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CHAPTER 13 | Tips for Using Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes 333


This view displays your events individually, based on the time each event is scheduled.

When using the iPad version of the app, this information is displayed on a

split screen. On the left is an hour-by-hour summary of your day, and on the right is

a synopsis of the events for that day.


On the iPhone, the Day view (shown in Figure 13.4) displays a

week’s worth of calendar dates near the top of the screen. Below that, the selected

date is displayed, followed by an hour-by-hour rundown of your events.

On the iPad, the Day display is split into two sections. The selected date, along

with a week’s worth of calendar dates, is displayed at the top of the screen, followed

by a summary listing of appointments and/or events displayed on the left

side of the screen. Details about one selected appointment or event are displayed

on the right side of the screen by tapping on it.

Figure 13.4

The Day view of the Calendar app lets you see your schedule broken down one day at a time in

one-hour increments.

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