Important information

Copy legal documentation

For every lot that appears in our catalogue

the seller’s solicitors provide Legal documents

including special conditions of sale, title deeds,

local searches, leases (where applicable),

office copy entries and any other relevant

information. This information is available to

download from our website


Alternatively you can call 0800 093 9994

and we will forward you a copy by post for a

charge of £30 plus VAT.

For more detailed legal enquiries, please

ask your legal representative to contact the

relevant seller’s solicitors detailed on the

special conditions of sale.

Please see the Notices to Prospective Buyers,

the Conduct of the Auction and also the

Conditions of Sale referred to at the end of the

catalogue in relation to all legal matters.

Before the auction:

A prudent buyer will, before bidding for

a lot at an auction:

• Take professional advice from a

conveyancer and, in appropriate cases, a

chartered surveyor and an accountant;

• Read the conditions;

• Inspect the lot;

• Carry out usual searches and make usual


• Check the content of all available leases

and other documents relating to the lot;

• Check that what is said about the lot in the

catalogue is accurate;

• Have finance available for the deposit and

purchase price;

• Check whether VAT registration and

election is advisable;

The conditions assume that the buyer

has acted like a prudent buyer.

If you choose to buy a lot without taking

these normal precautions you do so at

your own risk.

Please note:

• Cash will not be accepted by way of deposit.

• In addition to the deposit, each successful

buyer will be required to pay the

auctioneers, Romans, a non-refundable

buyers charge of £950 plus VAT = £1,140.

On purchases up to £20,000, the buyers

charge will be £550 plus VAT = £660.

The charge is payable on exchange of


• In the event of non-payment of the buyers

charge, a deduction of £950 plus VAT

(£550 plus VAT on purchases below

£20,000) will be made from the amount

received before the balance is applied to the


• Any purchaser wishing to buy in a

Company name (Ltd or plc) will be required

to provide the auctioneers with the

company’s registered office address, in

addition to the trading address, if different.

We will also require documentation

confirming the identity of the Company

Managing Director and Company Secretary

(passport etc).

• A VAT receipt, if required, will be issued on

the day after the auction.


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