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Enviva Holdings to Protect Bottomland Forests with $5 Million, 10-Year Program

Review team will develop enhanced forestry practices

MONTCLAIR, N.J., Dec. 14, 2015 – Enviva Holdings (Enviva) will begin a $5 million, 10-year

program in 2016, the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund, to protect bottomland forests. The

initiative will focus on conserving bottomland forests, particularly in southeast Virginia and

North Carolina. John Keppler, president of Enviva Holdings, has a strong belief in conservation

and the fate of bottomlands is a concern for him and Enviva. The fund will be administered by

the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities.

Keppler said, “The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund’s grants and Enviva’s enhanced sustainable

practices will protect and conserve forests and provide working, bottomland forest owners with

markets which will keep these forests as forests.”

The program will focus on 35 North Carolina and Virginia counties that include roughly six

million acres of all types of forest, including about 20 percent bottomland forests. Bottomlands

are low-lying, marshy areas near rivers and streams. They have a wide range of benefits, from

environmental to economic, but face many threats including conversion to other uses.

“Southern forests help to clean out water, shield us from storms, and serve as home to many

species wildlife, and provide jobs and economic opportunity for rural families and private

landowners,” said Keppler.

As the world’s largest producer of wood pellets, most of Enviva’s wood does not come from

bottomland forests. Pellets are used to generate electricity and heat, and are a renewable and

sustainable energy source. Much of the 2.2 million metric tons of pellets that Enviva

manufactures each year are imported to the United Kingdom and Europe. The use of Enviva’s

pellets instead of coal reduces their carbon emissions by 80 percent.

The establishment of the fund has identified four specific types of sensitive bottomland forest

ecosystems through consultation with academic and environmental organizations. The fund will

appoint a review team of experienced science-based professionals to develop enhanced

forestry practices for working bottom land forests.

As a measure of Enviva’s corporate responsibility program, Enviva started their initiative by

protecting three wood-pellet production plants in Virginia and North Carolina. There have been

no complaints so far from other companies seeking wood from those bottomland forest plants.

“The commitments we are making today are unique in our industry,” said Keppler. “The Enviva

Forest Conservation Fund will permanently protect some of the most sensitive bottomland

forests in Virginia and North Carolina and will improve the sustainable management of others.”

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About Enviva Holdings

Enviva Holdings (Enviva) is a pillar in the pellet manufacturing industry and the world’s largest

producer of wood pallets. Established in 2005, Enviva manufactures 2.2 million metric tons of

wood pellets per year. Enviva is committed to the corporate social responsibility tasks they

work on to protect the ecosystems and forests that wood is sourced from.


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