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CHAPTER 13 | Tips for Using Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes 361

To retrieve an accidentally deleted note, visit the Folders menu screen and tap on

the Recently Deleted option. It’s then possible to select one or more accidentally

deleted notes and move them into a different folder using the Move command

that’s displayed. Tap on the Move or Move All option, and then choose which

folder the notes should be transferred to.

Keep in mind that using iOS 9’s Select, Copy, and Paste commands, you can select

content from other apps, copy it into the iPhone or iPad’s virtual clipboard, and

then paste that content into a note in the Notes app. This is easier if you’re using

an iPad and take advantage of the Split View feature to operate two apps at once

on the tablet’s screen.


After notes are created and stored within particular folders, you can manually

move them between folders. To do this, access the Folders screen and tap on the

folder that contains the notes you want to move. Next, tap on the Edit option. Tap

on the listing for each note you want to move to select it (shown in Figure 13.20).

Figure 13.20

From the Folders screen, select the notes you want to move, and then tap on the Move To option.

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