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WHITE WINE 125mls 175mls 250mls Bottle

House ~ Gio Bianco Italy £2.95 £3.95 £5.45 £15.95

A clean, crisp and refreshing dry white wine.

Pinot Grigio Italy £3.55 £4.65 £6.45 £17.95

Very light & neutral, revealing just a hint of green fruit.

Chenin Blanc South Africa £3.30 £4.45 £5.85 £16.95

Light and fresh with an attractive quince and

pear character.

Unoaked Chardonnay Australia £3.75 £4.85 £6.75 £19.95

Restrained and delicate, with hints of melon & banana.

our recommendation…

Pecorino Italy £4.10 £5.45 £7.95 £21.95

A delicious dry white wine that has a lovely youthful

aromatic nose.

Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand £4.15 £5.55 £7.95 £22.95

Fresh and juicy with tropical fruit flavours and

zingy acidity.

Sancerre France £26.95

A well-structured dry white, with a stoney,

leafy, green fruit aroma.

for the designated driver…

Natureo Blanco Spain £3.55 £4.65 £6.45 £17.95

Low alcohol ~ only 0.5%. A light juicy palate with a

delicious, fresh taste of grapes.

ROSÉ 125mls 175mls 250mls Bottle

House ~ Gio Rosato Italy £2.95 £3.95 £5.45 £15.95

A straightforward, off-dry, pink fruity quaffer.

Zinfandel Rosé California £3.45 £4.55 £6.15 £17.95

Light medium sweet rosé bursting with strawberries.

RED WINE 125mls 175mls 250mls Bottle

House ~ Gio Rosso Italy £2.95 £3.95 £5.45 £15.95

A young, medium-to-full bodied red wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon Chile £3.45 £4.55 £6.15 £17.95

Ripe black fruits and oak from this mid-bodied wine.

Merlot France £3.70 £4.85 £6.35 £18.95

A pale ruby colour with ripe toffee, berry fruit

and light tannins.

Shiraz-Malbec Argentina £3.80 £4.95 £6.75 £19.95

An immediately fruity red wine, vibrant and

juicy in the mouth.

our recommendation…

Piedemonte Crianza Spain £3.90 £5.25 £7.45 £21.95

An impressively complex mid-bodied red with

plenty of grape on the palate.

Pinot Noir California £4.15 £5.55 £7.95 £23.95

A youthful blast of raspberry and red cherry fruit

defines this lightish-bodied wine.

Fleurie France £27.95

A lightish-bodied and delicately tannic Burgundy

that has just a touch of dark fruit.


Prosecco Viticoltori Ponte Italy £4.95 £22.95

Clean, dry and crisp, with a creamy finish.

Prosecco NV Extra Dry DOCG Italy £5.45 £24.95

A top of the range Prosecco that is off-dry and has ripe yellow fruit aromas.

Lanson Black Label Brut France £44.95

Subtle “toasty” and honey notes on the nose. Light and fresh on the palate

with a well-rounded feel.

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