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CHAPTER 13 | Tips for Using Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes 347

Some fields, including Phone, Email, and Mailing Address, enable you to input

multiple listings, one at a time. So you can include someone’s home phone, work

phone, and mobile phone (iPhone) numbers in the entry, for example. Likewise,

you can include multiple email addresses, and/or a home address and work

address for an individual.


One of the available fields when creating a new Contact entry is

labeled Add Related Name. Use this field to add the names of your contact’s

mother, father, parent, brother, sister, child, friend, spouse, partner, assistant, manager,

or other. You can also add your own titles for the Related People field.


It’s possible to change the label associated with certain fields (which

are displayed in blue) by tapping the field label itself. This reveals a Label menu,

offering selectable options for that field. For example, the Label options for the

Add Phone field include Home, Work, iPhone, Mobile, Main, Home Fax, Work Fax,

Pager, and Other. At the bottom of this Label window, tap the Add Custom Label

option to create your own label if none of the listed options applies.

Tap the label title of your choice. A check mark appears next to it, and you are

returned to the New Contact screen.

At the bottom of the New Contact screen is the Add Field option. Tap it to reveal a

menu containing a handful of additional fields you can add to individual Contacts

entries as applicable, such as a middle name, job title, and/or nickname.


If there’s a field displayed that you don’t want to utilize or display,

simply leave it blank as you’re creating or editing a Contacts entry.

Each time you add a new mailing address to a contact’s entry from within the New

Contact screen, the Address field expands to include a Street, City, State, ZIP, and

Country field.

After you have filled in all the fields for a particular entry, tap the Done option,

which is displayed in the upper-right corner of the New Contact screen. Your new

entry gets saved and added to your contacts database and is then synced with

your other computers and/or mobile devices.

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