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332 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

The Year view shows mini calendars for the entire year. To switch from the Year

view to the Month view (shown in Figure 13.3), tap on any month in the Year view.

Figure 13.3

Shown here is the Calendar app’s Month view on the iPhone.

From the Month view, switch to the Week view by rotating your iPhone from portrait

to landscape mode. In other words, hold your smartphone sideways.

Also from the Month view, to switch to the Day view, tap on a day displayed in the

calendar. From the Month view, any day that displays a gray dot in it has event

details associated with it.


On the iPhone, from the Month or Day view, tap on the Listing icon

to view a more detailed and scrollable listing for the selected day’s events.

The Year, Month, Week, and Day views in the iPhone version of the Calendar app

are switchable in a hierarchical order. If you’re in the Day view, for example, you

can switch back to the Month view by tapping on the Back icon (a left-pointing

arrow), which is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen.

Whether you’re using the Calendar app on an iPhone or iPad, your Calendar view

options include the following.

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