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Siovana el-Nashir - Final Project Booklet


REQUEST FOR INFORMATION References To learn more about Iraq’s educational system or how to help the rebuilding efforts, please complete and submit this form. Thank you! Education in Iraq, Email interview with Tamara Quinn, Generation Iraq, March 25, 2009. Harb, I. (2008). Higher education and the future of Iraq. United States Institute of Peace, Special Report, 195, Jan. 2008. Iraq Ministry of Education. (2004). Second national seminar on strategies and curriculum reform of the new education system. Reilly, C. (2009, April 19). We are starving for textbooks. McClatchy Newspapers. First name: Address: Last name: Saad, Q. (2006). Design education in Iraq: reflections on its emergence, development and contexts. ThinkCycle, Narratives in Design for Development, Digital Publication Library, May 2006. City: State: ZIP code: Tierney, J. (2003, October 1). The struggle for Iraq: education, Iraqi schools expelling ‘beloved Saddam’. New York Times. UNESCO IBE - World Data on Education, 6th edition – Iraq, March 2007. Wang, T. (2005). Education policy in post-Hussein Iraq. Harvard International Review, Energy, 26, 4, Winter 2005. Email address: I’d like to know more about: Images and clip art 121 Contact Iraq, Air Force Link, Black Anthem, Clip art, Day in a Life, Multinational Forces - Iraq, PBS, Spirit of America, Click here to submit your request: 10 11

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