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344 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

■ If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter, you have the option of adding

each contact’s Facebook and/or Twitter username to their Contacts entry.

When you turn on the Facebook feature, the Contacts app automatically

downloads each entry’s Facebook profile picture and inserts it into your

Contacts database.

When you first launch the Contacts app, its related database is empty. However,

you can create and build your database in two ways:

1. Sync the Contacts app with your primary contact management application

on your computer, network, or online (cloud)-based service, such as iCloud or

Microsoft Outlook.

2. Manually enter contact information directly into the Contacts app.

NOTE The Contacts app that comes preinstalled with iOS 9 is 100

percent compatible with and extremely similar to the Contacts app that comes

bundled with OS X Yosemite or OS X El Capitan on the Mac. Thus, be sure to set

up each version of the app to sync with each other via iCloud, so you always have

access to your entire Contacts database.

As you begin using this app and come to rely on it, it’s possible to enter new contact

information or edit entries either on your iOS mobile device or using your primary

contact management application and keep all the information synchronized,

regardless of where the entry was created or modified.


On the iPhone, the All Contacts screen displays an alphabetical listing of all entries

in your Contacts database. Along the right side of the screen are alphabetic tabs,

and a Search field is located near the top of the screen.


If you’ve used the Contacts app previously, and it has been running

in the background, the last contact entry you viewed will be displayed when

you relaunch the app.

On the iPad, in the middle of the screen are alphabetic tabs. The All Contacts heading

is near the upper-left corner of the screen. Below it is a Search field. After you

have added entries in your contacts database, they are listed alphabetically on the

left side of the screen below the Search field.

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