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The pull-down gesture is also used to access iOS 9’s enhanced

Spotlight Search feature. Use a pull-down gesture that starts in the middle of the

iPhone or iPad’s Home screen to access the improved Spotlight Search feature.

One use of Spotlight Search is to quickly find any information that’s stored in your

mobile device, such as a Contacts entry, Calendar event, or content in an email

message. Enter a keyword or search phrase into the Search field that appears, tap

on the Search key on the virtual keyword, and then tap on one of the search result

listings to access the related data or content by automatically launching whichever

app it relates to.

On the iPhone, the Spotlight Search screen also showcases icons representing the

last few apps you’ve used, or apps it thinks you might want to use next.

When your iPhone or iPad has Internet access, Spotlight Search utilizes onlinebased

resources automatically to give you access to additional information, including

relevant suggested websites, movie show times, local restaurants, and other

content based on what you’re searching for (shown in Figure I.4).

To view a more detailed Spotlight Search screen, from the Home screen, swipe

your finger horizontally from left to right. Doing this displays the Search field, plus

icons representing the last few people you’ve communicated with; icons representing

the last few apps you’ve used; icons that allow you to seek out nearby

businesses, restaurants, and services; as well as a listing of breaking news headlines.

Any of these icons or listings are interactive, so you can tap them.

■ Swipe up —From the bottom of the iPhone or iPad’s screen at any time,

swipe your finger in an upward direction to make the Control Center

appear. From here, you can access a handful of functions, such as Airplane

Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the Do Not Disturb feature, and the Screen Rotation

Lock, as well as screen brightness controls and Music app controls. You can

also utilize AirDrop and AirPlay/Bluetooth functions, and access commonly

used core apps, such as Clock, Calculator, and Camera. On the iPhone, you

can quickly turn on/off the Flashlight function. How to use Control Center is

also covered in Chapter 2, “Using Siri, Dictation, and CarPlay to Interact with

Your Mobile Device.”

■ Five-finger pinch (iPad only) —To exit out of any app and return to the

Home screen, place all five fingers of one hand on the screen so that they’re

spread out, and then draw your fingers together, as if you’re grabbing something.

Be sure, however, that the Multitasking Gestures are turned on in the

Settings app (found under the General heading).

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