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If you’re worried about other people being able to pick up your iPhone or iPad and

access your confidential information or use it to access your favorite websites by

signing in using your username, it continues to be possible to password protect

your iOS mobile device. When the Passcode Lock feature is turned on, you must

manually enter a four- or six-digit passcode (or a longer password) that you preselect

to get past the device’s Lock screen.


Older iOS mobile devices still use a four-digit passcode, but newer

iPhones and iPads require users to create a six-digit passcode. If you’re using

an older device and want to utilize a six-digit passcode, or you’re using a newer

device and want to utilize a four-digit passcode, this setting can be adjusted in

the Touch ID & Passcode submenu within Settings. Tap on the Change Passcode

option, enter your current passcode, and then tap on the Passcode Options option

prior to entering a new passcode.

To turn on the Passcode Lock feature, launch Settings and tap on the Touch ID &

Passcode option. From the expanded Touch ID & Passcode submenu, adjust the

various virtual switches to turn on/off the passcode and/or Touch ID feature related

to locking/unlocking the iPhone or iPad itself, as well as utilizing Apple Pay and/or

App and iTunes Store purchases.

When you activate the Passcode Lock or Touch ID feature, you are promoted to

create and enter a passcode.


When creating a passcode, do not use something obvious,

like 123456, 654321, 111111, or your birthdate.

Also from the Touch ID & Passcode menu screen, it’s possible to customize

Passcode Lock functionality. For example, you can restrict certain iPhone/iPad

features from being accessible from the Lock screen. Plus, by turning on the Erase

Data option, you can set up the device to automatically delete its contents if someone

enters the wrong passcode 10 times in a row.


The following devices currently have a Touch ID sensor built in to

the Home button: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus,

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, and iPad Pro. This sensor enables the device to

be unlocked using a fingerprint scan, as opposed to a passcode. This same Touch

ID can be used to authorize purchases.

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