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■ Multi-finger horizontal swipe (iPad only) —When multiple apps are simultaneously

running, swipe several fingers from left to right or from right to left

on the screen to switch between the active app and the other apps that are

currently running in the background (using the app switcher). Alternatively,

iPad and iPhone users alike can access the app switcher to quickly switch

between apps by quickly pressing the Home button twice.


Apple continues to make navigating around your favorite apps with

taps, finger gestures, and swipes easy. For example, on any screen where you’re

scrolling downward, such as when you’re surfing the Web with Safari, you can

simply tap on the time that’s displayed at the top center of the screen to quickly

return to the top of the page or screen.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the process of typing something on your iPhone and don’t

like what you typed, instead of pressing and holding the Delete key to delete your

text, simply shake the smartphone in your hand for a second or two to “undo”

your typing. Be sure to turn on this Shake to Undo feature by launching Settings

and tapping Accessibility.


You can also easily interact with the iPhone using just one hand.

When using the iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, double touch (use a gentle tap, as

opposed to pressing) the Home button, and everything that’s displayed on the

screen shifts downward, so you can more easily reach it with your thumb. Plus, as

you’re reading emails, you can use your thumb (on the hand you’re holding the

iPhone with) to swipe left or right across an Inbox message listing to manage that

incoming message.


Here’s how to use some of the Home button’s main functions when using iOS 9:

■ Activate Siri —Press down and hold the Home button for 2 seconds from the

Home screen or when using any app.

■ Access the app switcher —From any app (or from the Home screen), quickly

press the Home button twice. Press the Home button again (or select an app)

to exit the app switcher.

■ Exit an app and return to the Home screen —When using any app, press

the Home button once to exit it and return to the Home screen. Keep in

mind, in most cases this does not shut down the app; it will continue running

in the background.

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