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18 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks


The Siri and Dictation features in iOS 9 have also been enhanced.

Discover tips and strategies that focus on how to “communicate” with your iPhone

or iPad using your voice in Chapter 2.



Your iOS mobile device can be turned on, turned off, placed into Sleep mode, or

placed into Airplane mode.

■ Turned on —When your phone or tablet is turned on, it can run apps and

perform all the tasks it was designed to do. The touchscreen is active, as is

its capability to communicate. To turn on the iPhone or iPad when it is powered

off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for about 5 seconds, until

the Apple logo appears on the screen. Release the Sleep/Wake button, and

then wait a few additional seconds while the device boots up. When the Lock

screen appears, you’re ready to begin using the iPhone or iPad.

■ Turned off —When your iPhone or iPad is turned off and powered down, it

is not capable of any form of communication, and all apps that were running

are shut down. The device is dormant. To turn off your phone or tablet, press

down and hold the Sleep/Wake button for about 5 seconds, until the Slide

To Power Off banner appears on the screen. Swipe your finger along this redand-white

banner from left to right. The device will shut down.

■ Sleep mode —To place your iPhone or iPad into Sleep mode, press and

release the Sleep/Wake button once. To wake up the device, press the Sleep/

Wake button or the Home button. In Sleep mode, your device’s screen is

turned off but the phone or tablet can still connect to the Internet, receive

incoming calls (iPhone) or text messages, retrieve emails, and run apps in the

background. Notification Center also remains fully operational, so you can be

alerted of preset alarms, for example. Sleep mode offers a way to conserve

battery life when you’re not actively using your phone or tablet.


By default, your iPhone or iPad will go into Sleep mode and Auto-

Lock after 5 minutes. To adjust this time interval or turn off the Auto-Lock feature,

launch Settings, tap on the General option, and then tap on the Auto-Lock feature.

Options then include activating Auto-Lock after 2, 5, 10, or 15 minutes, or never.

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