Alumni Newsltr December 2015 FINAL

December 2015

DKI APCSS celebrated the holiday season

with a wondrous holiday party at the Hale Koa

hotel. There were lots of games, food, singing

and fun for all. We wish you and your family

joyous holidays and a Happy new year!



beautiful Hawaii!

Thank you for your

inputs to this month’s


John A. Gasner


alumni Division

Daniel K. inouye

asia-Pacific cenTer

for securiTy sTuDies

Phone (808) 971-8981

fax (808) 971-8920

sTay connecTeD

DKI APCSS Director Lt. Gen.

(Ret) Dan Leaf was

interviewed by DKi aPcss

alumnus alice li Hagan on

Think Tech Hawaii. The

director speaks about DKi

aPcss as “a Hidden Treasure.”

Please use the following link to

view the interview:

E d u c a t i n g , C o n n e c t i n g a n d E m p o w e r i n g

Director Leaf


recruiter Mr.

Terry Slattery



officials in Korea

to market DKi

aPcss programs.

While in Korea,

they also met with

various aPcss


In Vietnam, the director and

Professors Alex Vuving and

Lori Forman met with

government officials in Hanoi.

The u.s. embassy also hosted

an alumni event in honor of the

director’s visit. in Ho chi Minh

city, Professors Vuving and

forman met alumni

representatives of the Ho

chi Minh academy.

Alumni Representatives of the Ho Chi Minh Academy

DKI APCSS professor Dr. Rouben Azizian, retired

from aPcss and transferred back to his home in

new Zealand where he will serve as the director,

center for Defense and security studies, Massey

university. Thank you rouben for

all your contributions.

E d u c a t i n g , C o n n e c t i n g a n d E m p o w e r i n g

We are accepting nominations for aPcss alumni

awards in the following categories:

Alumni and Alumni Association

Achievement Award

recognizes specific individual or group contributions

that advance security, build capacity and/or enhance


Lieutenant General (Ret) Syed Ata

Hasnain (India), EC00-2, published

a blog in iBn live on the terrorists

attacks in Paris:


Alumni Awards and Recognition:

News Stories from Alumni:

Annual Alumni and Alumni Association Award

recognizes significant and/or sustained excellence in

terms of contributions that advance security, build

capacity and/or enhance cooperation throughout the


Please submit nominations in body of email or word

document. Thank you.





2, along

with his wife Dianne,

welcomed a new baby

daughter into their

family. Her name is

Jaedin Marie.

Major General (Retd) A.N.M.

Muniruzzaman (Bangladesh),

SEC06-2, gave a presentation at the

2015 Global Military advisory council

on climate change (GMaccc) call

for action. He will also moderate a round table

discussion entitled ''The future of strategic

competition in the indian ocean and its implications

for south asia'' on 14th December 2015.

Ms. Zenysha Zaki (Maldives), ASC10-1, received

a national award of recognition from the President

of Maldives for her humanitarian services.

Tsegmid Erdenebold (Mongolia), ORA11-01,

began his own law practice while simultaneously

becoming an international law professor at the

shihhutug law school. Together with alumnus,

General (Ret) Nanzaddorji Jalbajav

EC02-1, he is working on a project

entitled “Problems of Mongolian

national security issues: legal reforms


Mitchell Gildea (U.S), APOC11-2,

started a blog in aPcsslink on Water

security. if you want to read the post

or join in the discussion, please use the

following link:

E d u c a t i n g , C o n n e c t i n g a n d E m p o w e r i n g

Loly Ngiratrang (Palau), ASC13-1,

guided Director leaf and lori forman

on a rock island tour in Palau.

Commodore Ruwan Perera (Sri

Lanka), ASC15-1, is studying for a

year at the national Defense university

in china.

Paul Heintz (U.S.), CSRT15-1, is

teaching a course at the university of

Phoenix. The course, “The american

experience since 1945” incorporates

his fellows Project information on

“countering DaesH recruitment

efforts in the united states.”

Fredy Milanzi (Tanzania), CSRT15-

1, as a result of his fellows Project, the

President of Tanzania granted authority

to form a Joint Task force to combat

narcotic drugs and terrorism.

The first resource center for visually impaired was

established in abbottabad.

Professor Ehsan Ahrari (U.S.),

former APCSS faculty, wrote several

essays and made an appearance on

chinese television:

“obama Versus Putin: The Making of

another Great Power Proxy War in the Quicksand of


“isis to Putin: Welcome to Hell, Vlad!”

Ammara Aamer Khattak

(Pakistan), CCM15-1, completed her

fellows Project for “inclusion of

Persons with special needs in Disaster

risk Management Planning.” she

created a formal Memorandum of understanding

that was signed at the local level and included an

Ammara Aamer Khattak

endorsement letter from provincial headquarters.

Promotions and Position Changes:

Adrian Wattimena (Indonesia),

EC02-3 and CSRT06-3, was promoted

to air vice marshal and appointed as

corps commander of indonesian air

force special forces.

Tahir Hanfi (Pakistan), EC04-1,

retired from the national assembly

secretariat after serving 32 years in

parliamentary affairs. since 2006, Tahir

Hanfi has also served as the secretary of

the Pakistan aPcss alumni association.


E d u c a t i n g , C o n n e c t i n g a n d E m p o w e r i n g

Colonel Seung J. Lee (U.S.), EC08-2,

is serving at the Pentagon in the u.s.

Joint staff J5 as the country Director

for the Korean peninsula.

Hasanthi Dissanayake (Sri Lanka),

CSRT10-1, was appointed

Ambassador to Vietnam.

Major General Hiroshi Kaminotani

(Japan), TSC14-2, was appointed

Director General, operations and

intelligence, air staff office.

Zaw Moe Than (Myanmar), ASC14-

3, was promoted as Police Brigadier

General in charge of training for

Myanmar Police force.


The latest currents

Magazine is now available

online. read more

some sites you may find


Library Resources:

check the latest DKi aPcss news

on our public website:


“resourcing india’s future: addressing challenges in

Healthcare, innovation, and Public Policy”

“understanding the competiveness of india’s states”

The new china-russia-u.s. Triangle”


“Trilateral Development in northeast asia: south

Korea, Japan, and china”

“indonesia: a regional energy leader in Transition”

“strengthening Markets for energy and

environmental security”

“What to Do about north Korea”


“The Parameters of Japan’s new security legislation

are Being framed in africa”

“unpacking national Power: Performance,

institutions, and innovations”

“The national Bureau of asian research: The year in

review, nBr Publications”





The november 2015 issue of

“combating Terrorism

exchange is now online:

E d u c a t i n g , C o n n e c t i n g a n d E m p o w e r i n g

DKI APCSS Courses:

The Transnational security cooperation

course Tsc15-2 was completed on 20

november 2015 with 29 new senior

executive alumni.

The asia-Pacific orientation course is

scheduled for 26-30 Jan 2016.

DKI APCSS Workshops:

in mid-January 2016, DKi aPcss will conduct a

workshop in Honolulu entitled “command and staff

colleges in the asia-Pacific: next steps towards a

framework for cooperation.”

This link provides a draft copy of the DKi aPcss

fy16 workshops.


on behalf of all the aPcss “ohana,” both here in Hawaii and throughout our region, we would like to extend

our warmest wishes and congratulations on these special occasions for your countries. We hope the future

finds continued peace and security for all your families, your countries and our shared neighborhood in the

asia-Pacific region:

2 December..........................laos national Day

5 December...................Thailand national Day/

H.M. The King’s Birthday

10 December...............Thailand constitution Day

16 December ......Victory Day (1971) – Bangladesh

16 December...............Kazakhstan national Day/

independence Day

National Days in December:

17 December......................Bhutan national Day

23 December ......................Japan national Day/

emperor aKiHiTo’s Birthday

25 December .......Birthday of founder of Pakistan,

Quaid-e azam, “Mohammad ali Jinnah”

30 December ......................national Hero’s Day

(rizal Day) – Philippines

E d u c a t i n g , C o n n e c t i n g a n d E m p o w e r i n g

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