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28 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks



The Find My iPhone/iPad feature enables you to quickly pinpoint the exact location

of your device if it gets lost or stolen, and then offers tools to help you lock down,

erase, or retrieve your device. At the same time, if the device does get stolen, you

can render the device absolutely useless unless someone knows your Apple ID and


For the Find My iPhone/iPad feature to work, however, it must be turned on and activated

once. Then, to pinpoint the location of your phone or tablet, it will need to be

turned on, plus be able to connect to the Internet (that is, not be in Airplane mode).

To activate Find My iPhone/iPad, as soon as you install iOS 9, or anytime thereafter,

access Settings and tap on the iCloud option from the main Settings menu. Then,

from the iCloud menu, tap on the Find My iPhone/iPad option. When the Find My

iPhone/iPad submenu screen is displayed, make sure the virtual switch associated

with Find My iPhone/iPad feature is turned on.


Be sure to turn on the virtual switch associated

with the Send Last Location option. To access this option, launch Settings, tap on

the iCloud option, select the Find My iPhone/iPad option, and then turn on the virtual

switch associated with Send Last Location.

When you do this, anytime your smartphone or tablet’s battery gets extremely

low, the last thing it does before going dead is send the location of the device to

Apple, so you can locate it via the iCloud.com website or the Find My iPhone app

on another iOS mobile device or Mac.

Now, if you ever need to locate your iPhone or iPad, you have several options.

Using a different iOS mobile device, you can use the free Find My iPhone app that’s

available from the App Store. Launch the app and sign in using your Apple ID and

password. The location of your device will then be displayed on a detailed map.

Tap on the virtual pushpin on the map, or any of the command buttons displayed

at the bottom of the app’s screen, to then use online-based tools to help you

locate, lock down, or erase your mobile device remotely.

Another way to locate your iOS mobile device is to use any computer’s web

browser and visit www.icloud.com/#find.

Sign in to the iCloud.com website using your Apple ID and password. The same

tools for locating and protecting your iOS mobile device are then made available

to you online—from anywhere. The Find My feature can also be set up to work

with iCloud’s Family Sharing function, so you can use a family member’s Apple

equipment to pinpoint the location of your iPhone or iPad.

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