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350 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

details with someone else via AirDrop, text/instant message (via the Message app),

or email (via the Mail app).

The entire Contacts entry you selected (stored in .vcf format) will already be

embedded in the outgoing email or text/instant message. When you’ve filled in all

the necessary fields, tap the blue-and-white Send icon. Upon doing this, you are

returned to the Contacts app.

When the recipient receives your email or message and clicks on the attachment

(the contact entry you sent), it automatically is imported into their contact management

application as a new entry, such as in the Contacts app running on a Mac,

iPhone, or iPad.


■ If someone shares a Contacts entry with you via email, when you’re viewing

the incoming email on your iPhone or iPad, tap the email’s attachment. The

Contacts entry that was emailed is displayed in a window. At the bottom of

this window, as the recipient of the contact’s information, tap the Create New

Contact or Add to Existing Contact option to incorporate this information

into your Contacts database.

■ As you’re creating or editing a contact entry, in the Notes field, enter as much

information pertaining to that contact as you want using freeform text. It’s

also possible to paste content from another app into this field using the iOS’s

Select, Copy, and Paste commands, and using the app switcher to quickly

switch between apps.

■ When creating or editing contacts, it’s important to associate the correct

labels with phone numbers, email addresses, and address data. For each

phone number you add to a contact’s entry, for example, it can include a

Home, Work, Mobile, iPhone, or Other label (among others). For many iOS 9

functions that utilize data from your Contacts database to work correctly

(including Siri), it’s important that you properly label content you add to

each Contacts entry.



Use the Reminders app to easily manage multiple lists simultaneously, and if necessary,

add alarms and deadlines to individual list items. Plus, it’s possible to be

reminded of responsibilities, tasks, or objectives exactly when you need this information,

based on your geographic location or a predetermined time and date.

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