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Entry log#5

September 15, 3 PM Stephany was adopted by the Brendon

family, living in Westfall where they own a small farmland and

pumpkin business. Paperworks completed. See Annex#21

October 2, called engineer Thomas to fix the leaking ceiling.

Ran out of buckets to place around the floor. Winter is coming


October 18, Hallow’s End, the kids are crazy about trick-ortreating.

Everybody worked for weeks on their costumes. I’m

taking them out to have some fun.

October 29, 5 AM three more kids were brought in this

morning: little Mary, Clara and Bobby. Their caravan got

ambushed by bandits and the parents killed. No known living

relatives. Lots of paperwork.

November 1, the new kids are having trouble fitting in. I hear

them crying and tossing in their sleep. No doubt having

nightmares from the incident. Need to seek Bishop Benedict


November 14, winter has come. Brought the kids out for a

snowfight. I’ve never seen them more happy.

November 19, A young chap was anointed Paladin outside of

the Cathedral today. He must’ve been special, champions from all

races came to witness it. Many robed magi and cavalry. A great

feast. I took the kids to watch. They were excited. Everybodu got

back safe and sound, if only a little bit tired.

Sidenote: Someone dressed in long robes was watching the kids

insistently as they played and fussed about during the celebration. I

think they were considering adoption. I am happy.

November 23, Prince Anduin Wrynn of Stormwind donated

food and coin to the Litthe Stars. Light be with that boy! He’ll

make a fine king one day.

December 11, new roommates: Lucy and Phil, both siblings.

Parents were killed during a picnic in the Park. The Park is gone

now... wiped. Many victims. Light bless them, it’s a miracle they

are alive.

December 12, 6 PM a young couple arrived to see the

orphanage, a woman with beautiful black hair and a tall

handsome man no more than thirty. They promised to visit soon.

Had their eyes on Mary. Light bless!

December 13, kids are decorating the orphanage for Winter

Veil. Old McHarry brought in a beautiful pine tree from Elwynn.

We are forever in his debt.

Need to buy more traps for those pesky rats, no coin. They bit

Timmy, had to disinfect the wound. Out of rivanol. Must keep

under close observation.

December 14, 7 AM Food Supply Delivery Day! Just in time

for Winter Veil!

December 15, the Even of Winter Veil. Big feast. Everybody

anxious to open their presents. I remind the staff to be as loving

as they can. We are their family now. Happy Winter Veil


December 16, 8 AM Mary disappeared this morning. None of

the kids saw her, nobody knows where she is. We notified the


December 18, 3 PM They found Mary’s ragdoll in the

canals. Some passerbys claim to have seen the blond girl in the

company of some tall, long haired woman. The militia cannot find

a trail, interrogated everyone. We suspect kidnapping. Dear Light


December 19, 8 AM Food Supply Delivery Day and a visit

from Madam Philippa. She donated to the orphanage fifty pieces.

Light bless that woman!

December 20, Gebo was adopted by a family of landlords

from Elwynn. He’s only six, the boy has a bright future ahead of

him. I’m glad.

December 20, 7 PM, received two boxes of secondhand

toys for the kids from the Gnome Crafting Workshop and

Dwarven District. Kids very happy.

December 21, the young couple retured this morning. They

were very sad to hear Mary is missing but still expressed their

wish to adopt. They said they’ll be back soon for the paperwork.

December 23, Clara disappeared without a trace this

morning. We were in the market square when a guard halted me

for inquiry. She vanished from my side. Looked everywhere.

Announced the guards. They will patrol.

December 24, we’re running low on wood. This place is very

cold. I urge the staff to request another resupply. The floor is

frozen solid.

December 25, timber resupply denied, not enough resources.

We’re burning clothes and toys to keep the place in living


December 26, anonymous lumber donation. Light bless you,

wherever you are! We have enough to hold us for the rest of the


December 25, 8 AM Food Supply Delivery Day. Nothing

else to report, I’m calling it a day.

December 27, Jothny was found dead in his cot. The kids

woke up screaming. We suspected the food, but the alchemists

said the cheese and bread were alright. We cannot explain it.

None of the other kids show any symptoms.

December 28, 12 PM Madame Philippa visited, said she

was concerned about the kids. Offered to take some under her

care for a while. I had to deny, we cannot give away children

without proper adoption protocols. I felt horrible.

December 29, the staff and I are preparing for New Year

festival, boxing and unboxing garlands. Tedious work, the mood is

soured, the children offered to help, precious darlings...

December 29, before bedtime, Lucy kept asking me what

happened to Mary and Clara. I told them they got adopted,

found a new home. I brig this to the attention of the staff: they

must never know. Poor things...

December 30, on the night of New Year, the staff and I

have decided to take the kids see the firework in the Cathedral

square. Two hours from now, nobody seems to be sleepy yet.

Sdienote: Pack extra clothes in case they get cold.

January 1, New Year and a fresh start. I ask the staff to

help me with watching over the kids, for will be busy with the

paperwork these days. Will be working till late tonight.Thanks!

January 3, 10 PM, little Bobby is having trouble sleeping,

he can’t stop muttering about this cat. I think the girls scared


January 4, 1 AM Bobby woke up screaming in the middle

of the night. His nightmares don’t let the other children sleep. I’ll

see Brother Niles in the morning... Need to finish this paperwork.

January 4, Brother Niles came into the orphanage today at

my request, he couldn’t sense anything at work with Bobby. He

said he’s just scared of cats. We called a dwarven physician and

again, he could find nothing wrong with him.

Sidenote: I talked with the staff today and we all agreed to try and

help Bobby with his phobia. His adoption chances are looking slim.

January 7, 8 AM Food Supply Delivery Day:

-four cartons of eggs

- two loafs of bread (not enough to feed everyone)

- one can of beans

- one apple suice (Lucy will be sad)

- a basket of pears

- a bar of cheese

- three carrots

Self-note: A week’s worth of ration, the kdis will starve. Must ask for

more next time.

.January 19, Jacob and Jill disappeared.

January 20, 1 PM Madam Philippa made a hefty

donation to the Little Stars Orphanage.

January 30, 7 AM Timmy was found missing...

January 30, 10 AM Madam Philippa visited the


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