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I am honored to dedicate this book to Steve Jobs (1955–2011), a true visionary, entrepreneur,

and pioneer who forever changed the world, and to Tim Cook, who is now

expertly reigning over the Apple empire. This book is also dedicated to my wonderful

niece, Natalie, and my nephew Parker Graham Riley Skehan.


Thanks once again to Laura Norman at Que Publishing for inviting me to work on

all five editions of this book, and for all of her guidance as I’ve worked on this project.

My gratitude also goes out to Greg Wiegand, Todd Brakke, Kristen Watterson,

Tonya Simpson, Cindy Teeters, Jennifer Ackerman-Kettell, Greg Kettell, and Paul

Boger, as well as everyone else at Que Publishing/Pearson who contributed their

expertise, hard work, and creativity to the creation of this all-new edition of iPad

and iPhone Tips and Tricks .

Finally, thanks to you, the reader. I hope this book helps you fully utilize your iOS

mobile device in every aspect of your life and take full advantage of the power and

functionality your iPhone and/or iPad offers.

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