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CHAPTER 13 | Tips for Using Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes 339


Using Siri, say something like, “When is my next appointment with

[name]?” You can also say, “Show me my schedule for Wednesday,” or ask, “What’s

on my calendar for July 7?” to quickly find an event. If you enter information into

the Location field as you’re creating events, you can later ask Siri, “Where is my

next meeting?”


From any view in the Calendar app, tap an individual event to display the details

related to it.

When you tap on a single event listing, a new screen opens (shown in Figure 13.7).

Tap the Edit option in the upper-right corner to modify any aspect of the event listing,

such as its title, location, start/end time, alert, invitees, or notes.

Figure 13.7

Detailed information about each event stored within the Calendar app can easily be viewed.

At the bottom of an event listing, a map showing the event’s location is provided if

the Location field has been filled in.

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