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336 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

Figure 13.6

Add a new event to the Calendar app from the New Event screen.

2. The first field in the New Event window is labeled Title. Using the virtual keyboard,

enter a title for the event.

3. If a location is associated with the event, tap the Location field located below

the Title field and enter an address or location. Entering information into the

Location field is optional. You can be as detailed as you want when entering

information into this field.


By entering a location, your iOS mobile device can calculate travel

time to this event from your current location and give you ample warning related

to when you need to leave. The Maps app can also use the location information to

provide directions to that event.

If you ask Siri a question related to an event’s location, such as “Where is my next

meeting?” or “How do I get to my next appointment?,” the event’s location information

is used.

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