Smoke in the Wires Jan 2016


Here is the long-anticipated January Smoke in the Wires in snazzy e-magazine format. Enjoy!

Featured Car

1977 Triumph Spitfire

Mike Japp

Words and Photos by Mike Japp

It’s hard to believe that over thirty years have gone by since my Dad bought a 1977 Triumph

Spitfire for me from the original owner. Even though I have had to repair many things and broke

down unexpectedly once or twice, I have throughly enjoyed my years with this Spitfire. Who else

can say they still have their first car, 34 years later?

It started in 1981 when my Dad showed me this yellow sports car convertible in Bay St. Louis,

Mississippi. I was 15-years-old and a month from my birthday. Dad asked me if I liked the car and if

so he would buy it and we would fix it up. After climbing in and imaging driving it, “Sure!”, I said and

I’m glad I did.

The engine block was cracked so Dad located a wrecked Spitfire to get an engine from. With my

cousin's help we replaced the engine under a raised house on the coast of Waveland, MS, that we

built. I dented the front bumper slightly before even driving the Spitfire by backing a pickup with the

replacement engine a little too close to the car! The bonnet was removed and the tailgate of the

truck put a small dent in the chrome bumper.

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