Enjoy Conceited Sensual Ride with Ladygra


Ladygra (Pink Viagra or Female Viagra) 100mg is most effective medicine to treating sensual dysfunction in females. Buy Ladygra 100 mg online from BuyMedicine247Online at discount prices.

Enjoy Conceited Sensual Ride with Ladygra

When any female face impotence problems, it may cause loss of self-esteem women may lose

their interest in performing intimacy session with their spouses and their happy married life

become a burden. Many females face intensely feel frustration, disappointment and

embarrassment due to loss of sexual desires. The sexual issue mainly occurs due to insufficient

amount of blood flow towards the pelvic region of women.

Why women drop their sexual craving?

Due to heavy workload, anxiety, cardiac disorder, emotional issues and injury in pelvic area lead

lack of concern during lovemaking. Gradually, female sexual dysfunction may become major

reasons of divorce, breakup and splitting of happy and healthy relations.

Sexual issues in females may include-

Lack of interest in sexual activity (low libido)

An incompetence to achieve a satisfactory orgasm or agreeable intercourse (deficiency of


Loss of regular functions of ovary of female after the age of 40 years.

Hence, to avoid all theses sexual issues, we have the best solution, i.e. Ladygra 100mg to boost

your low erotic desires and enhance your sexual drive. Other brands of Ladygra are Pink Viagra,

Womenra and Lady Viagra. It is an oral preparation for those females who face difficulty to

enjoy their lovemaking session.

Know about the working of Ladygra-

It is a very hopeful treatment for impotence females who have lost their desire of lovemaking

due to a multiple reasons. Generic Sildenafil citrate is an imperative element establish in


Sildenafil is a PDE type-5 inhibitor and it perk up the blood flow towards the pelvic organs of

women and widen their libido by the additional amount of blood. After the consumption of

Ladygra medication, feminine can readily augment their libido and sexual drive within one hour

and it also facilitate to enjoy the whole physical closeness with your spouse.

Ladygra frequently works in the pelvic district of women by relaxing the tissues and blood vessel

of the female reproductive system, consequently it dilates the blood vessels and permits more

amount of blood to the pelvic regions of ladies and stimulate your sexual longing.

Have dose of Ladygra properly-

Only one Ladygra tablet is sufficient for a whole night and their effective actions may remain up

to 5to6 hours, so you can enjoy the whole satisfactory journey of sexual interaction with your

spouse. Ladygra is available in the specific dose of 100mg. It is primarily meant for female’s

use. Gulp the whole tablet with a sufficient amount of water. It may be administered with or

without food but you have to escape the intake of fatty food just before or after the use of drug as

it may reduce the bioavailability rate of generic Sildenafil.

Don’t get Ladygra on a daily basis; it should be always taken before the planned

intimacy session.

Well recognized unpleasant effects of Ladygra-

More familiar unnecessary effects happen while using Ladygra like dyspepsia, stomach distress,

and annoyance, and tiredness, trouble in proper breathing, severe headache, and lack of appetite.

Activities should be strictly avoided as taking Ladygra-

Don’t get this preparation, if you have hypersensitivity towards generic Sildenafil citrate.

Avoid the use of alcohol along with this drug as it may cause severe drowsiness.

Grapefruit and its extracts should be strictly avoided along with this medication as it may

postpone the actions of the drug.

Girls below the age group of 18 years should not take this preparation.

Don’t get any drug which comes under the group of Anti-anginal like Isosorbide

mononitrate, Isosorbide dinitrate and nitroglycerine as they drop the blood pressure.

If female is suffering from cardiac, hepatic and renal dilemma then take this drug with

some cautions.

Buy Ladygra, Pink Viagra online to fulfill all the sexual needs of your spouse and satisfy your

spouse with your perfect sexual activity.

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