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Acknowledgements The

Acknowledgements The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) gratefully acknowledges the support of The Gatsby Charitable Foundation, which provided the initial funding for the push–pull project. For subsequent financial support we would also like to thank the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Biovision Foundation, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK), Department for International Development (UK), European Union, Global Environment Facility, Kilimo Trust, McKnight Foundation (USA) and Rockefeller Foundation. In Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Karen Brock of Green Ink and Rachel Owino of icipe, under the direction of Prof. Zeyaur Khan and with the support of the push–pull team, carried out the From Lab to Land interviews and took the photographs. In Ethiopia, interviews were carried out by Shifa Ballo, Sue Edwards and Yosef Garedew. In the UK, supported by other members of the Green Ink team, Karen Brock wrote the report and Christel Chater designed and laid it out. Dedication We respectfully dedicate this report to all the scientists, extensionists and farmers who gave their time to talk to us and share their thoughts, and to all the other women like them who dedicate parts of their lives to making agriculture more sustainable. icipe

From Lab to Land • iii Contents Foreword v Introduction: From lab to land 1 Why women? 3 And what about men? 4 1. Lab: Developing and deepening the science of push–pull 6 A fertile training ground for women 7 Exposure to new ideas, situations and ways of working 10 Mothers, leaders, mentors: A new generation of women in science 11 2. From Lab to Land: Disseminating and spreading push–pull technology 14 A knowledge-intensive, people-centred extension model 14 Partnerships with government 18 Partnerships with NGOs 22 New frontiers: Extending push–pull in Ethiopia 24 3. Land: Push–pull and women farmers 26 Land 26 Decision-making 28 Labour 30 Food 32 Money 33 Health 33 Knowledge 36 Conclusion 38

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