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24 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks


When using most iPad models, you can run two

apps at once using the Slide Over feature. However, if you’re using the iPad Air 2, iPad

mini 4, or iPad Pro, it’s possible to utilize the Split View mode and run two apps side

by side. Now, you can be word processing and managing email at the same time, for

example, and quickly copy and paste content between apps, should the issue arise.

■ QuickType Keyboards —With iOS 8, Apple introduced QuickType keyboards,

which included a handful of new features for faster and more accurate typing.

Added to iOS 9 is the virtual keyboard’s Shortcut Bar. This makes it easier to

select, copy, and paste text. Another new iPad-only feature allows you to reposition

the cursor anywhere on the screen by placing two fingers on the screen

simultaneously and dragging them around on the screen to move the cursor.

■ New Music App and Apple Music —A few months before iOS 9’s release,

Apple released a revamped version of the Music app (shown in Figure I.9)

and at the same time launched the Apple Music service and the Beats One

global Internet-based radio station. Now, between the Music app and this

fee-based service, more than 43 million songs from well-known and up-andcoming

artists are readily available without having to purchase the music.

Figure I.9

The new Music app allows you to manage your own digital music library, access the Apple Music

services, and stream music in ways never before possible.

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