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CHAPTER 13 | Tips for Using Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes 337


Many of the fields within the New Event screen are optional. In

other words, only fill in the fields that are relevant to the new event you’re creating.

However, the more information you include, the more useful Maps, Siri, and

Spotlight Search will be later when you want to refer to event information.

4. If the event lasts for the entire day, turn on the All-Day virtual switch.

Otherwise, to set the time and date the event begins and ends, first tap the

Starts field. Use the scrolling Date, Hour, Minute, and AM/PM dials to select

the start time for your event.

5. After entering the start time, scroll down and tap on the Ends option, and

again use the scrolling Date, Hour, Minute, and AM/PM dials to select the end

time for your event.


If the new event you’re creating repeats every day, every week,

every two weeks, every month, or every year, tap the Repeat option, and choose

the appropriate time interval. The default for this option is Never, meaning that it

is a nonrepeating, one-time-only event.

6. Turn on the virtual switch associated with the Travel Time option to add

between 5 minutes and 2 hours of travel time to that event by tapping on

one of the listed options. So, if this event turns out to be one hour away from

your previous event scheduled on the same day, one hour’s worth of travel

time can be added to your schedule. However, if you have a specific location

entered in the Location field, your iPhone or iPad can calculate the travel

time from wherever you happen to be prior to that event.

7. If you’re managing several calendars within the Calendar app, tap on the

Calendar option to select in which calendar the new event will be placed.

The default calendar is called Home, but you can change this from within


8. To invite other people to the event, tap on the Invitees option and, when

prompted, fill in the To field with the invitees’ names or email addresses.

Use their name if they already have a contact entry in the Contacts app; otherwise,

enter an email address for each person separated by a comma. The

people you add as invitees are sent an email allowing them to respond to the

invite. The Calendar app keeps track of RSVPs from event attendees and displays

this information in the app.

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