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CHAPTER 13 | Tips for Using Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes 341

From the Mail, Contacts, Calendars submenu within Settings, under the Calendars

heading, determine how far back in your schedule you want to sync appointment

data between your primary computer and your iOS device(s). Your options include

Events 2 Weeks Back, Events 1 Month Back, Events 3 Months Back, Events 6 Months

Back, and All Events. All Events is the default option.

Tap on the Time Zone Override option and then turn on the virtual switch associated

with this feature if you want the Calendar app to always show event dates

and times in your home time zone, regardless of which alternate time zone you’ve

traveled to. After you turn on the virtual switch associated with this feature, tap on

the Time Zone option to select a home time zone.



Contact information related to the people in your life, as well as companies you do

business with, can all be stored and easily managed using the Contacts app.

Your personal contacts database might include people you work with, customers,

clients, family members, people from your community with whom you interact

(doctors, hair stylist, barber, dry cleaners, and so on), your real-world friends, and

your online friends from Facebook, for example.


From the Home screen when using an iPhone 6s

or iPhone 6 Plus, press and hold your finger on the Contacts app icon to view a

pop-up menu that enables you to quickly create a new contact entry or view your

own entry in the Contacts database, which is referred to as My Info (shown in

Figure 13.8).

Be sure to create an entry for yourself in your Contacts database and populate it

with as much information as possible, because many other apps will access this

information in the future for a variety of reasons.

As you receive incoming emails, if the sender includes their details within their

email, and this information is not stored within your Contacts app already, you’ll

have the ability to add it. This is also true if the sender updates their contact information,

and it doesn’t match what’s stored within the Contacts app. Within the

Mail app, as you’re reading the email, you’ll be given the opportunity to create a

new contact or update the existing contact’s entry within the Contacts app.

For this feature to work, launch Settings, tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar

option, and then turn on the virtual switch associated with the Contacts Found

in Mail option.

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