Nots & Crosses


Nots & Crosses is a graphic novel, illustrating the biography of Phoolan Devi (1963-2001), who was also known as the Queen Bandit of India, and is portrayed as the reincarnation of Ching Shih (1775-1844), the most dreaded female pirate of China. This narrative features re-contextualized and thought provoking quotes by famous personalities on the lives of these women, illuminating the issues pertaining to oppression and how the notion of being powerful and strong, somehow, came to mean “To be tough and brutal like a man.”
The title “Nots & Crosses” is based on how girls are not supposed to act a certain way and all the obstructions and barriers faced by these women, this is what the “Nots” represent and the crosses are for how they crossed over these prejudices and defined their own path despite of being restricted and told not to.

i unleashed the most brutal

set of curses on them,

leaving them speechless.

You broke the pot?! You’ve

been here for just a day and

you’re already such a pain!

!@#$%*!! %#*

%*#!@ $%#*!

I didn’t break it on purpose.

It broke and there is nothing

I can do about it.

how dare you be insolent

to my mother! go inside

the house, now!

Keep you sharp tongue

tucked inside! Just

wait till I tell your

husband! Putti Lal!


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