Campbeltown Sea Cadets 60th Anniversary

Celebrating 60 Years of Campbeltown Sea Cadets 1955 - 2015

Celebrating 60 Years of Campbeltown Sea Cadets
1955 - 2015


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Celebrating<br />

60 Years<br />


1955 - 2015

Acknowledgements<br />

We wish to thank former members<br />

of <strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> for<br />

providing some of the<br />

photographs and newspaper<br />

articles from <strong>Campbeltown</strong><br />

Courier. Information also came<br />

from the booklet ‘<strong>Campbeltown</strong> –<br />

remembered 1942 – 1982.

About us<br />

<strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet Unit<br />

was formed in 1955. For the last<br />

six decades, hundreds of young<br />

people in Kintyre have benefited<br />

from the <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> and<br />

although the Unit has seen its<br />

fair share of highs and lows,<br />

today <strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong><br />

continues to play an important<br />

role in the community. Despite<br />

the Unit being one of the most<br />

remote in the Northern Area,<br />

with a strong group of staff and<br />

volunteers, the Unit still<br />

managed to accomplish some<br />

amazing achievements and has<br />

defied the disadvantages of<br />

being in a remote area.<br />

The cadets originally met at the<br />

Boatshed at the Quarry Green,<br />

then at the old TA Hall (now<br />

demolished). Following the<br />

demolition of the TA Hall the<br />

Unit met for a short period in the<br />

Heritage Centre and currently<br />

parades at the Cadet Hall at<br />

Hazelburn.<br />

Our History<br />

In September 1955 No 480 Unit of the<br />

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> Corps was formed and later<br />

granted the name Training Ship<br />

<strong>Campbeltown</strong>, to honour not only the<br />

town of its birth, but also the heroic<br />

ship’s company of the lost destroyer.<br />

The name HMS <strong>Campbeltown</strong> has a<br />

distinguished record of Royal Navy<br />

service during World War Two, with<br />

honours for the Battle of the Atlantic,<br />

1941-1942, and the legendary raid on<br />

St Nazaire in1942, known as Operation<br />

Chariot where she was deliberately<br />

blown up in an attempt to destroy a dry<br />

dock in occupied France. Commanded<br />

by Lieutenant Commander Stephen<br />

Beattie during the raid for which he<br />

received the Victoria Cross for his<br />

gallantry and leadership.<br />

Since 1989 the new HMS<br />

<strong>Campbeltown</strong>, a Type 22 frigate,<br />

regularly visited <strong>Campbeltown</strong> and<br />

strong links were forged between the<br />

Royal Navy and local community. She<br />

was decommissioned in 2011.<br />


1955<br />

A challenging beginning.<br />

“Don’t turn down the <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong>” was the<br />

headline in the December 1955 edition of<br />

the <strong>Campbeltown</strong> Courier. The newly<br />

formed <strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> was<br />

seeking to rent the former lifeboat house<br />

at Quarry Green to hold parades, but was<br />

rejected by the Town Council. Councillor<br />

Anderson said <strong>Campbeltown</strong> was a<br />

seaport town and it was most important<br />

that the sea cadets should have facilities<br />

for training. The Provost agreed this was<br />

a matter of some public interest and<br />

suggested the matter should go back to<br />

the committee for further consideration.<br />

“They are a public-spirited body and they<br />

are going to do a lot of good in the town.<br />

I think this should be reconsidered.”<br />

January 12 th 1956 edition of the Courier:<br />

‘Town’s <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> – Answer is still<br />

“No”’. The application was again turned<br />

down.<br />

Finally, the <strong>Sea</strong> cadets were offered the<br />

let of the lifeboat house later that year.<br />

Photo courtesy of Steve Partridge

<strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> – Present day<br />

At the end of November the Unit had their annual Prize Giving evening to<br />

celebrate the achievements of cadets who have excelled in various areas.<br />

However, the icing on the cake is the Unit being awarded the prestigious Burgee<br />

for 2015, the highest recognition of achievement to a unit in the <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet Corp.<br />

Commanding Officer Donnie Cameron said, “I am absolutely delighted the Unit<br />

has been awarded with the Burgee and so proud of all the <strong>Cadets</strong>, staff and<br />

volunteers. This could not have been achieved without the hard work and<br />

dedication of every member of <strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> and all of them are a<br />

credit to the town and to their families. <strong>Campbeltown</strong> Unit has been helping young<br />

people gain vital skills for the last 60 years and with local and national support,<br />

we hope to be able to do so for many years to come.”

Looking back<br />

1975 was TS <strong>Campbeltown</strong>’s first<br />

Efficiency Pennant.<br />

In 1978 the Unit received its fourth<br />

consecutive Efficiency Pennant and<br />

was presented with its colours by a<br />

former commanding officer of the<br />

Unit, Lieutenant Commander R.H.<br />

Craig, RD, RNR.<br />

A new dimension was added to the<br />

Unit early in 1979, with the<br />

proposed formation of a Girls’<br />

Nautical Training Contingent. It<br />

was two years later that this first<br />

Contingent received its official<br />


1965 1975 1975<br />


1979<br />

1979 proved to be a momentous<br />

year, seeing the start of a drum and<br />

bugle band and the weekly<br />

performance of the Ceremonial<br />

Sunset on the Old Quay through the<br />

summer.<br />

Cadet Petty Officer C. McLellan<br />

achieved the highest marks in the<br />

area for his advancement<br />

examinations, and was presented<br />

with the Ben Line Award before<br />

leaving the Unit to enter the Royal<br />

Navy.<br />

This was also the year the Unit<br />

received its first Burgee. The<br />

Burgee, a flag hoisted to the top of a<br />

ship’s mast, was awarded only to<br />

those units showing highest<br />

standard of efficiency. It recognises<br />

the quality of training offered to the<br />

cadets and the administration of the<br />

group including how well the<br />

activities run each year.

1980<br />

A historical visit by two officers<br />

from the <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet Unit<br />

Campbelltown, Australia. At a<br />

Ceremonial Sunset, the newly<br />

formed Kintyre Unit’s drum and<br />

bugle band made their first public<br />

performance. Led by leading<br />

drummer, LS Allan Shaw and their<br />

leading bugler, LS Derek Pope,<br />

they put on an impressive display.<br />

Lieutenant Lionel Mower,<br />

commanding officer of the<br />

Campbelltown Naval Reserve<br />

Cadet unit inspected the guard<br />

during the ceremony.

1980 – 25 th <strong>Anniversary</strong><br />

Commander Graham Shaw,<br />

commander of the Northern Area<br />

visited the Unit for their annual<br />

assessment and prize giving.<br />

With JS Deborah Brodie, the<br />

winners were (from left): LS Alan<br />

Shaw – best dressed; LS Duncan<br />

Waterman – best Cadet; AB David<br />

Barrett, who gained the newly<br />

awarded County Garage Cup for<br />

the most promising Cadet in 1980<br />

and LS Andrew Carter who<br />

received the Sailing Trophy for<br />

being the Unit’s best helmsman.<br />

(Front row) LS Kevin Buglass, who<br />

captured the Port Division of the<br />

Unit and JS Thomas Graham,<br />

whose fastest tying of a bowline<br />

knot won first place.

The 1981<br />

In 1981 the Unit received its second<br />

Burgee, which was presented in a<br />

ceremony by round-the-world<br />

yachtsman, Lieutenant-Commander<br />

Robin Knox-Johnston, CBE, RNR.<br />

But the best was yet to come when<br />

their continued variety and<br />

excellence of their activities led to<br />

the award of the coveted<br />

Stephenson Trophy for the<br />

Champion Unit of Northern Area.<br />

HMS Bickington, the Unit’s affiliated<br />

ship visited <strong>Campbeltown</strong> and the<br />

ship’s company and cadets joined<br />

together for an impressive march<br />

through the town and combined<br />

ceremonial divisions.

The 1982<br />

40 th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Navy raid on the French port of St Nazire. It was during this raid that the<br />

destroyer HMS <strong>Campbeltown</strong> was blown up, destroying the dock gates. <strong>Cadets</strong> and officers are pictured sitting<br />

under the ship’s bell from the destroyer.

The 1982<br />

A memorable trip to France, where the<br />

Unit took part in the 40 th anniversary<br />

celebrations of the raid on St Nazaire<br />

by HMS <strong>Campbeltown</strong> raid. The ship<br />

in the background is not just any old<br />

naval ship, it is the Royal Yacht<br />

Britannia.<br />

The 6 days trip saw cadets travel from<br />

<strong>Campbeltown</strong> to Portsmouth then on to<br />

France. <strong>Cadets</strong> had the opportunity to<br />

tour the HMS Vernon, HMS Victory<br />

(the oldest naval ship in the world), and<br />

HMS Euraylus among other activities.

1985<br />

The Unit’s annual Prize Giving<br />

Best Cadet - LS R McGregor<br />

Most Promising Cadet - OS N, Willerton<br />

Endeavour Trophy - JS G McLauchlan<br />

Marksman - PO D Harvey<br />

Sailing Trophy - JS C Scally<br />

Mementoes on departure from the Unit were<br />

presented to Cadet Petty Officer David Harvey<br />

and Leading <strong>Sea</strong>man James Thomson.

1985<br />

Seven cadets with Sub Lt<br />

Graham Woodley were special<br />

guests aboard HMS Dulverton.<br />

Thanks to the Royal Navy’s<br />

invitation to them to spend<br />

some time on one of the<br />

world’s largest fibre glass<br />

vessels. HMS Dulverton sailed<br />

out of <strong>Campbeltown</strong> Loch with<br />

the VIPs, James Thomson,<br />

Ross McGregor, Iain Rich,<br />

Donald McLeod, Graham<br />

Harvey, Kenneth Henderson<br />

and Michael Russell all aboard.

1986<br />

Trafalgar Night, the night when the<br />

Royal Navy, worldwide, celebrates<br />

Nelson’s victory of Trafalgar. The Unit<br />

celebrated with a dinner at the Ardshiel<br />

Hotel. During the evening, John<br />

McTaggart was presented with a gift to<br />

commemorate his sixteen year<br />

involvement with the Unit.<br />

1986<br />

Commander John Rainer of the Royal<br />

Navy Mine Countermeasure Squadron<br />

presented the Unit with a Pennant for<br />

their annual assessment, through<br />

Cadet David McGregor.

1986<br />

Double victory: where the<br />

shooting and pentathlon<br />

teams both achieved first in<br />

the national competition.

1986<br />

Annual Inspection being carried out<br />

by Commander DM Sandford RN,<br />

Northern Area Officer of the <strong>Sea</strong><br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> Corps.

1986<br />

Chief Officer Hope Gosse, WRNS, officer<br />

in charge of the Girls Nautical Training<br />

Contingent in the UK, paid the Unit a visit.<br />

Pictured here with the Girls’ Nautical<br />

Contingent and Third Officer Kate Jackson.<br />

1987<br />

An Ambassador for her country – Jillian<br />

Hanna was chosen from the entire UK<br />

Female <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet contingent to<br />

represent the organisation at an<br />

International Cadet Camp in India.

1988<br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> Peter Ferguson and Angus Dryden<br />

on board TS Royalist while on a visit to<br />


1989<br />

Annual Presentation took place at<br />

the TA Hall. The Unit welcomed the<br />

Squadron Commander C Meatyard,<br />

Royal Navy.

1990<br />

Eight members of the Unit met<br />

HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of<br />

York (right), when they sailed with<br />

HMS <strong>Campbeltown</strong> from<br />

Liverpool to Plymouth.<br />

From the right are J Glover, I<br />

Smith, C Irvine, Lt G Woodley, R<br />

Lee, G Macpherson, PPO K<br />

Henderson, J O’Brien and Lt W<br />

Sheridan, the observer in the<br />


Fast forward to 2008<br />

In 2009 the Unit received<br />

their first Efficiency award<br />

since 1988 in the form of a<br />

Pennant, which was<br />

received again in 2010.<br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> had the opportunity to<br />

step inside a helicopter from<br />

HMS Gannett.<br />

Trafalgar Sunday<br />

On board TS John Jerwood

2011<br />

For the first time since 1988 TS<br />

<strong>Campbeltown</strong> was awarded a<br />

Burgee as a mark of excellence.<br />

It was presented to the Unit at its<br />

annual prize giving.<br />

OC James Arbuckle,<br />

photographed here, was<br />

awarded the Jubilee Rose Bowl<br />

for best cadet.<br />

The Decommissioning of HMS <strong>Campbeltown</strong><br />

In an emotional farewell, HMS <strong>Campbeltown</strong> slipped her moorings and sailed past<br />

the heart of the town for the final time. The events held during this celebratory<br />

goodbye started with a grand parade through the town - echoing what happened<br />

when the ship first visited the town in 1989.<br />

Commander Keri Harris always knew this would be an emotional day for the<br />

townsfolk and crew and said: “It is hard to imagine any other small town in the<br />

British Isles providing such a busy and exciting programme of events for a<br />

warship. There have been many highlights, but for me the town parade and<br />

church service held in the ship’s honour were the most moving; they brought into<br />

focus the sense of loss being experienced by the town as HMS <strong>Campbeltown</strong><br />

prepares to decommission early.”<br />

The ship’s motto is ‘Victoria Fortes Sequitur’ which translates as ‘Victory through<br />


2011<br />

Training at HMS Raleigh

TS <strong>Campbeltown</strong><br />

Today, the Unit may be smaller<br />

in numbers compared to its hay<br />

day. Nonetheless, it continues<br />

to inspire young people to<br />

achieve and to excel in life. It<br />

continues to promote the core<br />

values of the <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> of<br />

Respect, Loyalty, Self-disciple,<br />

Commitment, Honesty and<br />

Integrity. <strong>Cadets</strong> are given the<br />

opportunity to broaden life<br />

experiences, to learn key life<br />

skills and achieve qualifications<br />

in a range of areas, all of which<br />

boosts their confidence as they<br />

prepare for the rest of their<br />

lives. There is now a good<br />

number of cadets in the Unit all<br />

undergoing the <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet<br />

training programme involving:<br />

adventure training, waterborne,<br />

leadership, teamwork,<br />

community activities and<br />

promoting the core values.<br />

Photo courtesy of Sarah MacDonald Photography

2014<br />

<strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong><br />

celebrated an exceptional<br />

year of achievements at<br />

their Annual General<br />

Meeting and Prize Giving.<br />

The unit is also delighted to<br />

have achieved an efficiency<br />

award for the 6 th consecutive<br />

year. This is an annual<br />

assessment on the<br />

achievements and<br />

accomplishments of cadets,<br />

as well as the administration<br />

and safety of the unit. Also<br />

for the first time in the<br />

history of the unit, a cadet<br />

took part in the annual<br />

Trafalgar Day Parade,<br />

joining the Massed Band of<br />

the <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> in Trafalgar<br />

Square, London. Equally<br />

impressive is Able Cadet<br />

Iain Cameron, being the first<br />

cadet to achieve a RYA<br />

safety boat qualification and<br />

the only person in the unit to<br />

qualify to teach sailing.

Offshore Voyages<br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> Jo Chinn, Connor Chinn, Yvonne Graham, Connor Ewart, Cameron Wilkes and<br />

Suen Yee Walker took part in offshore training on the TS John Jerwood and enjoyed a<br />

fantastic week’s voyage around the West Coast and Isles of Scotland.<br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> were trained in navigation, bridge team duties, seamanship, deck work, engineering,<br />

cook/steward and experienced all the duties needed to operate a vessel at sea. <strong>Cadets</strong><br />

were also given shore leave to explore some of the islands and had the opportunity to sail<br />

past the famous Corryvreckan whirlpool. Cadet Arbuckle was on the TS City Liveryman and<br />

Cadet Cameron was on the TS Vigilant for their offshore training.<br />

Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet<br />

Friends and family were invited<br />

to a special presentation<br />

ceremony of the Lord<br />

Lieutenant’s Cadet to Petty<br />

Officer Cadet Ewan MacArthur.<br />

The certificate and badge were<br />

presented by the Lord<br />

Lieutenant of Argyll and Bute<br />

Patrick Stewart MBE WS. Petty<br />

Officer Cadet MacArthur is the<br />

first Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet<br />

from <strong>Campbeltown</strong> unit.

Tri-Service Cadet Band<br />

Cadet First Class Suen Yee Walker joined young musicians<br />

from the Army and Air Training Corps for the Tri-Service Cadet<br />

Band Camp at Barry Buddon, Dundee.<br />

During the course of the week they performed in the Gardens<br />

of Holyrood Palace for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Gold<br />

Presentations, a Beating Retreat in Montrose to welcome HMS<br />

Montrose to the town, the Naming Ceremony of the HMS<br />

Queen Elizabeth in the presence of Her Majesty and finally<br />

performing at the Armed Forces Day Celebrations in Dundee.<br />

Trafalgar Day Parade<br />

Sunday 19 October marked the 209th annual<br />

national Trafalgar Day parade in Trafalgar Square,<br />

London. Cadet First Class Suen Yee Walker joined<br />

more than 500 young people from across the UK<br />

aged 13 – 17 from <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong>, Army Cadet Force,<br />

Air Training Corps and Combined Cadet Force took<br />

part in a spectacular display and parade. Crowds<br />

were treated to performances including physical<br />

training, pipes and drums by Air <strong>Cadets</strong> and an 80-<br />

strong <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet Massed Band.

WWI Parade in Oban<br />

On Saturday 20th September, three cadet units<br />

<strong>Campbeltown</strong>, Oban and Lochaber joined<br />

together to commemorate the centenary of World<br />

War One with a parade in Oban. Also on parade<br />

were the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, RBLS,<br />

Scots Guards, Argylls, ATC, Army <strong>Cadets</strong> and<br />

Boys Brigade & Girl Guides.

Boating<br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> took to the water for their boating training<br />

throughout the summer months and into the autumn.<br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> were at various stages of training, from basic<br />

competency to being able to take charge of a boat<br />

and inexperienced crew. Several boats were used:<br />

the Trinity 500, a pioneer rowing boat, a safety boat<br />

and Pico sailing dinghies crewed by senior cadets<br />

who were giving a taster session of sailing to cadets<br />

who had not sailed previously. Apart from rowing,<br />

cadets also learn various other aspects of<br />

seamanship and boat handling.

RNP 2014<br />

On 27 th October, the Unit had the pleasure of<br />

welcoming Captain Peter Adams RN, Area Officer<br />

for Northern Area to their 2014 RNP. Along with<br />

the inspection of divisions, family and friends were<br />

treated to musical entertainment by cadets, and<br />

evolutions which showed the Unit’s skills and<br />

training over the past year.<br />

During the course of the evening, presentations were also made to<br />

members of staff and cadets. PO (SCC) Gannon received the<br />

Cadet Forces Medal for 12 years continuous uniformed adult<br />

service. Lt (SCC) Willet RNR received the second clasp to her<br />

Cadet Forces Medal for a total of 24 years continuous uniformed<br />

adult service. Able Cadet James Arbuckle was presented with<br />

badge for RYA Level 2 power boat and Able Cadet Iain Cameron<br />

was awarded badges for RYA Safety boat, RYA Dinghy Instructor<br />

and his <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet corps Master Coxswain qualification. Finally, a<br />

special presentation of a limited edition replica of the new Queen<br />

Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier was presented to First Class Cadet Suen<br />

Yee Walker for her involvement in both the Tri-Service Cadet Band<br />

who played for the VIP’s at the Carriers Naming Ceremony and the<br />

Massed Band of the <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> who performed at the Trafalgar<br />

Day Parade, London.

2015<br />

The Pioner Multi, a new<br />

addition to <strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong><br />

<strong>Cadets</strong>. This unique boat<br />

takes safety, durability and<br />

versatility to a new level.<br />

With a large deck space and<br />

wide bow port, it will<br />

essentially be used as a<br />

safety boat for cadets’ boat<br />

training. Funded through the<br />

Community Covenant Grant<br />

Scheme of the Armed Forces,<br />

the boat will also allow the<br />

Unit to take ex-service<br />

personnel on cruises around<br />

the Loch. Donnie Cameron,<br />

Commanding Officer of the<br />

Unit said, “We are extremely<br />

pleased with the successful<br />

application of funding to allow<br />

the Unit to purchase this boat.<br />

Not only will it improve the<br />

boat training of cadets but<br />

due to the boat’s unique bow<br />

entry system, it is capable of<br />

wheelchair access and<br />

therefore allows multifaceted<br />

use.”<br />

Photo courtesy of <strong>Campbeltown</strong> Courier

Northern Area Junior Summer Camp<br />

A total of 4 Junior cadets enjoyed a fantastic week<br />

of training at Greenock but also plenty of fun, with<br />

all of them gaining their Yellow, Green, Blue and<br />

Red modules.<br />

Photo courtesy of Northern Area Junior Summer Camp

Northern Area Archery Competition<br />

This is the first time the Unit had cadets entered<br />

into the Area’s Archery Competition. <strong>Cadets</strong><br />

Suen Yee Walker, Shona Bassett and Caius<br />

Walker represented the Highland District with<br />

the Junior Team coming second.<br />

Camping weekend<br />

<strong>Cadets</strong> had a great weekend of<br />

camping at Port Ban, where<br />

they had to set up camp, before<br />

enjoying games and activities

Photo courtesy of <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> Northern Area<br />

Commando Speed March<br />

Wanderers<br />

This year’s winner was Able<br />

Cadet Iain Cameron with a time<br />

of 57mins 17secs - a new record<br />

for the event! The trophy,<br />

donated by the Commando<br />

Association was presented by<br />

Colonel Brian Hume of HRFCA.<br />

We were delighted to receive<br />

funding from Awards for All to<br />

purchase two new Wanderer<br />

dinghies to enable sailing training<br />

to take place. Able Cadet<br />

Arbuckle managed to take the<br />

dingy for a ‘test drive’ on a<br />

beautiful autumn day.

<strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> National Band Competition<br />

150 <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong> aged 12 – 18 competed at a local level in 400<br />

towns across the UK to make it to Tower of London for the<br />

nationals. It was the Unit’s first to have a representative at this<br />

event. Ordinary Cadet Suen Yee Walker represented the<br />

Northern Area and performed against nine other bands from<br />

different <strong>Sea</strong> Cadet areas at the Tower of London on Saturday<br />

22nd August. Northern Area came 4th overall.

Crossing the Line Party and supporting Anti-bullying week

<strong>Campbeltown</strong> <strong>Sea</strong> <strong>Cadets</strong><br />

We wish to thank friends, family, volunteers, cadets and<br />

staff past and present for 60 good years!<br />

Thank you also to the many organisations who have<br />

supported us along the way.<br />

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