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PLEASE NOTE: Second Sunday Service A new Sunday afternoon service will be trialled in Saint Alban’s in 2016.Titled the “Second Sunday Service” it will be held on the second Sunday of each month at 16.00. Different styles of worship will be undertaken each time, with the Saint Alban’s Licensed Readers and Readers in Training taking the lead. The first of these new services will be on Sunday 10 January and will be lead by Jane Passant, Reader in Training. ST ALBAN'S CHURCH IN JUTLAND We also have three English-speaking congregations in Jutland, in partnership with the local Danish Church, that gather on these dates: And now, thanks to Darren and Charlotte, a new advertising flier to be distributed in Aarhus – see pages 14 and 15. AARHUS Monthly: Møllevangskirke on Sunday 31 January at 18:00 Sunday 28 February at 18:00 Sunday 27 March (Easter Day) at 18:00 Sunday 24 April at 18:00 Sunday 29 May at 18:00 Sunday 26 June at 18.00 . The service will be led by The Revd Darren McCallig. Details from Angela Hansen. VEJLE- LØGET 10 January and 14 February at 14.00 JELLING Thursday 28 January EAT and SING at 17.30 February 29 th Service at 14.00 For details, please contact Deacon Christophe: All are warmly welcome. PRAY FOR FRIENDS AND RELATIONS Prayer requests (to be included in our intercessions) should be sent to:, or you can contact Jane Passant in church. Please give the name of the person to be prayed for, the reason and how long you wish them to remain on the prayer list. ~ 4 ~

Message from our Chaplain Dear friends, As I write this piece for the first Newsletter of 2016 the carols of Christmas are still ringing in my ears. However, I know that by the time you get to read this edition, the “Hark the Heralds” and the “O Come All Ye Faithfuls” will be back in storage for another year – alongside the Christmas decorations and the Christmas lights. Nevertheless – to coin a phrase – Christ is not just for Christmas. In fact, it may well be that it is only when we return to the “common round and the daily task” that the hope and challenge which the Christ Child brings comes into clearer focus. In this regard, I want to share with you some beautiful verses penned by Howard Thurman, the great African American author, theologian, educator and civil rights leader. His words are a powerful antidote against the temptation to return to “business as usual” once the festive season is over. On the contrary, it is now that the real work begins; the work of playing our part in building the “Kingdom of God” – God’s dream of an all-embracing community of justice and peace – on earth as it is in Heaven. Thurman’s words are entitled “The Work of Christmas” and they were first published in his 1985 volume “The Mood of Christmas and Other Celebrations”. They make a wonderful “To Do List” – a sacred checklist for those contemplating some New Year’s resolutions. When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and the princes are home, When the shepherds are back with their flock, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, To heal the broken, To feed the hungry, To release the prisoner, To rebuild the nations, To bring peace among brothers, To make music in the heart. A happy, healthy and purpose-filled New Year to you all. Darren. ~ 5 ~

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