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D A V I D G A R D N E R ’ S M A G A Z I N E • I S S U E T W O

As the magazine pages came together this year, a theme emerged: Stones. Not the kind of stones you would imagine for a jewelry store, but

rather the Milestones, Stepping Stones, Rolling Stones and Cornerstones; and okay, some Gemstones as well.

Milestones: Being grandparents is one of the greatest milestones of our lives. You might recognize our cover models, the true gems of our lives

— Logan and Piper. One of their favorite things to do is play in Coco’s treasure chest of jewelry. In fact, one of the first things Piper learned

to say was “I need a bracelet.”

Gemstones: Many milestones are celebrated with gemstones as you’ll see in Coco’s Collection on page 22. We’ll soon celebrate our 40th

anniversary — a miracle milestone for two polar opposites who have worked together for nearly 30 years!

Stepping Stones: The stepping stones to leadership in the American Gem Society were second nature — a quest for knowledge and getting

involved in the organization. Though David didn’t intentionally seek leadership, he’s honored to be President of a society that upholds ethics

and education in our industry.

Rolling Stones: It has been said, “A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish.” In today’s world if you’re not constantly moving

forward, you will soon become irrelevant. Our trip to Italy provided a look into the future of jewelry trends which we’re happy to share

on page 6.

Many blessings to all of you — the cornerstones in our lives,

Julia and David

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issue 2

D A V I D G A R D N E R ’ S M A G A Z I N E



The world’s most recognizable watch brand

1 Welcome from Julia and David

6 Our Italian Adventure

8 One-of-a-Kind Roberto Coin

10 DG Events & Happenings

12 Tailgating in the SEC

14 A New Prez in Town

16 Colorful Marco Bicego

18 The Mastery of Rolex

22 Coco’s Collection

28 DG Style Studio

32 DG Custom Design

34 The Armenta Mystique

38 DG Proposals

40 A New Kind of Love

42 How to Buy a Diamond

48 DG’s Anthology




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Vence Vida • Production Manager

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p8 Roberto Coin


© D. YURMAN 2012


Julia with Roberto Coin and Peter Webster

at Roberto's home in Vicenza, Italy.

David & Julia in Italy


It didn’t take long to accept an all expense paid trip, as the guest of the President of

VicenzaOro, to the Italian jewelry trade show. The opportunity was invaluable. Along

with 25 other American jewelry retailers we started our trip

in Cortina, nestled in the Dolomite Mountains. Winding our

way through miles and miles of breathtaking views and vineyards,

we traveled to Verona and Vicenza. Once in Vicenza,

we attended VicenzaOro for several days, seeing a mind

bending number of pieces of exquisite jewelry. While we

were there, we also had the honor of being dinner guests of

Pilar and Roberto Coin, in their home in Vicenza.


Our education was a combination of formal and informal.

We were all treated to a presentation of jewelry trends for

2014. I couldn’t take notes fast enough to capture it all, but

getting to hear about what to expect and then to get to see

examples of it at VicenzaOro was priceless.

Julia and David with a few of the

other retailers who had traveled

from the US.

The informal training was ongoing throughout the week, as

we met with our fellow travelers multiple times each day,

eagerly sharing what we each saw and learned — pieces that

were a must see and other trend spottings. There were over

1600 designers at the show, so it was extremely helpful to

have feedback from 25 others stores.

Awe Inspiring Jewelry

It was a true treasure hunt. Not only were many of the recognizable

designers there, but with pieces you can only see in

Italy; there were thousands of companies, with jewelry that

took your breath away. (Yep, still dreaming about some of


To summarize — innovative creativity that is exquisitely and

beautifully executed; a blending of the technology and best

techniques in unique and creative craftsmanship.

Julia in front of the VicenzaOro sign.

Bringing the Love Home to You

In spite of being overwhelmed by the beauty of Italy, the jewelry

and the people, the most important question we kept

addressing was “how is this relevant to our clients”?

Being able to do on site research in the jewelry fashion capital

of the world allows us to be more savvy buyers. Knowing

the trends two years in advance, prepared us to know what to

look for and then be able to ask the right questions. So, when

you are ready to celebrate an occasion or add to your jewelry

wardrobe, we’ll not only have the right product mix, but

more confidence in helping you make your selection.


Julia and David with Roberto

Ditri, President of Fiera di

Vicenza, International Gold

and Jewelry Show.




Necklace in 18k gold with

gemstones from the Roberto Coin

Shanghai collection.

When Roberto Coin began to design and produce jewelry

in 1977 on behalf of some of the most prestigious international

brands of fine jewelry, he found himself quickly becoming

one of the most sought-after designers in the business. He

eventually launched his own brand in 1996, and has never

looked back. Coin’s quirky yet elegant style, combined with

the highest standards of craftsmanship, not to mention his

winning personality and warmth, have brought him loyal

admirers from around the world.

“Luxury is a complicated challenge in this more complicated

world. Every person has his own idea of what luxury

really means. In the end, it might be as simple as doing whatever

you want, whenever you want, as long as it pleases you

and all the people that you care about.”

Roberto Coin Shanghai

bracelet in 18k yellow gold

with gemstones.


Among his latest creations — for people who

wear “what they want” — is a line called the Dragon

collection, designed in honor of the Chinese New

Year. It was inspired by ancient Chinese legend —

these bewitching serpents are symbols of good fortune

and passion. The collection includes a sublime

mix of imagination, elegance and technique, illuminated

by diamonds, enamel and rubies that are cleverly

positioned as enchanting eyes.

Bracelet and ring in 18k gold, diamonds and

enamel from the Dragon collection.

Bangles in 18k woven gold with

diamonds from the Primavera

collection by Roberto Coin.

Also new is the Shanghai collection,

inspired by Asian culture. The collection uses a

unique melange of vibrant hues that provide

the must-have ‘pop of color’ essential to every

woman’s wardrobe this season. By mixing an

array of gold colors with peridot, iolite, topaz

and diamonds, alongside a myriad of sleek

shapes, Roberto Coin has once again achieved

a look that is both contemporary and timeless.

The Primavera collection, introduced last

year, has also been refreshed with some new

bangles in 18k yellow, white or rose woven

gold, with a ring of diamonds. These bracelets

can be worn singly or stacked. Gemstones have

been added to the collection this year as well,

for another great pop of color.


events @ david gardner’s

2013 Student Advisory Council

David Gardner’s Student Advisory Council is comprised

of young Aggie men and women representing a variety of

majors, organizations, interests, and leadership skills. Each

month, they come to David Gardner’s to advise the marketing

department on the best

practices related to interacting

with the student market.

Armenta Launch

DG welcomed one of our newest

jewelry designers, Houston-based

Armenta, with a “Made in America”


BV Food Bank

David Gardner’s was honored to

host an event supporting the Brazos

Valley Food Bank. Because Hunger

Won’t Wait, their expansion project will more than triple

the amount of dry food storage and increase the amount

of crucial storage space for fresh and frozen food by five


Diamond Dash

Over 600 men and women came out for this year’s DG

Diamond Dash in hopes of winning the coveted Precision

Set diamond engagement Ring!

David Yurman Trunk Show


Our “Made in NY, Loved in CS” trunk show not only brought new and exciting pieces from

New York to College Station, but also gave us an opportunity to team up with Charli’s to show

how to wear the latest fashions in College Station!

events @ david gardner’s

Roberto Coin Holiday Party

Nothing says Happy Holiday like

friends, family and Roberto Coin

under the tree!

Insite Magazine Launch

Reluctant cover model, Julia Gardner, was honored to be featured on

the cover of Insite Magazine’s “Jewels in our Community” issue. It was

only natural to kick off the issue with an event featuring many of the

great philanthropic organizations in our community!

Ol’ Ags Check Presentation

The fine young men of Ol’ Ags work

hard throughout the year to raise money for their philanthropy,

Head Start. This year they donated $10,000 on top

of the hours they spent volunteering for the program.

Junior League Preview Party

Once Upon a Time there was an organization of wonderful hardworking women who dedicated countless resources to make our community

a better place for women and children. David Gardner’s is proud of our partnership with the Junior League of B-CS and were honored to

help them reveal this year’s Charity Ball Theme: Once Upon A Time: an enchanted evening with the Junior League!



news @ david gardner’s

David with Ruth Batson,

American Gem Society CEO

at AGS Conclave.

David Gardner, class of ’78, has always demonstrated a

superior commitment to ethics, education and consumer

protection. This year, Gardner celebrates his 40th year in

the jewelry industry with an election to lead the nation’s elite jewelry stores towards

the same commitment.

The partnership of an Aggie jeweler and a

professional organization committed to the

highest ethical standards is one that would seem

to most, a perfect fit. David Gardner is that

Aggie jeweler, yet he remains humbled by his

election as president of the prestigious

American Gem Society (AGS).

AGS is a professional association in the jewelry

industry composed of the top 5% of jewelry

stores who have proven their compliance

with the organization’s strict standards while

demonstrating a superior commitment to ethics,

education and consumer protection. Only 1,200

of 26,000 jewelry stores in the country have

met the organization’s requirements for membership.

After many years as an active member,

Gardner will now head the organization that

leads the industry. A dual celebration, this new

role coincides with Gardner’s celebration of 40

years in the jewelry industry, starting out at the

age of 16.

David’s tireless work on

behalf of AGS is well known

to our members, as is the

unique and fresh approach

he has brought to the retail

jewelry world, best exemplified

by his industry-leading

efforts with his College

Station store,” said Ruth

Batson, CEO and executive

director of AGS. “One thing

I know for sure, it is going to

be an exciting and progressive

time under his leadership

for the next two years

and we know great things lie

ahead for AGS.”

Keeping consumers informed and helping

them make educated decisions is on the top of

Gardner’s list of priorities which include industry

hot topics such as: inconsistency in diamond

certificates, disclosure of synthetic gemstones

and diamonds and responsible sourcing for diamonds,

gemstones and metals.

“I love the rich heritage and tradition of

being a jeweler, but I also like to break out of

the box to keep our industry fresh and relevant

in an ever-changing world,” said Gardner.

“Jewelry is a language that is universal and I am

eager to devote myself to this unique opportunity.”






Every piece of this designer’s

jewelry is hand finished,

with up to 10 specialists

working on a single piece

18k gold Murano

necklace with mixed

semi precious stones.

Marco Bicego’s lifelong passion for jewelry design has

been nurtured over the years by various influences, from his

childhood surroundings (his father was a master jeweler) to

exotic travel destinations, such as Jaipur, India, (the “pink”

city) which inspired the outstanding Jaipur collection.


18k hand engraved gold

Siviglia Sapphire bracelet.

This year, Bicego renews the Africa collection, a tribute to the

magnificent untamed nature of Africa, with Africa Pavé, marrying

his signature 18k gold boule shape with paved white sapphires.

The collection plays with the shapes, finishes and configurations

of the ball shape, linking these 18k gold pebble-like

balls together in anywhere up to five graduated strands. The earrings

are especially spectacular, with sapphire-set boules dangling

luxuriously on long chains. Every surface of gold on a

Marco Bicego piece is hand finished.

New in the Jaipur collection this year are thinly cut, opaque

colored sapphires, faceted on each side. The look is luxurious and

understated at the same time, combining the brand’s rich Italian

heritage of classic silhouettes with vivid sapphires, resulting in a

unique collection of organic-inspired, wearable pieces. For the

Jaipur Sunset collection, Marco Bicego developed his own

faceted cut. All of the gems in this collection have been hand

selected, including the pieces that are set with mother-of-pearl.

The vibrant, colors and patterns of Venetian glass are another

inspiration, leading to the Murano collection of gemstone jewelry,

a tribute to the glassmaking village of Murano, located off the

shore of Venice. A fusion of vivid gemstones, including London

blue topaz and amethyst together, comprise the palette. With no

two cuts exactly the same, the 18k gold and gemstones blend

together to create pieces evocative of the Venetian buildings,

exuding character, charm and individuality while staying

true to their Italian heritage. In this collection, Bicego

uses rectangular shapes, in both the gold beads and

gemstones, for the first time ever, to stunning effect.

The “waterfall” style earrings in this collection are

particularly luxurious, with long, cascading drops

that graze the shoulder in shapes that resemble

elongated sculptures.

Every designer has collections that represent a

brand’s signature style – Marco Bicego introduces

six to eight new collections each year – but the top

designers also work like artists, creating one-of-a-kind pieces

that explore the limits of their creativity and knowledge of goldsmithing.

This year, the designer introduced several one-of-akind

creations priced in the $20,000 - $30,000 category. The

main characteristic of the collection of one-off pieces is a

predilection for organic and harmonious forms and combinations

of dramatic matte-colored sapphires, tourmaline and aquamarine.

The earrings and rings in this limited edition collection

are unrepeatable, inimitable and unconventional: highly exclusive

masterpieces of craftsmanship.

Bicego’s designs are more than just aesthetically pleasing. The

designer is also attentive to the ergonomics of design; he

believes his jewelry must be wearable and comfortable. The

bangles, for example, are flexible, which means they move with

the wearer like a second skin during the course of the day’s

activities. “Our jewelry is meant to be worn every day – not

saved in the jewelry box for that “special occasion. I love seeing

how my clients interpret the Marco Bicego style, and how they

layer pieces.”

Gold earrings from the Murano

collection by Marco Bicego.

18k hand engraved gold

Siviglia Sapphire earrings.





the mastery of

Complex construction and new

technology ensure the makers of

the Oyster Perpetual stay on top


Rolex’s reputation as the world’s number-one watch brand is based on a solid foundation of

performance and innovation. The brand has pioneered some of the most important developments

in watchmaking, including the introduction of the Oyster, the world’s first water-resistant

watch in 1926, and the Perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism, which Rolex developed in

1931. The company has filed more than 400 patents in the course of its history.

Top: The Rolex Deepsea Challenge.

Bottom: James Cameron descends into

the Marianna Trench with a Rolex strapped

to the outside of his submersible.


Rolex Sky-Dweller.

Some of those patents are connected to the company’s dedication to water-resistance even in the deepest

depths of the ocean. Earlier this year, filmmaker and ocean explorer James Cameron took a Rolex along with him

when he touched down at the deepest point in the world’s oceans – about 11,000 meters (36,100 feet) (seven

miles) – in the Mariana Trench. True to its passion for underwater exploration, Rolex took an active part in the

expedition, in partnership with National Geographic. The brand attached an experimental watch to the outside

of the one-man submarine, on the manipulator arm, while Cameron himself wore a Rolex Deepsea. Both watches

and Cameron emerged unscathed. It was the first attempt in 52 years to reach the Challenger Deep, the deepest

point of the Mariana Trench, southwest of the island of Guam; Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard and U.S.

Navy lieutenant Don Walsh touched bottom in January 1960 in a submersible. Rolex tested a watch on that dive

too, which descended to 10,916 meters.

The experimental watch, the Rolex Deepsea Challenge, is 51.4mm in diameter and 28.5mm thick, and was engineered

with Rolex’s patented three-piece Ringlock case architecture, anchored by a nitrogen-alloyed stainless-steel

support ring. The ring is placed inside the middle case made of 904L stainless steel, a super-alloy, and supports a

14.3mm thick domed sapphire crystal made of high-purity aluminum oxide, as well as a 5.3mm screw-down case

back made of grade-five titanium. The Rolex Deepsea Challenge is an experimental version of the Rolex Deepsea.

It embodies the heritage and technical and watchmaking know-how accumulated by the brand, notably with its

diving watches. They include the iconic Submariner, which was introduced in 1953 with a depth rating of 200

meters (660ft) and the Sea-Dweller, which was unveiled in 1967 with a depth rating of 610 meters (2,000 feet).

In 2008, the Rolex Deepsea was introduced with an even greater depth rating of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet).


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II.

As a maker of all its

own movements, Rolex

has also been at the

forefront of advances in

component technology.

As a maker of all its own movements, Rolex has

also been at the forefront of advances in component

technology. Most of its watches are now fitted with

Parachrom hairsprings, which are 10-times more precise

than a traditional hairspring. The new Sky-

Dweller, with 14 patents, is another example of

Rolex innovation and is the latest addition to the

Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection. It contains a new

movement, caliber 9001, with a high-tech Parachrom

hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers, and features

a dual time zone. Local time is indicated via the center

hands and a 24-hour track read on a rotating offcenter

disc indicates the reference time in a second

time zone. The hour can be set either forwards or

backwards. Changing the local time does not affect

the minute and seconds hands, or the reference time.

The watch is also an annual calendar, with a date

indication that requires only one adjustment per year

– when the month changes from February to March.

The month is displayed by means of 12 discreet apertures

placed just above each numeral. Local time, reference

time and date functions are selected using the

bezel, which is engineered with the Rolex Ring

Command adjustment system. The heart of this

mechanism is a double cam and levers that engage

various gear trains inside the movement. The date is

linked to local time and changes within a few milliseconds

at midnight.

Case components represent another area of innovation

for Rolex. The Cosmograph Daytona, for

example, is available in Everose gold with a

Cerachrom bezel made from a tough, corrosionresistant

and high-tech ceramic that is developed inhouse

by Rolex. The hour markers on the bezel are

created using a special PVD process whereby magnetron

sputtering is used to deposit a fine layer of

rose gold. In fact, the company also alloys its own

gold. Yellow, white or Everose gold are then stamped

and machined into cases at the Rolex manufacture in

Switzerland and used to make bracelets.


Rolex has not forgotten

the ladies in this flourish

of innovation.

Rolex has not forgotten the ladies in this flourish of innovation. The

company’s Datejust collection, in both the 26mm and 31mm size, offers

a shimmering “Gold Crystals” dial, created using a proprietary technique

in which a gold dial is chemically treated to reveal its natural crystal

structure. Other models in the collection feature applied floral motifs

produced using a patented electroforming technique involving a deposition

of either rhodium, yellow gold or pink gold over a pattern created

from a metal plate. All of the work on these dials, including the diamond

setting, takes place at Rolex’s Chêne-Bourg site, near Geneva — one of

four Rolex manufacturing sites, all in Switzerland. This facility is home to

the brand’s in-house gemology department and houses all Rolex activities

linked to dial creation and manufacture, including jewelry and gem


Rolex watches are sold only through authorized retailers in order to

guarantee the quality and authenticity of Rolex watches.

Left: Rolex Lady Datejust, with applied floral motifs.

Right: The Rolex Lady Datejust with an electroplated gold dial.





dg style



DG Styling Experts Reveal the Trends


Why we love them:

These necklaces beautifully blend three strong jewelry trends - black diamonds, baroque pearls,

and long chains - with a classic look. We thank Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, for bringing

classy back in style.

How to wear them:

They are the definition of versatile – double them and combine them with your pearls strands to

create an updated classic look. Double them and clip on your favorite statement pendant. Wear

them long or layer with your long chains or long layers of pearls.

Baroque necklaces: $5,200-$6,200



dg style

It’s a fact; women change their earrings more than

any other pieces of jewelry.

Why we love them:

We don’t have to jump through HOOPS to convince you that

hoops are a jewelry wardrobe essential. These Armenta blackened

metal with gold accents hoops communicate that you are a woman

willing to step into the future. They reflect the elegance of black

and gold yet are made for daily wear.

Armenta hoops:


teardrop earrings: $1,500

Why we love them:

The key words here are slimming and flattering – and you don’t

have to count a single calorie. The universally becoming color of

sodalite blue, set in elongating teardrop shape, will brighten and

slim every face. The movement of the dangle is an added flattering


How to wear them:

How to wear them:

The gold accents make them a home run with your entire yellow

gold jewelry wardrobe. They are a strong fashion statement that

can be worn alone or with long yellow gold and black layered

necklaces. Stacked bracelets and bands would definitely bring the

look together.

Admit it; some of us still have our lapis strands, from “back in the

day”. We recommend recycling them into a multi-strand bracelet.

If you have small pendants that you don’t wear anymore, consider

stringing them into the lapis bracelet. If you want to wear a necklace,

keep it long and light. If you don’t have lapis beads – David

Yurman makes an awesome lapis bead bracelet. If you want to

dress up your overall look – add in yellow diamond or sapphires.

DG Sliced intro earrings: $7,200

Why we love them:

They’re a DG original and one-of-a kind! Need we say more? If you insist - the

colors in these sliced gemstones are intense enough to be noticed and neutral

enough to brighten any ensemble. Diamond accents add a hint of glam.

How to wear them:

Feel free to let these earrings be the anchor of your whole jewelry and wardrobe

ensemble – mix with other color pieces in the same color range, as appropriate for

the occasion. We’re not going to say that they can be worn to the gym, but how

haute would you look with a crisp white shirt and jeans? Our customers, who typically

love fashion, tell us they feel just as comfortable wearing dramatic elongated

earrings for casual and daywear as for evening.

dg style

Armenta ring stack:

bands starting at $560

Armenta bangles:$645 and up


Why we love them:

Meet the Multitaskers: The ability to update the

look of any ring, especially your wedding ring by

stacking on some bands is practically magical – you

might have to see it to believe it. We love that

bands play up versatility in a personal way.

How to wear them:

Add some drama with blackened metals or black

diamonds, match your wardrobe with color, add

some bling with diamonds and add them all!

Endless possibilities – the only rule is that you feel


Why we love them:

Stacking bracelets has hit full stride, in fact, it’s here to stay. What puts it in first

place is the fun you can have creating your own visually arresting mix. Most

women have been known to gesture with their hands, causing stacked bracelets to

separate and create movement and space and even their own jingle.

How to wear them:

Permission to give MIXED MESSAGES! Mix metals, colors, textures to express

your own style. Jewelry should help express your personality. Even the understated

minimalist wants her jewelry to make a statement - Add a bracelet with a classic

watch and it instantly makes the whole look a little more hip

Why we love them:

Wide cuffs evoke a sense of drama with simplicity. The width is perfect to wear

solo. Even the minimalist, who prefers no fuss and clean lines, wants to make a

statement. Cuffs add a purposeful, energetic and powerful

statement to your wardrobe.

How to wear them:

Alone or stacked with bangles. One

of our favorite mixers is high and

low. Wear a cuff with your pave’

set diamond bracelet. It adds

glamour to an already bold statement.

5th Season cuffs: $1,254


dg style

DG pendant: $11,250

Why we love it:

The contrast of the black metal surrounding the

labradorite (blue) gives the color a unique intensity. It

glows with a translucent, other worldly blue.

Blackened metals highlight high karat gold. This piece

says that you pay attention to detail

How to wear it:

This ring is designed for everyday wear, but can be

dressed up by stacking diamond bands around it.

Stacked bracelets with black and gold accents are a

must with this ring. We would even stack in a lapis

bead bracelet.


You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear these pieces!

The key is confidence and we’ll help you get there!

Styling a statement piece for everyday wardrobe may take a

little convincing, but it’s worth the effort. Remember when you

wouldn’t wear white after Labor Day?

Armenta pear ring: $2,690

Why we love it:

It is a daring eye opener that says, “go big or go home.” The nearly

80 carat citrine, accented with diamonds is a rich, neutral color that

can be worn with any color. It’s extravagant elegance that will pop.

How to wear it:

No one will argue that the wearer of this projects confidence. It

can be worn on a choker length gold chain for a stunning,

dressy look, but don’t be afraid to wear it on

a long chain for a more casual look. If boho chic

is more your style, thread a ribbon through

an open link chain, add the pendant for a

pop of drama. Go ahead, I dare you.

RC ring: $7,000

Why we love it:

Big and glam focal color rings. This Roberto Coin citrine and yellow

gold ring is a classic example of exquisite Italian design and

execution, blending trends into an easy to wear, statement making

piece. Mother Nature continues to influence jewelry as evidences

with the floral design embracing around the citrine.

How to wear it:

The neutral color of the citrine allows you to

glam it up all buy itself or layer on gold

bracelets to create an attention-getting

synergy. It’s rare, but in this case, for a

less dramatic look, we would recommend

toning down necklaces and earrings.


Old World oval shield drop

earring on Yellow Gold huggie

with diamonds.

Armenta Old World enhancers

and chains.

Emily Armenta was inspired to create jewelry when, as a little girl learning about gemstones,

her imagination was sparked. Later in life, when she was in business school in 2002, she

decided to turn her passion into an occupation. “I come from a family of artists so I was introduced

to beautiful works of art at a very young age,” she says. “Designing jewelry is in my blood

and has been my vehicle to express my creativity, thoughts and emotions.”

Armenta specializes in combinations of 18k and 22k gold

combined with “midnight” oxidized sterling silver with diamonds

and gemstones. It is this unique, modern approach to

jewelry design that defines her signature look. Armenta even

mixes her own gold to acquire her own perfect color. For the

fall 2012 season, the brand has introduced two new stones —

Boulder opal, a vivid blue/green stone with play of color, and

sugelite with white quartz, designed as doublets.

Old World round labradorite and

diamond ring on Old World

eternity diamond band.


Midnight and 18k yellow gold stack ring with pear

shaped blue mother of pearl and diamonds on a double

cravelli band stacked with Old World diamond wide

cravelli band ring with Yellow Gold Cravelli crosses.

“Duende is a power and not a

behavior; it is a struggle and not a

concept, a force that is irrational and

intuitive; spiritually connected to the

earth and quintessentially Spanish.”

Her striking, feminine designs combine the romantic passion of

Spanish poetry with a modern approach to handcrafted jewelry.

The inspiration behind many of Armenta’s designs are taken from

the works of the renowned Spanish poet, Fedrico Garcia Lorca.

When stumbling upon his works, she was immediately moved by

his passion and understanding of the power of creativity in all its

forms, especially in the way of duende, a Spanish concept that

refers to the spirit of unpredictable passions that surges within us,

and how it manifests itself as a creative force. “Duende is a power

and not a behavior; it is a struggle and not a concept, a force that

is irrational and intuitive; spiritually connected to the earth and

quintessentially Spanish.”

Designs often come to Armenta at night or in dreams. “I strive

to push the boundaries and attempt the unexpected,” she says. “I

love working with different materials that are rarely seen in the

industry. I believe in unleashing the creative force within. Like a

painter, I explore working with and mixing many different metals

and stones to create a beautiful work of art.”

Moonstone is used in many pieces of her jewelry. This gem is

believed to bring good fortune, to enhance passion, and balance the

yin and yang and is said to protect women and children. In early

times, it was believed that one could see the future if the stone was

held in the mouth during a full moon.

Yellow gold and blackened Armenta

Old World bangle bracelets.



eautiful moments


Mallory + Beau

Mallory and I met at A&M, and after dating for 4 years I knew that I

wanted to ask her the big question on my mind. I played basketball for

A&M and then decided to pursue it professionally, which led both of us

to the place of my proposal— Australia.

On the morning of the proposal we started the day just like any

other. While Mallory thought I was doing my usual morning walk in the

water, I actually went to my favorite spot on the beach where the proposal

would take place. In essence of time, I frantically started building

the sand sculpture with the only tool I could find, my sandal.

As soon as I finished, I ran back to get Mallory. She was looking

everywhere for her camera, but I had scouted out one of my buddies to

take pictures of the proposal, so I knew exactly where the camera was. I

assured her we would go back to the Mexican restaurant we ate at the

night before to search for it. Finally turning the attention from her camera

to the “thing” I found, we started walking towards the beach. She

asked questions the entire way there but all I heard myself saying was, “I don’t know what it is. I’ve been trying to figure it

out. You need to see it.” I led her to my favorite spot on the beach and showed it to her. The heart I sculpted with “Will

you marry me?” written inside was in the sand. She was completely surprised. Then, I got down on one knee, opened the

box with her ring inside and asked her to marry me. Of course, she said yes.

Chris + Andrea

The day had finally arrived that I would ask Andrea to marry me! It

took me a while to figure out the perfect way to ask her but when I came

up with it, I knew there was no way she would see it coming. Andrea’s

best friend Crystal and her husband, Will, were coming to Texas to visit.

With some background planning, I had Crystal suggest to Andrea that we

go to Sea World in San Antonio— Andrea loves Sea World.

The night before we went to Sea World, Andrea ironically brought

up the topic of marriage proposal but I quickly changed the subject. I

just thought to myself, "If only she knew what was taking place

tomorrow!" The morning arrived, and I was starting to get nervous

because it was the day I was going to ask Andrea to marry me. In order

for everything to fall into place, we had to get to the dolphin cove,

Andrea’s favorite exhibit. Once we got to Sea World, Will and I

immediately went to talk with the head dolphin trainer, who helped

make my plan successful. Luckily, Andrea was so glued to the

dolphins that she didn’t even realize it. A short time after, Crystal

went to talk to Andrea and the head trainer sat a huge bucket of fish

right next to her. This completely caught Andrea off guard and

almost spoiled the proposal, but luckily the excitement of the dolphins erased any

suspicions away. As I began to get down on one knee Andrea took a step forward and did not see me. I was on my knee

for about 15 seconds before Andrea finally noticed me holding a ring right next to her! At first, she jumped back about 6 feet and started

crying. She then came close enough for me to ask her to marry me. Through the tears, she nodded and eventually was able to get a soft "yes!”

I knew from that moment on I would definitely get to spend the rest of my life with her. I was the happiest man in the park that day!


eautiful moments

Rhen + Michael

Michael and Rhen’s friendship began when they met August 12,

2002, over 10 years ago on the first day of 7th grade. 3 years later they

went on their first date. That same year both coincidentally ended up

spending spring break with their families In Destin, Florida. On March

15th 2005 they walked barefoot along the beach under a full moon and

shared their first kiss. Michael told Rhen he loved her for the first time

on September 6, 2005 and they spent the next 7 years through high

school and college falling deeper in love.

For Christmas this year Michael gave Rhen a wedding planner with

the comment, “I figured you’d be needing this in the near future.”

Michael avoided proposal suspicion on February 11, 2012 when they

went to Messina Hoff Winery to celebrate Michael’s 22nd birthday.

Afterward, Michael suggested they walk the property to see if they

would like to return during the day. While exploring the Messina Hoff

grounds under the moon Michael led Rhen to a lake. There he had

spent the previous day hauling truckfulls of sand and constructing a

handmade beach against a section of the water. As they approached Rhen initially thought

there was a lit dock, but soon discovered sand lined with candles and covered in seashells. Michael requested they both

remove their shoes and they walked together in the sand barefoot under the moon. Against the water sat the ring in a bronze

DG box, Michael hit a knee and asked Rhen to marry him. Rhen quickly joined him as she fell to her own knees, buried her

face in her hands overwhelmed, and said, “Yes.”


Page + Rhett

We actually have a fun story about our first visit to David

Gardner's! A couple of years ago, during our fall semester in 2009,

David Gardner’s hosted a “Diamond Cutting Demo.” The Geology

department at Texas A&M was invited, and being science majors,

Rhett and I decided to attend. We had a blast! David Gardner even

took a few of us into the back to see the gem collection and we were

blown away.

Rhett and I had only been dating a few months and hadn't really

breached the topic of marriage. But, we spent some time with the

DG staff and the passion was contagious. I told Rhett that we

absolutely had to come back for my engagement ring— three years

later, David still remembered us!

Rhett worked with Lauren throughout the whole process and she was amazing. I have the most beautiful ring I've ever

seen and Rhett can spit the specs out like no one's business! When we were ready to order our wedding bands, I brought a

picture of a man’s wedding band with his wife’s fingerprint etched inside of the band. Although nothing had been done like

it before at DG, the staff was willing to research and try something new. A few weeks later we started the process and Chris,

DG shop manager, started taking wax casts of my fingerprint. After trial and error, Chris decided to use a computer program

to digitize and etch my fingerprint into the ring. It worked perfectly!

Rhett and I love small, personal touches, so it meant a lot to us that the staff at David Gardner’s was willing to work

hard to give us exactly what we wanted! We love the passion at David Gardner’s and it truly shows in every piece of jewelry.


love @ david gardner’s

David Gardner’s Presents a New Kind of


You found it. The perfect ring for that perfect

person. Now it’s time to show it some DG

LOVE. It's hard to imagine anything harming

the impeccable condition of a wedding band or

engagement ring the first time it’s put on, but

the reality is that daily wear alters the condition

of all jewelry, including those most important

to us.

In response to this issue, David Gardner’s

Jewelers launched a unique program called

DG Love which David Gardner says includes

"a yearly ring refurbishing called spa service

that keeps your ring looking new among other

complimentary services and preventative safety

measures." During this required yearly checkup,

we will examine prongs, check for loose

stones and take other preventative measures to

keep you confident that your ring is always in

perfect condition. If we come across any issues

during your ring’s spa service, we will gladly

repair them at no charge to you. In addition to

spa service for your ring, David Gardner’s

promises expedited service for all DG rings.

“Nobody wants to be without their ring and

we understand that.”

DG Love has been in the works at David

Gardner’s for some time now. “Our research

found that no other program can compare to

it. DG service goes far beyond the day you buy

the ring and it’s how we thank our customers

for trusting us with something so important.”


The DG LOVE program is a 10 year program that is complimentary to you with your

David Gardner’s Jewelers engagement ring or wedding band purchase.

Yearly Spa Service

Makes your ring look new again & allows us to take preventative measures to protect

stones etc.

• Re-Sizing

• Re-Rhodium Plating

• Prong Retipping

• Stone Tightening

• Polish and Clean

• Melee replacement*

You can also be completely assured that your ring will not leave our store during any

needed repairs. Our full-service shop is the heart of the store and our trained jewelers

seek perfection in even the most minor repairs. They will explain and walk you through

any repairs that will be done to your ring.

*Melee covered in this program includes .10 ct. diamonds or smaller. This covers most

diamonds in wedding sets excluding center stones.

Priority Status

Nobody likes going without their wedding ring, especially when it’s from David

Gardner’s, so when we have your ring you can be confident that it will be a high priority

and be serviced as soon as possible.

100% Diamond Upgrade Commitment

When the diamond of your dreams doesn’t fit into your budget, don’t fret. Every DG

diamond comes with our 100% trade value promise meaning that every dollar paid

towards your DG diamond will be applied to your upgrade no matter how many years

later it is.


View the entire collection at heartsonfire.com



Like snowflakes, every diamond is different and each one is beautiful in its own

right. Diamonds, however, can be graded according to carat size, clarity, color, and

cut. It is the particular combination of these elements that comes into play when

you set out to buy the right diamond for you. Each of these factors, alone and combined

has an impact on a diamond’s value.

Carat size: The larger the diamond, the higher the price, as they are valued

primarily on carat size. Larger diamonds are rarer than smaller ones and therefore

the price per carat rises exponentially with the size of the diamond.

Clarity: This refers to the presence of flaws within a diamond. Marks on

the surface are called blemishes. Internal marks are called inclusions. The

amount, type, size and placement of these imperfections can diminish a

diamond’s value — if they are in the center of a diamond, this has a greater

effect on light return, for example, than if they are off to the side. The

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) clarity scale, the industry standard,

contains 11 grades: Flawless (FL), Internally Flawless (IF), Very, Very Slightly

Included (VVS1 and VVS2), Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2), Slightly

Included (SI1 and SI2), and Included (I1, I2 and I3).

Transcend Dream

Engagement Ring by

Hearts on Fire.

Engagement rings from the

Venetian Collection by Verragio.


No inclusions or

blemishes are visible

to a skilled grader

using 10x


Exceptionally rare.



No inclusions and

only blemishes are

visible to a skilled

grader using 10x






Inclusions are

difficult for a skilled

grader to see under

10x magnification.




Inclusions are

clearly visible under

10x magnification

but can be

characterized as





Inclusions are

noticeable to a

skilled grader using

10x magnification.


(I1, I2, AND I3)

Inclusions are

obvious under

10x magnification

and may affect

transparency and



Engagement rings from the Tiara, Luminaire and Heaven's

Gates Collections by Scott Kay.

Color: The closer a diamond is to being colorless, the higher

the grade. GIA’s color grading scale for diamonds, the industry

standard, starts with the letter “D” (colorless) and continues,

with increasing presence of color, to the letter Z.

Cut: Some experts believe cut has the biggest impact on a

diamond’s beauty. Cut reflects the quality of a stone’s proportions,

symmetry and polish, which combine to create a high

amount of light return, sparkle and/or fire – there is no single

ideal set of proportions, however certain minimum standards of

excellence come into play when assessing a stone’s roundness,

depth, width, uniformity of facets and quality of finish. The

American Gem Society (AGS) diamond cut grading system

ranks round brilliant stones (the most common cut) on a scale

from 0-10. According to the system, 0 is “ideal” and 10 is “poor.”

The GIA diamond cut grading system ranks cut for round brilliant

diamonds on the following scale: “excellent,” “very good,”

“good,” “fair” and “poor.” Ideal or excellent cuts reflect most or all

of the light that enters a diamond back to the eye; therefore, they

are considered top-of-the-line, and will command the highest

prices. A poorly cut diamond is one in which its proportions

cause light to be reflected out through the sides or bottom

(pavilion) of the stone.


When a diamond is cut too shallow, light escapes out the bottom. When it is cut too deep, light escapes out

the sides of the pavilion. When it is cut to idea proportions, light is returned out the table or top of a diamond.


Your proposal

is the most intimate conversation

you’ll ever have.

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Different types of cuts can affect a diamond in various ways. One cut

might produce more sparkle or “scintillation,” and others might create more

light return. Another cut might create fire — that is, it returns the light in a

way that produces a spectrum of color. This is where personal preference

comes into play. Although light return is usually highly valued according to

most grading systems, some people prefer fire, others scintillation. This is the

variable that factors in when it comes to branded diamonds. Hearts on Fire

and Lazare Kaplan, for example, cut their diamonds to certain standards of

excellence and to achieve certain effects.

Although diamonds are graded by very strict standards, each one is unique,

and the only way to truly compare two stones is to look at them side by side.

If you consult David Gardner’s Jewelers, you should have no trouble finding

the diamond of your dreams — one with the size and quality you desire, in a

price range you can afford.

Engagement rings from the Petite Flush Fit

Collection by Precision Set.

Engagement rings from the Bella

Vita Collection by Ritani.


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