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32 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks


Now that the iPhones and iPads come with a variety of different

screen sizes, based on the model you choose, iOS 9 automatically adjusts all

apps to best utilize available screen space. Thus, as you’re looking at screenshots

throughout this book, keep in mind that what you see on your device’s screen

may vary slightly if you’re using a different model iPhone or iPad than what was

used to create the screenshot.


Throughout the book, look for What’s New, Tip, Note, Caution, and More Info boxes

that convey useful tidbits of information relevant to the chapter you’re reading. In

some chapters, you’ll also discover Quick Tips sections, which quickly outline how

to perform a series of common tasks related to the iOS 9 features, functions, or

app(s) that are being discussed.

The What’s New boxes, for example, highlight new features or functionality introduced

in iOS 9, while the More Info boxes provide website URLs or list additional

resources that you can use to obtain more information about a particular topic.

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