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14 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

■ Access Emoji/Symbols Keyboards —Tap on the smiley face key, located

between the 123 and microphone key, to access alternative virtual keyboards

that enable you to incorporate hundreds of different graphical emojis into

your messages and documents.

■ Create keyboard shortcuts —If there’s a sentence, paragraph, or phrase you

need to enter repeatedly when using an app, it’s possible to enter that text

just once and save it as a keyboard shortcut. Then, instead of typing a whole

sentence, you can simply type a three-letter code that you assign to that

shortcut, and the virtual keyboard will insert the complete sentence. To create

your own keyboard shortcuts, follow these steps:

1. Launch Settings and tap the General option followed by the Keyboard


2. From the Keyboard menu, tap the Shortcuts option. (On iPhones, tap Text


3. When the Shortcut window appears, press the “+” icon to add a new


4. Fill in the Phrase field with the complete sentence (or any text) you want

to include, such as, “I am in a meeting and will call you back later.”

5. In the Shortcut field, enter a three-letter combination to use as the keyboard

shortcut, such as “IAM” (representing In A Meeting).

6. Now, anytime the virtual keyboard is displayed (when using any app),

simply type IAM to input the sentence, “I am in a meeting and will call you

back later.”


When you’re using one of the newer iPad models (such as the iPad Air 2, iPad

mini 4, or iPad Pro), you can view multiple items at once on the screen. This is done

using the Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture features.

■ Slide Over —On many iPad models (including the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad

mini 2/3/4, and iPad Pro), when using any app, place your finger on the

extreme right side of the tablet’s screen and drag to the left. This activates

the Slide Over feature. You can now launch and access a second app within

the right margin of the screen (shown in Figure I.5). To view a menu of compatible

apps, swipe down on the bar icon displayed in the top center of the

right margin window if a second app is already running. This feature enables

you to do two things at once or quickly copy and paste (or in some cases,

drag and drop) content between apps.

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