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Judges 3

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Do you have what it takes to make the tastiest burger in the

Quinte region? A burger balanced with crunch, flavour and the

goodness of rave-worthy toppings? If so, here’s everything you

need to know.

What is it?

The Great Canadian Burger Competition is an exciting event where young, aspiring

cooks represent their high school in a culinary challenge.

Where is it?

In the Loyalist College kitchen on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

Competition Structure

Each team will be asked to create four portions of a 4oz burger on a bun of their choice

within a two-hour timeframe. The pressure is on!

The burger itself must consist of at least 50% beef. The team is strongly encouraged to

be creative with toppings, sauces and garnishes. The burgers must be pan-fried, but can

be finished in the oven. The judges will be assessing each burger on appearance, taste

and creativity.

Teams will also submit a recipe to Loyalist College second-year Culinary students. They

will produce slider-sized portions for the People’s Choice Reception, which will take

place immediately after the teams have finished competing. For more information, see

page 3.

All ingredients for the competition will be supplied by Loyalist. The College will also

reimburse students/teachers/schools up to $100 for ingredients purchased for practising.

To Qualify

To be eligible to compete, a team must be registered in advance. Only one team,

consisting of one or two students, may compete from each high school. If your school

has more than one team interested in competing, we encourage your school to host

an internal battle of the burgers to determine which team will represent the school at

Loyalist College. This is a fun and scrumptious way to select the ultimate team. Who

doesn’t love an old fashioned burger cook-off?



The Great Canadian Burger Competition has three main prizes. The Grand Champion

will be awarded to the 1 st place team.

Grand Champion: 2 x $500*

2 nd Place: 2 x $300*

3 rd Place: 2 x $200*

People’s Choice: 2 x $500*

*One prize per team member. All monetary prizes consist of a bursary to Loyalist College. This money

will be applied to the student’s tuition account if they attend Loyalist within the next two years. Students

can enrol in any program. Winning students will receive a certificate indicating the amount of money

they will receive.

About the People’s Choice Award: Second-year Culinary students will make slider-sized

samples of each recipe in the competition. Each burger will be tasted and evaluated by

guests during the People’s Choice Reception in Resto 213. The most favoured burger will

be awarded this prize. People’s Choice winning teams will receive a trophy to take back

key dates

Teams must submit a recipe with a list of ingredients, cooking method, utensils and a

brief description (50 words or less) of their burger on or before:

Wednesday, February 17 at 12 (noon) to

Recipe cards and descriptions will be evaluated by the Loyalist College Culinary Program.

Four teams will be chosen by Friday February, 19 to compete at Loyalist College on

Wednesday, March 2.


Once recipe cards are submitted, teams will be expected to produce that exact burger

on the day of the competition.

Please remember that the Loyalist Culinary students will be using this recipe to produce

the team sliders for the People’s Choice Award. Please make it accurate and easy to




Each team will be allowed into the Loyalist kitchen 15-minutes prior to unpack and set up

their station, but will not be allowed to start cooking until the official start time.

A total of two hours will be allocated for each team to complete their dish. They must

produce four identical portions.

Late Turn-ins

Late turn-ins will receive a deduction of one point in all criteria per minute, barring

unforseen circumstances beyond students’ control. If the dish is not presented within

10 minutes after the two-hour mark, the team will be disqualified.


Presentation Garnish/Decor

Presentation garnish/décor is determined by the team. If a competitor chooses to

garnish, the décor must be edible or floral. IF TOOTHPICKS ARE USED, MAKE SURE THEY



There will be three judges. Total points are calculated using Loyalist College’s scoring

method, which will determine the competition champion.

*see attached scoring card


The team with the highest composite score will be named Grand Champion. The team

with the most votes from the People’s Choice Reception will win the People’s Choice



march 12: day-of schedule

8:30 am Arrival and setup

9 am Competition commences

*All four teams will compete at once

11 am Turn-ins and judging

12 pm - 1 pm People’s Choice Slider Tasting and Voting Reception in

Resto 213

*Invite your parents and friends to attend

1 pm Awards presented to Grand Champion and People’s

Choice winners


Judging Criteria

Each entry will be assessed on appearance, taste and creativity.

The numbering will rank from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best) in each of the three

judging categories.

Great Canadian Burger Competition Scoring Card



Rating Scale

1 - 10


Dish is presented in an attractive,

tidy manor and is visually appealing.



All elements of the dish are properly

seasoned and flavour combinations

work well.



Creativity is expressed either

in presentation, ingredients or







Judging will be silent and blind. Judges will NOT converse or discuss the entries until all

judges have finished scoring and the score cards have been collected. Each entry will be

judged on its own individual merits.


1) Entries may include any combination of ingredients, sauces and toppings. Every

component must be placed together as a single judging portion. Four judging

portions must be produced.

2) All competition entries must be prepared on-site during the competition

period. No previously cooked or prepared entries will be accepted; for example,

homemade sauces should be prepared on-site.

3) Pre-packaged material/products that constitute as an ingredient are allowed.

The validity of pre-packaged or pre-cooked ingredients is the responsibility of

the competitor and must be confirmed prior to competing. An exception to this

rule is the buns. They may be baked or purchased prior to arrival.

4) To ensure fairness, all cooks will be required to produce the burger that was on

the recipe card they submitted during the qualification process. Any deviation

from this recipe will result in the team being disqualified.

5) Burgers must be cooked to Government of Canada safe internal cooking

temperature guidelines of 71°C/160°F.

6) In the event of a tied score, Burger Master Jeff Camacho will be the designated

tie-breaker judge.



All competition ingredients will be supplied by Loyalist. The College will also reimburse

students/teachers/schools up to $100 for ingredients purchased for practising. Please

bring all receipts to the competition.

Teams may be asked to purchase and bring specialty or hard-to-find ingredients. In this

case, they should also bring a receipt and will be reimbursed the day of the competition.

Utensils and Equipment

All utensils and equipment during the competition will be supplied by Loyalist. If there

is a specialized piece of equipment that the College does not own, teams may be asked

to bring it themselves.

Teams should also supply an equipment list along with their ingredient list.

Ingredient and equipment lists, including quantities and desired brands, must be

submitted to Chef Karin Desveaux at Loyalist College on or before Monday, February

21 at noon to


Please contact Chef Karin Desveaux:



On or before Wednesday, February 10, by noon:

Registration form filled out and emailed to Loyalist

Recipe emailed to Loyalist

On or before Monday, February 21, by noon:

Ingredient list emailed to Loyalist

Equipment list emailed to Loyalist

Wednesday, March 2, from 8:30 am - 1 pm:

Show up ready to cook and have fun!













Ingredient List


Equipment List


the inspiration

Since 2012, Jeff and Rayling Camacho have been reviving the art of the pattie. As owners

of Burger Revolution in Belleville, they’re awakening taste buds, expanding imaginations

and challenging misconceptions about the almighty burger.

Their tasteful efforts have received regional and national attention. Burger Revolution was

featured on Food Network Canada’s “You Gotta Eat Here” and was awarded Best in Ontario

by Days Out Ontario.

As a Chef and Burger Master, Jeff knows what makes a great burger and is fearless when it

comes to infusing creativity in each dish. This passion inspired Loyalist’s Culinary program

to host its very first Great Canadian Burger Competition and we are thrilled to have Jeff as

the Lead Judge.

Every revolution begins with a spark, an idea that

challenges the status quo. Burger Revolution is a

flFlavour revolution, and our fiFight is against the

bland burger, the frozen burger, the ordinary burger.

- Jeff and Rayling Camacho,

Founders of Burger Revolution


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