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26 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

During 2015, thousands of new merchants throughout the United States and

the United Kingdom began accepting Apple Pay, and hundreds of banks and

financial institutions, including American Express and Discover, now support

this payment service.

Figure I.10

Using Apple Pay, initiate a debit card, credit card, or store credit card purchase without having to

physically present or swipe your credit card.


If your iOS mobile device gets lost or stolen, simply use the Find

My iPhone feature to lock down the device. Your stored credit/debit card details

can’t be used by an iPhone thief, because their fingerprint will not be recognized

by the Touch ID sensor, and because Apple Pay does not retain your actual credit/

debit card numbers, there’s no need to contact your bank to cancel the cards and

have them reissued.

Apple Pay works with the Wallet app that comes preinstalled on the iPhone with

iOS 9 and makes shopping and paying for purchases at your favorite retail stores,

supermarkets, and other businesses a fast and secure process.

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