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Another way to place an iPad into Sleep mode is to place an Apple

Smart Cover (or compatible cover) over the screen, assuming the iPad Cover

Lock/Unlock option is turned on from the General menu within Settings. When in

Sleep mode, an iPad will “wake up” for an incoming call (when used with iOS 9’s

Continuity feature), a FaceTime call, or an incoming text message.

■ Airplane mode —This mode enables your device to remain fully functional,

except it can’t communicate in any way using a cellular (3G/4G/LTE) connection.

The iPhone cannot make or receive calls, and neither the iPhone nor iPad

can send or receive text/instant messages via a cellular network. Apps that do

not require Internet access continue to function normally. So, if you’re aboard

an airplane, you can switch to Airplane mode and continue reading an eBook,

playing a game, word processing, watching a movie that you’ve downloaded

from the iTunes Store, or working with a wide range of other apps. After

switching into Airplane mode, it is possible to turn Wi-Fi Internet access back

on, yet keep the cellular connection turned off. This is useful if you’re traveling

abroad, for example, and don’t want to incur international cellular roaming

charges, or if you’re aboard an airplane that offers Wi-Fi service.


To turn on/off Airplane mode, launch Settings, and from the main

Settings menu, tap on the virtual switch that’s associated with Airplane mode.

Alternatively, launch Control Center (by placing your finger at the bottom of the

screen and swiping upward), and then tap on the Airplane mode icon.

Once in Airplane mode, keep in mind that from Control Center, it’s possible to

quickly reenable Wi-Fi, if needed, by tapping on the Wi-Fi icon.

It’s also possible to place an iPhone or iPad into Do Not Disturb mode. This automatically

routes incoming calls directly to voice mail. As you’ll discover, you can

customize the Do Not Disturb feature to allow certain people that you preselect to

reach you, when you otherwise want to be left alone.


To activate and customize the Do Not Disturb feature, launch Settings

and tap on the Do Not Disturb option. From the Do Not Disturb menu, turn on the

Manual or Scheduled virtual switch, based on how you have this feature set up.

To later turn on or off the feature, access the Control Center and tap on the crescent

moon-shaped icon.

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