A New Dimension in Anorectal Physiological Assessment

Complete Mapping of the Anal Sphincter Symmetry

3 Dimensional pressure images reveal anorectal physiology as well

as characterize anal sphincter function with clarity, enhancing

patient diagnosis.

Real Review of Anal Sphincter Physiology

Free-floating resizable window opens at location spatially aligned

with axial profile. Replay mode yields 3D movie of physiology.

Optional sub-window provides lateral cross-section visualization.

3 Dimensional Vector Volume

Three dimensional diagram aids in localizing sphincter damage

and/or defects.

Single Catheter positioning

6.4 cm length of continuous sensing eliminates need for

repositioning of catheter as well as patient involuntary squeeze

artifact and shortening procedure time.

Automatic Analysis Feature

Captures parameters including measurement of asymmetry, RAIR

events, resting and squeeze pressures, corrects for inadvertent

movement of the pelvic floor during maneuvers.

Disposable sheath with integrated balloon

Features easy installation and removal; balloon quickly attaches via

luer fitting eliminating hand tie-down. Minimizes most cleaning

and increases patient acceptance.

ManoScan 3D Catheters incorporate the very latest

in sensing technology

• All sensors are true circumferential

• 256 points of measurement

• 16 axial x 16 circumferential sensors

• 10.75 mm diameter

• 4mm spacing between adjacent sensor rings

• Central lumen for RAIR, sensation and intra rectal pressure


Toll Free: (866) 641-8492 � � Fax: (310) 872-5558


3DAR-Asymmetric Anterior Pressure 1

3DAR-Asymmetric Anterior Pressure 2












Workstation Cart

Everything you need to perform an anorectal

manometry study efficiently, reliably, and safely

High quality construction, with

durable, easy-to-clean surfaces

LCD flat panel touch-screen

with articulating arm

Modular data acquisition controller -

Expandable to add Esophageal

Manometry (regular or with Impedance),

Synchronized Video, and

Ambulatory Monitoring

Powerful computing

platform with Windows®

based operating system

LAN and Wi-Fi enabled

Integrated catheter

auto-calibration system

Built in storage drawer

Large lockable wheels

1200 dpi color printer

Patient safety isolation


Toll Free: (866) 641-8492 �� �� Fax: (310) 872-5558

5757 W. Century Blvd., Suite 660, Los Angeles, CA 90045


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