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P r e v e n t i o n






We’ve got the

key to safer


safer schools, and

safer students.






Violence PreventionWorks!

Are You Making the Grade?

Hazelden Publishing can help. As the

leading publisher of evidence-based

programs for students in kindergarten

through high school, Hazelden understands

the importance of achieving the outcomes

you expect. When implemented with

fidelity, our comprehensive line of

substance use and violence prevention

programs can and do produce positive


Exclusively for School Districts

with 10 or More Schools

If you think your school district

is too large to afford an effective

bullying prevention program, think

again! Hazelden offers an electronic

subscription option exclusively

for school districts made up of ten

or more schools! For additional

information on this unique program,

contact your dedicated sales manager

at 800-328-9000.

Find All the Products You Need

Look inside for Hazelden’s best-selling prevention programs for

students in kindergarten through high school. For up-to-theminute

violence prevention resources and information right at your

fingertips, visit ViolencePreventionWorks.org. This comprehensive

website includes program information, recent headlines, and learning

opportunities specifically created for professionals, like you.




Prevention Programs That

Help Youth Stay Safe and


Based on years of research, our extensive collection

of prevention programs includes comprehensive

tools proven effective in preventing violence,

including bullying, teen dating abuse, and youth

suicide. Hazelden Publishing offers everything you

need to address the important issues facing your

school and community, from complete classroom

curricula to supplemental products that will

enhance any prevention initiative.

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Olweus Bullying

Prevention Program



::CD-ROM:: ::DVD::

by Dan Olweus, Ph.D.; Susan P. Limber , Ph.D.; Vicki Crocker Flerx, Ph.D.;

Nancy Mullin, M.Ed.; Jane Riese, L.S.W.; and Marlene Snyder, Ph.D.

With over 35 years of research, OBPP uses routines, rules, and

strategies for preventing and reducing bullying at all levels:

individual, classroom, schoolwide, and community. A pre- and

post-program student questionnaire helps schools focus on their

prevention and intervention efforts and measure outcomes.

Learn more at olweus.org.

What sets OBPP apart?

As a whole-school program, OBPP acknowledges that bullying isn’t

limited to the student who bullies and the student being bullied.

Through program concepts such as the Bullying Circle, students are able

to identify their role in an incident and determine what they can do to

stop it from escalating.

Teacher Guide

The primary resource for teachers and support staff. Includes a DVD

for use in classroom meetings and numerous print tools on CD-ROM.

0541 / $55.00 per copy 1–4 copies

$52.00 per copy 5–9 copies

$48.00 per copy 10–19 copies

$45.00 per copy 20–29 copies

Further discounts are available for larger quantities.

Schoolwide Guide

Step-by-step implementation assistance for school leadership and Bullying

Prevention Coordinating Committees. Includes a CD-ROM and DVD.

0542 / $89.95 per copy 1–4 copies

$85.00 per copy 5–9 copies

$79.00 per copy 10–19 copies

$74.00 per copy 20–29 copies

Further discounts are available for larger quantities.


P r e v e n t i o n

Olweus Bullying Questionnaire

Used in pre- and post-program implementation, the results from this

confidential questionnaire give you an overview of bullying taking

place at your schools. Available in English and Spanish, the 42-question

questionnaire includes

• questions about cyber bullying and student demographics, plus two

questions you can customize for your school;

• a comprehensive narrative report to help you interpret results;

• your school’s findings shown in PowerPoint slides for use in

community presentations.

Online Questionnaire

Taken in your computer lab, this online version saves you the time

and expense of shipping and processing printed questionnaires.

Administration instructions and final reports are delivered electronically.

2754 / $0.95 per student

Discounts are available for larger quantities (online only).

Scannable Questionnaire

Administered in school, this printed survey is then shipped to Hazelden

for processing. Schools receive the same comprehensive report as the

online questionnaire. Packet of 30.

292130 / $34.50 English

292330 / $34.50 Spanish



Introductory Videos for Elementary School Students,

Middle School Students, Teachers, and Parents

From the authors of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

These engaging videos introduce the topic of bullying and

bullying prevention strategies using age-appropriate language

and grade-specific concepts. Also included on each DVD is a

video for adults that describes what bullying is and how

bullying prevention works. An ideal component for

schools using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

3031 / $99.00 / Bullying: Introductory Videos for Elementary School

Students, Teachers, and Parents

3032 / $99.00 / Bullying: Introductory Videos for Middle School

Students, Teachers, and Parents

Class Meetings That Matter

by Vicki Crocker Flerx, Ph.D.; Susan P. Limber, Ph.D.; Nancy Mullin, M.Ed.;

Jane Riese, L.S.W.; Marlene Snyder, Ph.D.; and Dan Olweus, Ph.D.

Used with the OBPP Teacher Guide, each manual provides you with

three dozen attention-getting meeting topics, including building a

positive classroom climate, “hot spots” where bullying occurs, peer

relationships, respecting differences, and more. Content reflects

cognitive and social development at each grade level.

4727 / $69.95 Grades K–5

4738 / $59.95 Grades 6–8


Class Meetings and Individual Interventions

A Video Training Program for School Staff

by Dan Olweus, Ph.D.; Susan P. Limber, Ph.D.; Vicki Crocker Flerx, Ph.D.;

Nancy Mullin, M.Ed.; Jane Riese, L.S.W., and Marlene Snyder, Ph.D.

This resource gives you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to hold

classroom meetings and intervene immediately when bullying occurs.

4726 / $175.00 2 DVDs and 20 pp. facilitator guide


Ordering is easy. • 800-328-9000 • hazelden.org/bookstore



Listed on




Safe Dates, Second Edition

by Vangie Foshee, Ph.D., and Stacey Langwick, Ph.D.

Schools can provide a complete dating violence prevention program

for teens with Hazelden’s Safe Dates, the leading evidence-based

resource proven to reduce incidents of teen dating violence. This

engaging, interactive curriculum uses stories and role plays that

reflect current topics, and it has been proven to show a 56%–92%

decrease in physical and sexual dating violence. This curriculum,

which is ideal for middle and early high school settings, encourages

parental participation.

9863 / $225.00* Manual and CD-ROM with reproducible materials

*Discounts are available for larger quantities.

Teen Dating Violence 101

Learn about teen dating violence

anywhere, anytime, with Hazelden’s

new online course. This interactive

program will provide key information

about dating violence and help you

understand what you can do to help

your students form healthy, violence-free

relationships. Interactive quizzes,

video clips, graphics, case studies, and

online references make this program

enjoyable and informative. Note to

school administrators: With many

states mandating teen dating violence

education, this online program will

demonstrate that you’ve provided

training your teachers need. Check out

our professional education website,


What sets Safe Dates apart?

Studies show that four years after

implementation of Safe Dates,

students who participated in the

program reported 56%–92% less

physical and sexual dating violence

than teens who did not participate

in Safe Dates. For more information,

visit hazelden.org/safedates.

School Policy Kit

Break the Cycle


This resource guides educators in creating new

policies or updating existing dating abuse policies,

and it specifically addresses issues of school safety

and legal liability. The toolkit includes a CD-ROM

of reproducible materials. OP.

4881/ $49.00* CD-ROM

*Discounts are available for larger quantities.

[Ending Violence]


Break the Cycle

Ideal as a supplement to Safe Dates or as a

stand-alone program for high school students.

Present this flexible program in the classroom,

through a community-based agency, or in a juvenile justice setting

in one day or over the course of a semester. Includes a self-guided

resource for students, a video presentation for adults, classroom

materials, and additional support via the EndingViolence.net

microsite. OP.

4882 / $99.00* DVD-ROM with an electronic manual, student guide,

video, and handouts

*Discounts are available for larger quantities.


Break the Cycle


Empower students to advocate for dating violence prevention

through youth activism, service-learning, and peer leadership.

Designed for students 13 and older. OP.

4883 / $49.00* Manual and CD-ROM

*Discounts are available for larger quantities.

Enhance Respect

WORKS! with Training

Hazelden and Break

the Cycle have

created an in-depth

training and technical

assistance program for

the complete Respect

WORKS! model. For


about training

or technical

assistance, visit


or call 800-328-9000.


The Complete Respect WORKS! Program


Break the Cycle and Hazelden Publishing

This is the most comprehensive, evidence-based model available to address

the issue of teen dating violence. Includes the School Policy Kit, Safe Dates,

[Ending Violence], and Speak.Act.Change. OP.

4884 / $340.00 DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, reproducible materials, and more.


Lifelines: A Comprehensive Suicide Awareness and Responsiveness Program for Teens

When a traumatic event happens in your school or community, you can be a Lifeline.






A Suicide Prevention Program

by Maureen Underwood, L.C.S.W.; John Kalafat, Ph.D.; and the Maine Youth

Suicide Prevention Program, led by the Maine CDC

Components include a student curriculum with DVD, faculty and staff training, a parent workshop,

and administrative materials. A CD-ROM of reproducible materials is included. The DVDs depict

scenarios of student responses to a suicidal peer, as well as an actual response by students who had

participated in Lifelines.

2759 / $225.00 Facilitator’s guide, 130 pp; CD-ROM; and two DVDs

Listed on


Lifelines Postvention ::CD-ROM::

Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Death

by Maureen Underwood, L.C.S.W.; Fred T. Fell, L.P.S., N.C.S.P.; Nicci A. Spinazzola, L.M.F.T., L.P.C.,

B.C.E.T.S.; in Partnership with the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

Co-written by one of the authors of Lifelines: A Suicide Prevention Program, this postvention program

educates everyone in the school community about how to successfully address and respond to any

type of traumatic death that profoundly affects the school population. A CD-ROM is included with

essential materials that can be downloaded and reproduced.

2873 / $99.00 Facilitator’s guide and CD-ROM

Coming Fall 2011:

Lifelines Intervention

Helping Students At Risk for Suicide

Co-written by Maureen Underwood, coauthor of Lifelines: A Suicide Prevention Program and Lifelines

Postvention, this whole-school program educates the school or community and fully prepares them to

successfully address and respond to threats or signs of suicide and intervene—before it’s too late.

Learn more at hazelden.org/lifelines.


Learn More

Hazelden offers a variety of online learning opportunities on the topics

of teen suicide prevention, alcohol and drug prevention, violence

prevention, behavioral health issues, and more. Whether you are

new to the field of prevention or an experienced professional, our

free webinar topics and online learning opportunities are specifically

designed to help you learn more about topics that affect the work you

do. Visit hazelden.org/webinars to register for upcoming webinars or

view archives of past events, including

Is Your School Ready to Prevent Suicide and What Is Postvention?

Preparing Schools and Communities to Successfully Respond to

Suicide and Other Traumatic Death.




Ordering is easy. • 800-328-9000 • hazelden.org/bookstore


Evidence-based program for classroom behaviors


The PAX Good Behavior Game

A Teacher’s Kit for Creating a Productive,

Peaceful Classroom

by Dennis D. Embry, Ph.D.; Gerry Straatemeier, M.S.W.; Claire

Richardson; Kim Lauger, R.N.; and Janice E. Mitich

Developed by the PAXIS Institute

Student learning suffers when teachers are continually

disrupted. In The PAX Good Behavior Game, students

“compete” against each other to earn rewards for refraining

from negative behaviors. The PAX Game is easily integrated

into the instructional day and does not involve extra class

time. The game includes a teacher’s guide, quick start guide,

reproducible parent booklet, and game gear including a

timer, harmonica, 32 student wristbands, and 60 reward


2114 / $179.00

2127 / $239.00

Includes everything in item #2114 plus 1 implementation DVD.



No-Bullying Program

This comprehensive program involves family, peers,

media, and the community. Student-friendly, gradespecific

activities foster norms against violence,

aggression, and bullying. Individual components are

also available.


Each grade-level collection includes one teacher’s

manual, 30 student workbooks, 100 stickers, one

poster, 50 copies of A Guide for Families, and one

copy of Bullying: An Overview for Educators.

0962 / $249.00 Grades K–1

0963 / $249.00 Grades 2–3

0964 / $249.00 Grades 4–5

0965 / $249.00 Grades 6–8

Your Best Value!

K–5 Implementation Package

0549 / $749.00

Includes one grade-level collection each for K–1, 2–3, and 4–5.



K–8 Implementation Package

0961 / $799.00

Includes everything in item #0549 plus one grade-level collection for

grades 6–8 and one program director’s manual.


Peaceful School Bus ::CD-ROM:: ::DVD::

by James Dillon, M.S., School Principal and Certified Olweus Trainer

Students take part in team-building exercises, develop

mentoring relationships, learn about acceptable (and

unacceptable) behaviors, and get to know their driver as a

caring adult who is interested in their welfare. Peaceful School

Bus is cost-efficient and takes little time to implement: good

news for schools that are strapped for both time and money.

2633 / $119.00 The complete program

Includes an implementation guide, a 15-minute program overview on DVD, and a

CD-ROM of reproducible resources.




Youth Life Skills Series

for High School

Collection includes five

DVDs and five facilitator’s

guides in PDF format on

CD-ROM. Topics include anger

management, communication,

conflict resolution, decision

making, and stress management.

2685 / $269.00 5 DVDs and facilitator’s guides on CD-ROM



Bullying 101

Basic Tools to Stop Bullying in

Middle School

This video features middle school students

talking and problem solving about bullying

issues they’ve faced.

2487 / $149.00 DVD, 11 min.


It’s Not Only Murder

Discovering the Violence in Your Life

Real kids talk about how seemingly minor

incidents led to tragic consequences.

2483 / $149.00 DVD, 12 min.




It’s Not Okay to Bully Collection

with Cordelia Anderson

Help your school’s youngest children

understand when they should stand up to a

bully and when they should tell an adult.

0701 / $149.00 DVD, facilitator’s guide, and 30

coloring books

7308 / $99.00 DVD, 12 min.

1477 / $2.95 Coloring books



Tulip Doesn’t Feel Safe

Animated video teaches young students about

trusting their feelings and making decisions to

keep themselves safe. Facilitator’s guide included.

7458 / $149.00 DVD, 13 min.



Bullying and How to Handle It

Preteens discuss what it means to bully and how

they’ve dealt with bullying in their own lives.

2488 / $149.00 DVD, 12 min.



Higher Stakes


The Consequences of High School


Teens share real-life experiences of actions

intended as pranks that were recognized as crimes.

2484 / $149.00 DVD, 14 min.


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Help young people understand what

they can do to keep themselves healthy

physically and emotionally. Each DVD is

approximately 9–17 min.

4922 / $149.00 Teens and Trauma

4923 / $149.00 Preventing Eating Disorders,

Promoting Positive Body Images

4924 / $149.00 Suicide Awareness and Prevention

4926 / $149.00 Teens and ADHD

Your Best Value!

0386 / $549.00 DVDs, set of 4




Youth Life Skills Series for

Middle School Collection

These interactive workbooks help

students explore key living skills

and handle difficult situations.

Each topic set includes 30 student

workbooks and a facilitator’s guide.


Conflict Resolution

0573 / $99.00

Anger Management

0570 / $99.00

Stress Management

0571 / $99.00

Decision Making

0572 / $99.00


0569 / $99.00


Ordering is easy. • 800-328-9000 • hazelden.org/bookstore


15251 Pleasant Valley Road

P.O. Box 176

Center City, MN 55012-0176











“Students have gotten very good at hiding bullying from

us. They do more with cyber bullying by harassing each other

through social-networking sites. They also do a lot of their

bullying through text messages. Even though most of this

happens outside of school, it has a huge impact at school.”

Jennifer Robinson, Ed.S., L.P.C.

Smithville, Missouri

High School Guidance Counselor

Comprehensive cyber bullying

prevention for grades 3–12

Cyber bullying can destroy a student’s

sense of security at home and harm

performance at school. Students who

bully and students who are bullied face

a greater risk for problem behaviors

such as using alcohol or other drugs.

These Hazelden curricula

• give students the knowledge and skills to treat

others respectfully when using cyber

technology and teach them how to seek help

if they are cyber bullied,

• help schools develop cyber bullying policies

and understand legal guidelines,

• each include a CD-ROM of downloadable

resources such as parent materials in

English and in Spanish.


Cyber Bullying


A Prevention Curriculum for Grades 3–5

by Susan P. Limber, Ph.D.; Robin M. Kowalski, Ph.D.; and

Patricia W. Agatston, Ph.D.

With engaging stories, games, and characters, this

curriculum consists of five weekly 45-minute classroom

sessions and take-home assignments.

3815 / $99.00 Facilitator guide with CD-ROM


Cyber Bullying


A Prevention Curriculum for Grades 6–12

by Susan P. Limber, Ph.D.; Robin M. Kowalski, Ph.D.; and

Patricia W. Agatston, Ph.D.

With take-home assignments and eight 50-minute

sessions, this curriculum can be incorporated into a health

education, communications, technology, or life skills


7313 / $99.00 Facilitator guide with CD-ROM



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