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346 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

To quickly find and display any contact in your Contacts database, activate Siri and

say, “Find [name] within Contacts.” The contact’s information will be displayed as a

Siri results screen, but the Contacts app will not automatically launch.


To create a new Contacts entry, tap the New Contact icon (which looks like a plus

sign). On the iPhone, it’s displayed in the upper-right corner of the All Contacts

screen. On the iPad, the New Contact icon can be found near the top center of the

Contacts app’s screen.

After tapping on the New Contact icon, the New Contact screen appears.


As you’re creating each Contacts entry, fill in whichever fields you

want. You can always edit a contact entry later to include additional information.

The more information you enter, however, the more data the Contacts app will

later be able to share with Siri and other apps running on your mobile device.

In the New Contact screen are several empty fields related to the entry, starting

with the First Name field (shown in Figure 13.10).

Figure 13.10

From this New Contact screen, create a new contact and include as much information pertaining

to that person or company as you want.

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