INROADS December 2015 Newsletter

INROADS December 2015 Newsletter

INROADS December 2015 Newsletter


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Greetings <strong>INROADS</strong> Alumni and Friends:<br />

As the New National Director of Alumni Engagement, it gives me great pleasure to serve<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong>. I am excited about the possibilities before us and take very seriously the<br />

promise of our organization’s founder “to develop and place talented underserved youth<br />

in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership.”<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> continues to celebrate 45 years of transforming lives, careers, communities<br />

and corporate leadership, and we’ve raised the bar this fiscal year. In addition to<br />

recruiting on college campuses and preparing students for summer 2016 internships, we<br />

also are looking for new companies to expand our selection of internship options. Help<br />

recruit candidates, train students and secure new business opportunities. You are<br />

instrumental in helping our scholars achieve their goals and prepare for life after<br />

graduation. We appreciate the time, talent and treasure you invest; no effort is too<br />

small.<br />

With funding from a $250,000 MetLife grant, we will implement the <strong>INROADS</strong> Alumni<br />

for Life initiative — a strategic, evidence-based approach to generate more alumni<br />

engagement and participation. The strategies include:<br />

1. Improving our alumni database<br />

2. Increasing stewardship, advocacy and volunteerism<br />

3. Launching the e-mentoring initiative<br />

4. Enhancing communications and relationships<br />

5. Boosting alumni attendance at special events<br />

6. Increasing traffic to the alumni community website<br />

7. Building a culture of philanthropy among alumni and our scholars<br />

These strategies will drive my efforts, but I need your help. Please choose one — or more<br />

— of the strategies and join me in making the alumni organization as powerful as it can<br />

be.<br />

In this edition, you will find some great information, and opportunities to share your<br />

stories and recommendations in the following sections, including:

• Events & Campaigns highlights the <strong>INROADS</strong> Summer Agriculture Institute<br />

agribusiness immersion experience for high school students, sponsored by<br />

Monsanto; Pacific Region’s 45 th Anniversary celebration; and Atlanta Chapter’s<br />

new Alumni Association leadership team.<br />

• <strong>INROADS</strong> in the News celebrates accomplishments of alumni, interns,<br />

corporate partners and staff as reported in various media outlets.<br />

• Morgan Stanley Finance Center explains why and how to plan for the<br />

possibility of incapacity.<br />

• Alumni Features focuses on Todd Corley, visionary, diversity champion and<br />

now, book author. It also features personal testimonies from alumni on the value<br />

of <strong>INROADS</strong> to them, as well as profiles of two current interns.<br />

• Alumni Survey Results summarizes your answers to our questions about the<br />

services and products you want.<br />

This is only the beginning. There is so much more on the horizon for <strong>INROADS</strong> and our<br />

alumni. Please feel free to contact me at shill@<strong>INROADS</strong>.org or 404-414-6645 if I can<br />

be of service to you or your Alumni Chapter.<br />

—Seddrick T. Hill, Sr.

Message from the President & CEO<br />

Business management writer Tom Peters said,<br />

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” As we head<br />

into a new year, I’m going to take his advice.<br />

I celebrate the visionary, Frank Carr, who made<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> a reality. I celebrate 45 years of <strong>INROADS</strong><br />

transforming lives, careers, communities and Corporate<br />

America. I celebrate all the people — interns, staff,<br />

corporate partners, donors and alumni — whose time,<br />

energy and resources have made those years possible.<br />

So, this New Year’s Eve, I’ll be celebrating visionaries,<br />

decades of transformation and engagement because<br />

those are the things I want to see more of. Truth is, I<br />

already do.<br />

It takes a lot of people with a lot of commitment to do the work <strong>INROADS</strong> does. And<br />

despite all we’ve done, there are many more lives, careers, communities and<br />

corporations to touch. We need your help, and nobody knows better than you the true<br />

value of the leadership development, access and opportunity <strong>INROADS</strong> provides.<br />

You’re proof the mission is right. Please help us keep the mission alive and active. Our<br />

new National Director of Alumni Engagement, Seddrick Hill, is working to make it<br />

easier to engage, re-engage or further engage. I hope you will.<br />

Leading this amazing organization is not a job — it’s a privilege. Each day, I have the<br />

good fortune not only to see firsthand what great people can accomplish when they<br />

believe in the right mission, but also to play a role in directing and supporting both<br />

those great people and that right mission. Thank you for allowing me to join you on the<br />

amazing <strong>INROADS</strong> journey.<br />

Thank you. It’s an honor to continue serving as your President & CEO. This<br />

organization is truly a special place.<br />

Happy New Year.<br />

—Forest T. Harper, Jr.

Message from the Chair of the National Board<br />

of Directors<br />

As <strong>2015</strong> winds down, I am thankful for another year’s<br />

opportunity to serve the outstanding young people, alumni and<br />

strategic and community partners that make up the <strong>INROADS</strong><br />

family.<br />

Think about why you joined this family and why young people<br />

join today: You wanted to excel and <strong>INROADS</strong> provided the<br />

tools and intellectual foundation to do just that. At the same<br />

time, you became an agent of change in Corporate America<br />

and the community. In this global age, a more culturally<br />

diverse network of leaders benefits us all.<br />

Access to opportunity and leadership development has always<br />

been gateways to success, and <strong>INROADS</strong> remains committed<br />

to its mission to provide them. As an alumnus, I have a personal perspective on that<br />

mission and that perspective shapes my ultimate goal for the National Board: To<br />

nurture and further <strong>INROADS</strong> as a mission-driven leadership development<br />

organization.<br />

This organization — our organization — truly is special. It deserves our stewardship<br />

now and going forward. I am extremely grateful for the support of all our stakeholders,<br />

but, like the mission, I have a personal sense of gratitude to you, my fellow alumni. As<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong>’ embarks on its alumni outreach efforts, I ask you to become even more<br />

involved, whether you volunteer your time, testimony or treasure. Personally, I’m<br />

thrilled to give all three. I’ve processed my <strong>2015</strong> financial gift to <strong>INROADS</strong>; I<br />

encourage you to do the same.<br />

Dream big and embrace a bold future for <strong>INROADS</strong>. Then, step up and lean in to make<br />

that dream a reality. Start with this newsletter by catching up on what’s happening at<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> and leaning in on those areas where you’re inspired to help.<br />

And welcome Seddrick Hill, our new National Director of Alumni Engagement.<br />

Thank you and Happy New Year!<br />

—Jeffery S. Perry

<strong>INROADS</strong> Summer Agriculture Institute<br />

sponsored By Monsanto<br />

By Leah Bernstein<br />

! !<br />

Dinner has a whole new level of meaning for a select group of local high school students.<br />

As participants in the <strong>INROADS</strong> Summer Agriculture Institute sponsored by Monsanto,<br />

the 12 students had a unique opportunity to explore the business of agriculture, from its<br />

challenges and opportunities to its emerging strategies for feeding a hungry planet. The<br />

brainchild of Steven Mizell — EVP Human Resources at Monsanto and Harlan Hodge,<br />

Manager of <strong>INROADS</strong> Midwest Region — this six-week program is designed to create a<br />

pipeline of agriculture professionals.<br />

The Agriculture Institute is a two-summer immersion experience that combines<br />

classroom instruction, on-site visits, science experiments, professional development and<br />

career shadowing to develop awareness among high school students of the variety of<br />

promising careers available in agriculture. Participants learn from agronomists, data<br />

scientists, business professionals and <strong>INROADS</strong> instructors.

“This program is emblematic of <strong>INROADS</strong> 45-year history of matching high caliber<br />

candidates with high caliber corporate partners willing to provide hands-on<br />

opportunities for our future leaders,” said Forest Harper, President and CEO of<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong>, Inc. “We are grateful to Monsanto for once again helping <strong>INROADS</strong><br />

transform lives and communities.”<br />

Students said they gained a deeper understanding of and increased interest in pursuing<br />

agriculture-related careers, as well as valuable exposure to some of the soft skills<br />

necessary for navigating the workplace. In addition to a $1,000 stipend, students were<br />

allowed to use a new laptop computer, and invited to “borrow” it for the school year.<br />

Monsanto made a $150,000 commitment to ensure the success of the program. In<br />

addition, students are primary contenders for Monsanto’s Student Scholarship that<br />

provides up to $10,000 for undergraduate studies.<br />

A highlight for the students was a visit to the campus of Southeast Missouri State<br />

University as the guest of Trent Ball, Associate Dean of Students and TRiO Programs.<br />

While there, they met university president, Dr. Carlos Vargas. As a result of the meeting,<br />

Dr. Vargas is expanding SEMO’s <strong>INROADS</strong> Scholars Grant, earmarked exclusively for<br />

college students in the <strong>INROADS</strong> program. A next step for the <strong>INROADS</strong>/Monsanto<br />

Agriculture Institute is incorporating St. Louis Community College’s Plant Sciences<br />

facility for further study.<br />

For information on the <strong>INROADS</strong>/Monsanto Agriculture Institute, contact, Harlan<br />

Hodge, <strong>INROADS</strong> Midwest Region Manager, at 314-655-1504 or<br />


<strong>INROADS</strong> Pacific Region<br />

45th Anniversary Celebration<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> Pacific Region hosted its 45th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday,<br />

<strong>December</strong> 3. A great time for clients, alumni, friends and <strong>INROADS</strong> staff to mix and<br />

mingle. It was a successful event that raised over $40,000. Aera Energy, Kaiser<br />

Permanente and Chevron were Anniversary Partners; City National Bank, Wells Fargo<br />

and California Community Foundation also contributed. Anthony Mays received the<br />

Alumni Impact Award for his efforts to raise almost $30,000 from his Google family for<br />

the <strong>INROADS</strong> Pacific Region.

Atlanta Chapter of <strong>INROADS</strong><br />

Alumni Association<br />

The <strong>INROADS</strong> Alumni Association — Atlanta is excited to announce its new executive<br />

leadership team that will take office beginning in 2016. During the past three years, this<br />

chapter has focused on providing outstanding engagement, mentoring, and professional<br />

development initiatives to enrich the lives of the Atlanta area alumni, interns and<br />

community as a whole. We are truly grateful to the current leadership team for their<br />

efforts in both re-launching and laying the foundation for this chapter back in 2012. We<br />

look forward to another year of growth and momentum with this chapter in 2016!<br />

Michael Williams<br />

President<br />

Estuardo Rojas<br />

Vice President<br />

Lynnetta Johnson<br />

Treasurer<br />

Selena McLaurin<br />

Secretary<br />

Andrew McDonald<br />

Networking/PD Chair<br />

Emmanuella Belzince<br />

Mentoring Chair


<strong>INROADS</strong> Announces Top 10 Strategic<br />

Corporate Partners<br />

Companies Bring Social Impact to STEM and Business<br />

Workplace Diversification<br />

ST. LOUIS, MO (November 18, <strong>2015</strong>) — <strong>INROADS</strong>, Inc. — a multicultural<br />

nonprofit whose mission is leadership development, career preparation and creating<br />

opportunity for talented, underserved youth — recently announced its Top 10 Strategic<br />

Corporate Partners.<br />

“Proactive and progressive companies build a natural ecosystem of talent to fill their<br />

workplace needs for the future,” said Forest Harper, President and CEO of <strong>INROADS</strong>,<br />

Inc. in a recent article. “By doing so with <strong>INROADS</strong>, the Top 10 are making a social<br />

and economic impact beyond their own companies, transforming lives and<br />

communities.”<br />

Selected based on the number of <strong>INROADS</strong> internships they sponsored this year, the<br />

<strong>2015</strong> <strong>INROADS</strong> Top 10 Strategic Corporate Partners are:<br />

1. United Technologies Corporation<br />

2. Travelers<br />

3. Kaiser Permanente<br />

4. MetLife<br />

5. PricewaterhouseCoopers<br />

6. Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

7. JC Penney<br />

8. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company<br />

9. KPMG International<br />

10. Wells Fargo & Company<br />

Increasingly, these Top 10 companies are looking to <strong>INROADS</strong> for diverse STEM<br />

(science, technology, engineering and math) talent. Over the past five years, the Top 10<br />

have filled nearly 40 percent of their <strong>INROADS</strong> internships with STEM majors. In so<br />

doing, they have had a measurable effect on STEM diversity in the workplace: 47<br />

percent of their interns were women, 40 percent were African American and 25<br />

percent were Hispanic/Latino.<br />

“When one considers the diversity numbers and percentages reported by leading<br />

technology companies — fewer than 100 diverse employees, less than two percent —<br />

the five year aggregates of <strong>INROADS</strong>’ Top 10 are astounding,” notes Harper.<br />

“Finding and developing talented, economically disadvantaged youth — often the first<br />

in their families to attend college — has a dual impact: Improving lives and<br />

communities, while increasing the country’s proficiency in science and math to<br />

mitigate the projected shortage of 1 million technology workers.”<br />

About <strong>INROADS</strong><br />

Founded in 1970, <strong>INROADS</strong> develops and places talented underserved youth in<br />

business and industry, preparing them for corporate and community leadership that<br />

effects community renewal and social change and elevates economic status and quality<br />

of life. <strong>INROADS</strong> has placed students in over 127,000 paid internships throughout its<br />

history, and graduated over 27,000 alumni into full-time professional and leadership<br />

positions with over 1,000 corporate partners. Currently, <strong>INROADS</strong> serves nearly 1,500<br />

interns and 230 corporate clients. To learn more, visit www.<strong>INROADS</strong>.org.

<strong>2015</strong><br />




Thanks for your participation in our <strong>2015</strong> Alumni Survey. You spoke,<br />

and we heard you. Our goal was to discover and understand your<br />

highest needs, offer you the most up-to-date information and plan<br />

ahead for the future.<br />

We wanted to understand three major subjects:<br />

• What our Alumni think of <strong>INROADS</strong>, and how we can better serve them.<br />

• How our Alumni have progressed in their careers.<br />

• How our Alumni want to interact with and give back to <strong>INROADS</strong>.<br />

We had a total of 686 responses. Key findings include:<br />

• Of our Alumni that responded, 84.4% are employed full time.<br />

• Forty-seven percent went to work for their sponsoring companies, and<br />

38.0 % worked at the sponsoring company for at least 2-4 years.<br />

• Ten percent pursued an advanced degree.<br />

Our Alumni associated <strong>INROADS</strong> as being:<br />

• A way to close the opportunity gap<br />

• Meaningful internship opportunities<br />

• Good reputation with corporate sponsors<br />

• Looks good on a résumé<br />

Things we have learned from the survey:<br />

• Keep in contact with our Alumni<br />

• Be more prompt and proactive with our communication practices<br />

• Offer services that are more appropriate to our Alumni

The top service offerings are:<br />

• Access to career/job opportunities<br />

• Job placement assistance<br />

• Network with fellow alumni<br />

• Mentoring opportunities<br />

• <strong>INROADS</strong> alumni chapter development and support<br />

Wish list from the Alumni:<br />

• Career advancement<br />

• Financial planning<br />

• Certification training (skills-specific)<br />

• Help with entrepreneurship guidance<br />

Alumni make contributions to <strong>INROADS</strong> to:<br />

• Support scholarships<br />

• Support training for all interns<br />

• Support their local market or region<br />

The list below represents the winners of the Alumni Survey Prize Giveaway for <strong>2015</strong>.<br />

Please contact Ms. Kesia Williams, Alumni Relations Associate, to retrieve your prize:<br />

kwilliams@<strong>INROADS</strong>.org.<br />

• Kathe Lynom<br />

• Tangela Adams<br />

• Denise Lanza<br />

• Sherry Lumpkins<br />

• Kathy Everson<br />

• Antwoine Calloway<br />

• Dontrail<br />

• Saeeda Hafiz<br />

• Janine Holmes<br />

• Andrew Key

Southeast Region Board member and <strong>INROADS</strong> Alumnus<br />

Honored by March of Dimes<br />

National Board Member Yvette Hollingsworth Named 1 of<br />

25 Powerful Women to Watch<br />

Visiones <strong>2015</strong>: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.<br />

Click here to view the video from this year's stellar<br />

Visiones event.<br />

The National Association of Latinos in Information Sciences<br />

and Technology (LISTA) recognized Myrna Garcia for her<br />

outstanding work in the community during the Latinas Tech<br />

Leaders Luncheon on Thursday, <strong>December</strong> 10, <strong>2015</strong>, in<br />

Atlanta, GA.

!<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> is taking the necessary steps internally on the professional<br />

development side, to better serve our clients, constituents, students and<br />

alumni. Take a moment to view the photos from the National Staff<br />

Conference.<br />

STEM Initiative Summer 2016<br />

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS at www.<strong>INROADS</strong>.org/apply for<br />

mechanical, electrical, computer engineering and computer science<br />

undergraduates with 3.0+ GPAs graduating after <strong>December</strong> 2016. Help share your<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> experience with an up-and-comer. Questions? Contact<br />

calty@<strong>INROADS</strong>.org for more details.<br />

Mock Interviewers Needed<br />

First, thank you to those who have assisted with mock interviews in the past. Over<br />

the past year, 100 alumni have helped prepare future <strong>INROADS</strong> interns — but we<br />

need more help. As little as one hour can make a difference, but you can give as<br />

many hours as you wish. Click here if you would like to register as an interviewer.<br />

Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the necessary training. And interviewers do not have<br />

to be <strong>INROADS</strong> alumni. Please share this link with your network if you know of a<br />

professional who would like to volunteer his or her time, or if your company would<br />

like to volunteer. Contact bwilliams@<strong>INROADS</strong>.org for more details.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> Internships at the MBA Level!<br />

Are you in your first year of your MBA? If so, this internship might be just for you!<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> has two MBA opportunities with PetSmart in Phoenix, Arizona, for their<br />

Store Operations and Services Strategy. Competitive hourly pay and relocation<br />

assistance provided. Retail experience a plus and a love for animals is a must!<br />

Interested applicants please contact <strong>INROADS</strong> Senior Manager Patti Schoenhardt<br />

at pschoenhardt@<strong>INROADS</strong>.org or by phone at 480-526-5416.

Planning for Incapacity<br />

This article examines the wisdom of putting your affairs in order to prepare for the<br />

possibility of incapacitation. It looks at the steps to take in advance, such as setting up<br />

power of attorney and a living will and considerations for naming an agent.<br />

A life-changing illness or injury that takes away the ability to communicate is not<br />

something we like to think about, yet the likelihood rises as our life expectancy<br />

increases. Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, affects one in nine<br />

Americans age 65 or older, and one in three for those over the age of 85. 1<br />

While it may be difficult to discuss, don’t put off selecting someone to oversee your<br />

medical and financial affairs. Additionally, knowing that arrangements have already<br />

been taken care of may reduce the stress on your loved ones during trying times.<br />

Here are some questions to consider when meeting with an advisor or attorney about<br />

planning for incapacity.<br />

• What, if any, life-prolonging measures do you want taken if you are terminally ill<br />

or incapacitated? Who will make those decisions? A living will and health care<br />

proxy – also known as advance directives – will allow someone you trust to<br />

communicate your wishes to caregivers.

• What will happen to your financial assets and debts? Have you appointed an<br />

agent under a durable power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf, or<br />

would you prefer a court appointed representative?<br />

• Are your bills and other financial records easily accessible to your agent or family<br />

members?<br />

• Have you updated your living will, health care proxy, or durable power of<br />

attorney? Have your views on life-sustaining care changed?<br />

• Are your beneficiary designations – which cannot be changed in a will – up to<br />

date?<br />

• Do you have insurance coverage for long-term care and disability? If so, do you<br />

know the extent of the coverage?<br />

• Does your living will address assisted living or other long-term care<br />

arrangements?<br />

Finally, have you identified an agent – you can name more than one, including an<br />

institution – to act on your behalf? You may choose anyone you wish, and it doesn’t<br />

have to be a spouse or other family member. In fact, as these situations are usually<br />

emotional, you might consider an individual who you believe will be able to act<br />

objectively in a time of crisis.<br />

Being prepared is the best defense against an unforeseen need. Ask your lawyer about<br />

setting set up financial and health care proxies and a durable power of attorney. I am<br />

available to assist in any way possible.<br />

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Michael Lysenko IV CFP®,<br />

CRPS® or Eric S. Roth of The Roth Group at Morgan Stanley.<br />

Sources and Disclaimers:<br />

1<br />

Alzheimer’s Association, “2014 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures,” March 2014,<br />

retrieved November 20, 2014.<br />

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affiliates.<br />

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1290 Avenue of the Americas, 12 th Floor<br />

New York, NY 10104<br />

Website: http://www.morganstanleyfa.com/therothgroup/<br />

Michael Lysenko IV, CFP®, CRPS®<br />

Financial Advisor<br />

Financial Planning Specialist<br />

Office: (212) 692-2909<br />

Fax: (646) 737-0628<br />

E-mail: michael.lysenko@morganstanley.com<br />

Eric S. Roth<br />

Executive Director<br />

Financial Planning Specialist<br />

Financial Advisor<br />

Office: (212) 878-3922<br />

Fax: (212) 878-3925<br />

Mobile: (917) 816-1993<br />

E-mail: eric.s.roth@morganstanley.com



Todd Corley, former Abercrombie Global Chief Diversity<br />

Officer, writes account of leadership triumphs and<br />

pitfalls, and shares important lessons on transparency

New Albany, November 23, <strong>2015</strong> — In his new<br />

book, FITCH PATH: A Cautionary Tale About A<br />

Moose, Millennials, Leadership & Transparency,<br />

former senior executive, Todd Corley, goes inside<br />

the iconic brand, Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), and<br />

explores how Millennials (Generation Y) and<br />

iGens (Generation Z) reshaped the self-conscious<br />

symbol of today’s American youth, redefined the<br />

concept of “coolness” and forged cultural<br />

transformation (i.e., Gonzalez v. Abercrombie &<br />

Fitch, EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch, Brown et al<br />

v. Abercrombie & Fitch).<br />

FITCH PATH examines the needs, wants and<br />

expectations of the emerging workforce majority<br />

and offers solutions to help prepare today’s<br />

leaders and organizations for an inevitable reality.<br />

Explains Corley, “We’re on the verge of a crisis. An<br />

aging workforce, lack of skilled talent and<br />

outsourced labor are just a few of the significant<br />

labor shifts impacting workplaces today. Within<br />

five years, 53 percent of the workforce will be women, 50 percent will be Millennials and<br />

40 percent will be people of color. Despite increasing demands for inclusion and<br />

equality, many global organizations are resistant to change their work models. Leaders<br />

must recognize that ‘resistance is futile’ — inclusion is a mandate and transparency is<br />

the new normal.”<br />

Dubbed “The Man Who Made Abercrombie & Fitch Less White” by The Huffington Post,<br />

Corley witnessed the impact of Millennials and rising iGens during his 10 years at A&F<br />

from his office at the World Headquarters located on Fitch Path in New Albany, Ohio<br />

(2004-2014). His vast accomplishments there include: architecting a landmark diversity<br />

initiative that resulted in a 626% increase in racial and ethnic diversity; leading national<br />

movements to erase exclusion, ban bullying and champion inclusion; and creating a<br />

$10M strong international groundswell across the U.S., Europe and Asia around model<br />

behavior and peer accountability. He exited the company in July 2014 to launch the<br />

TAPO Institute, a strategic think tank and consultancy focused on inclusive leadership.<br />

Neil Howe, founder and president, Saeculum Research and bestselling author of<br />

Millennials Rising, said of Corley, “In his role as Chief Diversity Officer at A&F, Todd<br />

saw like few others the new demands that Millennials bring to the workplace and the<br />

challenges they pose for companies that fail to embrace inclusivity. Through firsthand<br />

experience and extensive research, he has learned not only what Millennials want from<br />

an employer and a brand, but how managers can truly foster their talent.”<br />

FITCH PATH is available for sale on Amazon now. For more information, please visit<br />

www.FITCHPATH.com or contact media@tapoinstitute.org.


Todd Corley is the founder of The TAPO<br />

Institute, a consultancy focused on the<br />

generationally-driven shift in beliefs and values<br />

that has redefined the meaning of “inclusive”<br />

leadership. As a nationally recognized senior<br />

leader, he advises C-Suite executives and Senior<br />

Leadership Teams on how to engage and<br />

develop talent, build organizational agility and<br />

cultivate innovation. His insights on diversity<br />

and inclusion have been sharpened by an<br />

unparalleled body of work and influenced by<br />

overseeing an enterprise-wide large scale change<br />

initiative that impacted the lives of hundreds-ofthousands<br />

of Millennials (Gen Y) and iGens<br />

(Gen Z), in an organization led by Xers,<br />

Boomers and Traditionalists.<br />

Prior to his role at Abercrombie & Fitch, Corley created the diversity strategy for<br />

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. As a senior consultant for the global diversity<br />

and change management practice at Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson), his client list<br />

included The New York Stock Exchange, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, Toys“R”Us, Goldman<br />

Sachs, PepsiCo and many others.<br />


The TAPO Institute, a think tank and strategic advisor advocating inclusive leadership,<br />

draws its inspiration from today’s generation being transparent, authentic, persistent<br />

and optimistic about inclusion. Visit www.tapoinstitute.org to learn more.<br />


Alumni in the Spotlight<br />

Joseph Hampton<br />

Growing up in Birmingham, AL, I played every sport, sang<br />

in the choir and was active in many school organizations.<br />

My goal was to get either an athletic or academic<br />

scholarship so my parents would not have the burden of<br />

paying for my education, as well as my two sisters’. I<br />

wanted to be the first in my immediate family to graduate<br />

from college.<br />

During my senior year, my high school guidance counselor<br />

told me about <strong>INROADS</strong> and that a second group was<br />

being recruited for training. I learned about <strong>INROADS</strong> as I<br />

was completing the application. I had no clue that<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> would change my life forever.<br />

After reading the mission statement, I knew that<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> could help launch my career. I didn’t know any organization that required as<br />

much to represent the <strong>INROADS</strong> brand. At the first summer session, everyone was a top<br />

student. I felt like I was one of the least smart in the group.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> afforded me the tools to be successful in my internship and in school. After<br />

being offered the internship at Alabama Gas Corporation (Alagasco) and performing the<br />

job I longed to have upon graduating, I wouldn’t allow this opportunity to slip away. I<br />

knew that, if I didn’t maintain the 3.0 GPA requirement, my internship was over. So I<br />

studied longer. I knew if I didn’t perform during my summer internship to the<br />

satisfaction of my supervisor, my internship was over. So I got up early, stayed late and<br />

asked for opportunities to perform work tasks beyond what was asked of me. I wanted<br />

Alagasco to know they had made the right decision when they chose me as the<br />

company’s first <strong>INROADS</strong> Intern.<br />

The internship experience was excellent. I had the opportunity to work for a great<br />

company learning the skills needed to be successful in Corporate America. <strong>INROADS</strong>’<br />

weekend sessions taught me the skills necessary to be comfortable while pursuing my<br />

internship, while on the job and when networking with co-workers. <strong>INROADS</strong>’ rigorous<br />

weekend sessions set me apart.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> gave me the necessary motivation to be the best I could be, whether in school,<br />

during my internship or when serving in my community. It provided me the focus and<br />

the finish line that propelled me to graduate and gain full-time employment.<br />

My path was totally different from my schoolmates; there is simply no comparison.<br />

After graduation, I basically walked in the door at Alagasco with relationships with key<br />

stakeholders and two years of work experience.

With our family having just moved to Kansas City, MO, I am beginning as Vice<br />

President, Operations for Missouri Gas Energy of The Laclede Group. My beautiful wife,<br />

Jenise, who is my number one supporter and fan, is just beginning as Principal of Troost<br />

Elementary School. We have two great sons: Joseph (age 7) and Johnathon (age 4).<br />

Without <strong>INROADS</strong>, I don’t believe I’d be in this place in my life. <strong>INROADS</strong>, plus my<br />

hard work, is why I’m where I am today.<br />

Mallorie Denmon<br />

Coming from a large family is very special to me. We get<br />

together often and love each other dearly. In my family,<br />

entrepreneurship has been an ongoing theme. Familyowned<br />

businesses have contributed to the Kansas City<br />

community for generations.<br />

Whether nature or nurture, I couldn’t sit still for very<br />

long, according to my mother...from dance class, Girl<br />

Scouts, modeling, drill team, being an honor student,<br />

varsity cheerleading (captain), varsity track team,<br />

student council…whew! And, that was just high school.<br />

Time management and responsibility were constant<br />

lessons, which equipped me for college.<br />

My mother, who worked at an <strong>INROADS</strong> sponsoring<br />

company, just adored the <strong>INROADS</strong> intern. She had me apply immediately. I went to<br />

work for GE Capital the summer before the start of my freshman year at the University<br />

of Missouri-Columbia. Prior to that, I had only worked at a sports shoe shop – so this<br />

was my second “job,” and I was excited, anxious and a little overwhelmed.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> impressed me with the intern process and the high caliber of leadership.<br />

Getting to know other interns who were enrolled at Mizzou helped me transition when I<br />

started my first semester. Even as I started college, my <strong>INROADS</strong> training helped me<br />

gain perspective on what I wanted my college experience to be because it opened my<br />

eyes to the bigger picture of life beyond college, the value of professionalism, integrity<br />

and nurturing relationships.<br />

I interned with GE Capital for all four summers of college. Great mentors and peers<br />

guided me and kept me focused on my goals. The projects helped me learn to be proactive<br />

and self-sufficient. <strong>INROADS</strong> developed and enhanced my skills and talents,<br />

which prepared me to work and interact in any professional setting.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> changed my life and will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s a part of<br />

the foundation that has made me the woman I am today.

Intern Spotlight <strong>2015</strong><br />

Ibrahim ‘Solo’ Ceesay<br />

“Things aren’t always what they seem. You’re only<br />

seeing part of me. There’s more than you could ever<br />

know behind the scenes.”<br />

-Francesca Battistelli (American music artist)<br />

As the son of Senegalese and Gambian immigrants,<br />

Ibrahim’s dark complexion and cultural barriers<br />

socially disconnected him from his peers. While his<br />

parents provided a lovingly solid home, classmates and<br />

neighbors often bullied and excluded him in peer<br />

activities. In addition, school and studies have always<br />

been deeply engaging for Ibrahim, which was yet<br />

another source of ridicule he endured by classmates.<br />

Now, he deeply values his distinguishing qualities both<br />

inherited and achieved, a journey that has taken until adulthood.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong>’ stated mission and “stats” let Ibrahim know that <strong>INROADS</strong> could<br />

springboard his future. Currently, he is a prestigious Ivy League football player at the<br />

University of Pennsylvania where he is an Economics major in the Wharton School.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> helped put college into perspective as a means to achieving life’s goals, even<br />

as freshman year was an incredible challenge and transition for Ibrahim. <strong>INROADS</strong><br />

helped him realize that being a collegiate athlete was not an excuse to underperform<br />

academically.<br />

For his summer <strong>2015</strong> internship, <strong>INROADS</strong> helped place Ibrahim in the Corporate<br />

Finance Division of MasterCard Worldwide in St. Louis, Missouri. The MasterCard<br />

internship has already deeply shaped Ibrahim’s professional spirit and work ethic,<br />

including sharpening his professional skills, practicing workplace conduct and<br />

teamwork, and applying his classroom education into the workplace setting, just to<br />

name a few.<br />

In Ibrahim’s own words:<br />

“What has been particularly eye-opening for me is the attention to detail and agility I<br />

have developed during the internship. Real-world projects with varied tasks have<br />

forced me to be creative, effective and more precise in the ways in which I go about<br />

getting things done. The advantage I have over my peers and classmates who are not<br />

a part of <strong>INROADS</strong> stems from the various professional development sessions and<br />

workshops we have throughout the year. Surely, potential employment and<br />

opportunities are priceless, but also knowing how to conduct yourself in the<br />

workplace is what separates good workers from the leaders of tomorrow.<br />

“My time with <strong>INROADS</strong> has been an insurmountable experience. I am now at ease<br />

knowing that my appearance and culture are my assets. My unique background has

given me the tools to bring a different and valuable perspective each and every day.<br />

“Furthermore, working with the leaders of tomorrow is a true blessing. I look<br />

forward to employing all the skills <strong>INROADS</strong> has given me in future employment<br />

opportunities and beyond.”<br />

Paul Huron<br />

Paul Huron, a Harmony Science Academy-San Antonio alumnus, is proving that with<br />

hard work and grit, success will surely come. Paul recently accepted an internship with<br />

Shell in Houston, where he will work with the IT department with other like-minded<br />

interns and mentors guided by professional engineers.<br />

Paul Huron of HSA-San Antonio with U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, during the 2012<br />

White House Summit in San Antonio.<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> helped make this dream a reality for Paul. He has competed in various<br />

science fairs and STEM competitions such as I-SWEEP, ExxonMobil Texas State Science<br />

Fair, Junior Academy of Science at TAMU and Alamo Regional Science and Engineering<br />

Fair. Paul showcased his work in STEM in these competitions year after year, winning<br />

various awards, from a gold medal at I-SWEEP to Grand Prize at STEM science fair.<br />

Paul went on to attend the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, where he is a<br />

member of the Honors Program. He has been featured in UIW’s Taking Flight monthly<br />

newsletter and is currently pursuing a career in computer science. He has already begun<br />

working toward that goal, recently completing an internship with Anadarko Petroleum<br />

located in The Woodlands, TX. Congratulations on all your success Paul!

In Memoriam<br />

On Monday, <strong>December</strong> 7, <strong>2015</strong>, with a heavy heart, we shared the news of the passing of<br />

our colleague, Douglas N. Scott, Regional Director, South Central Region and ’89<br />

Dallas/Ft. Worth <strong>INROADS</strong> Alumnus. We celebrate Doug, his life and all of his<br />

contributions to our organization. He will truly be missed.<br />

Gifts and donations may be made to support Doug’s wife and soulmate Charlisa, and<br />

their two sons, Landon 11 and Cole 9.<br />

Gifts and Donations<br />

The Scott Family<br />

4600 Knoll Hollow Trail<br />

Plano, TX 75024

More than 200 Corporate Partners across the United States work with <strong>INROADS</strong> to<br />

secure summer internships for our students, which are critical to preparing for<br />

corporate leadership roles. Now, you can access job opportunities from<br />

those sponsors via <strong>INROADS</strong> PROS!<br />

<strong>INROADS</strong> PROS, an alumni community website, offers a host of opportunities in a wide<br />

variety of careers and locations. And, as an INROADer, you have a competitive<br />

advantage.<br />

If you see a job opportunity you like, submit your application. Put “<strong>INROADS</strong> Alumni”<br />

on your résumé. Select “<strong>INROADS</strong>” if there’s an option to indicate where you heard<br />

about this job opportunity.<br />

If you don’t see any job opportunities that interest you, please share PROS with others<br />

in your network and encourage them to select “<strong>INROADS</strong>” on the application as well.<br />

Check back with us periodically because we receive new job opportunities regularly.<br />

Click here to begin your search and good luck!

Professional Tips<br />

&<br />

Business Etiquette<br />

Six Steps to Remember in the Office<br />

Everyone Has a Role<br />

When dealing with your own employees, remember that every person in the<br />

company, from the CEO to the mail clerk, can affect every other person. All<br />

employees’ jobs are interconnected.<br />

Make Meetings Useful<br />

When a meeting is necessary, be mindful of other attendees’ schedules, and<br />

ensure that you are prepared with any materials or information needed for the<br />

meeting topic. Thank attendees for their contributions, and send out a written<br />

record of what was discussed, with action items.<br />

Prompt Communication<br />

When you receive a phone call or email, whether internally or from a client,<br />

respond to it in a timely manner. Even if the inquiry will take longer, a quick<br />

email or phone call to let the sender know that you're looking into the subject is<br />

going to be appreciated.<br />

Email Use<br />

The instant gratification of email can lead to careless use and unprofessional<br />

appearance. Take the same care in crafting email that you would for any<br />

published work, including spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization.<br />

Be specific, avoiding unclear questions or one-word answers.<br />

Respect Others’ Time<br />

When you need to interrupt someone, try to do it unobtrusively. Be polite and<br />

get to the point to allow him/her to get back to work quickly. Avoid interrupting<br />

meetings unless time is of importance.<br />

Timeliness<br />

When there is a time factor in anything business related, from a deadline for a<br />

project or a meeting set to begin, don't be late. It implies that you have things<br />

more pressing than your coworkers/clients, and more worthy of your attention.<br />

Tips Provided by: SmallBusiness.chron.com

Call : 866-398-3608<br />

Mail : alumnirelations@<strong>INROADS</strong>.org<br />

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