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22 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

■ Wallet —Manage your credit and debit cards, participating store credit cards,

and reward cards digitally and securely within your iPhone, and then use

Apple Pay to make in-store or in-app purchases with ease by tapping on the

Touch ID sensor built in to the compatible iPhone’s Home button.

■ iCloud Drive —Using your iPhone or iPad’s Internet connectivity, you can

now directly access files and data stored online within the iCloud Drive portion

of your iCloud account. Preview documents and files from the iCloud

Drive app, and then launch the appropriate app to work with that content on

your mobile device.

■ “Hey Siri” —Veteran iPhone and iPad users know that Siri is a powerful and

continuously evolving tool that allows people to interact with their mobile

device using their voice. Thanks to iOS 9, Siri is now “smarter” than ever and

can provide information or respond to a broader range of requests. But when

the “Hey Siri” feature is active, you no longer need to press and hold down

the Home button to activate Siri. You simply need to be in close proximity

to your mobile device and say “Hey Siri,” followed by your question or command.

Much more on how to use Siri and the “Hey Siri” feature can be found

in Chapter 2.

■ Spotlight Search —Like so many other features built in to iOS 9, your ability

to quickly locate information stored in your iPhone or iPad has been greatly

enhanced thanks to the improved Spotlight Search feature. Based on your

recent activity and with whom you’ve been in contact, the Spotlight Search

screen offers icons representing people you’ve recently communicated with

as well as apps you’ve recently used and allows you to quickly find nearby

places and access news headlines. Plus, with the actual Search field, it’s possible

to find content stored on your device or accessible via the Internet.

■ Enhanced Notification Center —Notification Center offers a centralized

place where your iPhone or iPad keeps track of alerts, alarms, and notifications

related to the apps you’re running and device’s functions you’re using.

Thanks to iOS 9, additional information, such as the current weather forecast

and/or local traffic conditions, can now be displayed as part of Notification

Center’s Today screen. Plus, app-specific widgets can be used, allowing you

to quickly access content or utilize specific app features without actually

having to launch the app. In Chapter 1, you discover strategies for managing

Notification Center and learn how to customize the information it tracks

and displays.

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