Smoke in the Wires Jan 2016


Here is the long-anticipated January Smoke in the Wires in snazzy e-magazine format. Enjoy!

There are countless lighting products available to help the car

loving public see what they are doing while working on a car. The

lights come in all shapes and sizes, with hooks and magnets that

can attach to (and scratch) hoods, bonnets and frames. Some have

little extended tripod feet, some can be worn on your head making

you appear like an idiot, and some look like they were purchased at

an Adult Toy store. They mostly have the common problem of

being in the way and lighting up stuff you didn’t want lighted up,

while seldom sending much illumination where you actually need

it. There is a reason they are usually called “Trouble Lights”.

Trouble lights have been around forever. They have the familiar

Construction Details--Brute force prevails over finesse

Smoke in the Wires January 2016 Page 22

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