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356 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

Figure 13.14

Use iOS 9’s Peek feature to access this menu and quickly start creating specific types of content

within Notes, without having to manually launch the Notes app.


When using the Notes app, displayed directly

above the virtual keyboard (used for typing note content) are several new command

icons (shown in Figure 13.15). In the top-left corner of the keyboard tap on

the Undo/Redo icon to reveal additional command icons that allow you to use the

Undo, Redo, or Copy/Paste commands.

Tap on the check mark icon to begin creating and formatting an interactive checklist

within your note (shown in Figure 13.16).

Tap on the Formatting option to quickly format text that you’re typing into the

Notes app.

In the top-right corner of the virtual keyboard are the Camera and Draw command

icons. Tap on the Camera icon to import an image stored on your mobile device

(from the Photo Library), or tap on the Take Photo or Video option to use the

device’s built-in camera to snap a photo or shoot a video to be imported into the

note you’re working with.

Tap on the Draw icon to access the Notes app’s new drawing/sketch tools, which

can also be used for handwriting on your phone or tablet’s screen using your

finger or a stylus. (If you’re using the iPad Pro, this feature works nicely with the

optional Apple Pencil stylus.)

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