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Of course, features introduced last year with iOS 8 continue to be improved upon.

For example, using the Continuity and Handoff features, you can begin using one

application on your iPhone and then pick up exactly where you left off on your

iPad or Mac (or vice versa). In addition, it’s possible to answer incoming calls made

to your iPhone from your iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac, as long as your smartphone is

nearby and wirelessly linked with your other computers and devices.


Throughout this book, an “iOS mobile device” refers to any Apple

iPhone, iPad, or Apple mobile device that’s running the iOS 9 operating system. If

you plan to continue using iOS 8 with your iOS mobile device, pick up a copy of

iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks , Fourth Edition, which focuses on the older version

of Apple’s mobile device operating system.

If you’re a veteran iPhone or iPad user, when you upgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 9,

you’ll discover that the graphical interface is pretty similar to what you’re already

accustomed to, although improvements have been made.

As for you first-time iPhone or iPad users, congratulations! Now is the perfect time

to introduce yourself to these mobile devices, or switch from another smartphone

or tablet to what Apple has to offer. Not only can you expect an exciting experience

as you begin using your new iPhone or iPad hardware that’s running the iOS

9 operating system, but you have the opportunity to access the App Store to utilize

any of the more than 1.5 million third-party apps that can greatly expand the capabilities

of these mobile devices.


Thanks to the new Wallet app for the iPhone, it’s

even easier, faster, and more secure to utilize Apple Pay to pay for purchases at

participating retail stores and restaurants, as well as online from within apps.

This past year, not only have hundreds of new banks and credit unions begun supporting

Apple Pay, but thousands of additional merchants now accept it. In fact,

you probably have seen the Apple Pay logo displayed near the checkout counter

at many of your favorite retail stores, and these sightings will become even more

frequent in 2016 and beyond.

To view a list of Apple Pay participating banks in the United States and United

Kingdom, visit https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204916.

In addition, Apple Pay now supports the Discover credit card, as well as store credit

cards from participating merchants, and the new Wallet app can also be used to

manage retail store reward cards, so when you adopt the Wallet app into your life,

you can dramatically slim down your traditional wallet.

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