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Kathy Smith

While much has changed since 1876, the mission of Saint Mary’s High School remains at its core the same -

dedicated to the academic excellence that prepares each of our students for college and for a life that reflects

Christian principles.

As we celebrate this milestone, it is evident throughout our history, and almost everywhere you turn, 140 is a

significant number. For example, the above mathematical equation from our Math instructor, Mr. Dwight Swanson,

includes the school phone number, the calendar year, the school address, the zip code, the founding year and the

year St. Mary’s moved to our present school site, all of which equals 140. We have even found our place within

social media in that Twitter is allotted 140 characters.

Although twitter is limited to 140 characters, there is no limit to what Saint Mary’s High School can and will do

in the future. For 140 years of milestones and memories, Saint Mary’s High School has flourished on a strong

foundation. We must challenge ourselves if we are going to continue to move forward. To paraphrase the words

of Pope Francis: We must live in the present, and revere tradition, but we need to take the initiative and create the

future. We need to see today’s opportunity fully because it is the only opportunity we are certain of having. We

cannot shrink from change in a fearful way, but we need to drive change with hope and optimism. We must run to

the future, not from it.

Ms. Laura Wilkinson, our Math Department Chair, noticed that 140 equals the sum of the perfect squares of the

first seven integers.

You do the math:

Saint Mary’s High School may not meet the definition of a mathematical “perfect” square, but for our first 140 years,

near perfection is not so bad. The level of success we have achieved would not be possible if it were not for our

dedicated faculty and staff; you, our partners in the community; our committed leadership from Bishop Stephen

Blaire; our administrators and the Board of Directors.

The title of this publication, Traditions says it all. The 140 th celebration is a memorable time for our school. Saint

Mary’s High School is built on tradition. We look forward to the next 140 years with great excitement.


It’s never too young to start thinking

about St. Mary’s!

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