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10 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

Figure I.4

From Spotlight Search, you can look up local dining options. Here, “Mexican Food” was entered

into the Search field.

What’s New

For iPad users, iOS 9 introduces a new two-finger

gesture. It allows you to more accurately move the cursor around on the screen (in

some apps), which is useful when editing text or highlighting text to select, copy,

cut, and then paste, for example.

To move the cursor on the screen, place two fingers next to each other over the

cursor or text you want to highlight, and drag your fingers slowly around on the

screen. The onscreen cursor follows your movement.


Return to the Home screen anytime by pressing the Home button

once, regardless of which app is being used. The Home button is the circular button

located on the front (bottom center) of the device (below the screen) on the

iPhone or iPad.

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