the natural scenery on which it sits, as well as passion for a productive activity 16 Adventure at the End of the World

Aventura al fin del mundo 2015 - 2016 Estancia Fitz Roy en Isla Riesco: EL ESPÍRITU DE LA GANADERÍA MAGALLÁNICA that is characteristic of the region. A place known for becoming ingrained in its settlers’ hearts, and for longlasting traditions as a way to preserve and share the love for the land and the local customs. These are what make a growing amount of visitors want to change from the noise and rush of the great urban centers, for a minute listening to the Patagonian wind singing with the native vegetation, while observing the peaceful walk of the cattle. • After six months of breastfeeding, the bovine offspring is sold to the center-south area of Chile, where they begin a fattening stage for their exportation. • The first bovine race in the area was the English Hereford, destined mainly for meat production, which adapted itself to Patagonia without inconvenient. • For the bovine industry in Magallanes, calves are very important, which are sold after six months old, weighing around 260 kilos already. Un negocio familiar y próspero es el que Secundino Fernández ha logrado consolidar durante estos más de 30 años a través de la cría de ganado bovino en la extrema Región de Magallanes y Antártica Chilena, a fuerza de trabajo y perseverancia, la misma que se necesita para hacer frente al desafiante clima de la Patagonia. Empresario pionero en el transporte de pasajeros, Fernández comenzó allá por la década de los 80, en la conocida Isla Riesco, comuna de Río Verde, primero, con la estancia “Chilenita”, dedicándose a la ganadería ovina siguiendo la tendencia mundial y luego, a raíz del cambiante valor del precio internacional de la lana y la carne, don Secundino optó por el vacuno, industria que sostiene hasta nuestros días por medio de la ganadera SFG. Con el paso de los años y como parte de la visión emprendedora y comprometida con la región, Fernández y su familia decidieron compartir el privilegio de vivir en un lugar signado por la convivencia con el medio ambiente austral y prístino que sólo es posible encontrar en lugares como Isla Riesco, a pocos kilómetros de Río Verde donde está ubicada la estancia Fitz Roy, con quienes desearan tener aquella misma experiencia. Es de esta forma en que la producción ganadera, una de las principales fuentes productivas de Magallanes, se vincula a la actividad turística de la región, industria que ha adquirido real importancia y valoración, considerando el creciente número de turistas nacionales y extranjeros que cada año visitan la región atraídos por los paisajes australes y su gente. En la actualidad, son las hijas de Secundino las encargadas de llevar adelante la empresa familiar, con el mismo entusiasmo y pasión, tal como lo hiciera su padre durante todos estos años. Adventure at the End of the World 17 17

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