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328 iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

Plus, in Notification Center, the Calendar and Reminders apps can easily be set up

so alerts, alarms, and notifications related to your schedule and lists are consistently

displayed as part of the Today screen.


The features and functions offered by the Calendar, Contacts,

Reminders, and Notes apps are virtually identical on all iOS mobile devices, as well

as on the Mac. However, due to varying screen sizes, the location of specific command

icons, options, and menus often varies. After you get to know how each app

works in general, you can easily switch between the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and/or the

iCloud.com online-based versions of these apps without confusion.



To sync your Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and/or Notes data with Yahoo!,

Google, or Microsoft Exchange–compatible software, launch Settings and tap on

the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. Under the Accounts heading, tap on Add

Account. Choose which type of account you want to sync data with, such as iCloud,

Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or Outlook.com. Tap on the Other option

if you use alternate contact management and/or scheduling software that supports

the industry-standard LDAP or CardDAV protocols.

When prompted, enter your name, email address, password, and an account

description (as well as any other requested information). After your account is verified,

a menu screen in Settings related to that account lists app-specific options,

such as Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and/or Notes. Turn on the virtual

switch associated with any or all of these options. Your iPhone or iPad can automatically

and continuously sync your app-specific data on your iOS device with

your online-based account. So, if you turn on the virtual switch associated with

Calendars, for example, your schedule data is continuously synchronized.

To sync scheduling and/or contact-related data with Facebook, launch Settings

and tap on the Facebook option. When prompted, enter your Facebook username

and password. Then, near the bottom of the Facebook menu screen in Settings,

turn on the virtual switch that’s associated with Calendars and/or Contacts.

Periodically tap on the Update All Contacts option as you add new online

Facebook friends. Calendar and/or Contacts data is imported from Facebook and

incorporated into your Calendar and/or Contacts apps. This includes profile pictures

of your online friends who also have an entry in your Contacts database.

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