Smoke in the Wires Jan 2016


Here is the long-anticipated January Smoke in the Wires in snazzy e-magazine format. Enjoy!

metal shroud to make

sure the light goes

where you don’t need

it. The shroud also

serves to collect the

heat and burn you.

And of course there’s

the hook on top that is

too big to hang on

anything smaller than

a 10 penny nail. They

really do get hot –Very

Hot. You never come

into physical contact

with a trouble light

IV Light in action from above

until it has reached the

Very Hot stage and you

are at an important point of your work. Humans can’t hold a tiny snap ring with needle nose plyers while an ear is

touching a branding iron hot trouble light.

So, my contribution to the Tool of the Month column is not a tool at all, but a safe, handy garage light that will let

you use tools better and actually see what you’re doing. It is a

simple combination of just two components, one found in any

Walmart and one found in any hospital - No, not a nurse with a


Here are the facts:

During a recent stay in my favorite hospital, I was forced to

walk about with an I.V. in my arm connected to a bag of

something unknown, but very expensive, which was hanging on

the handy hooks of an even handier rolling I.V. pole! The trusty

little pole wheeled about easily on four wheels and was

obviously an excellent device on which to place a directional

light for working in my garage. Yes, a nurse with a flashlight

would be better, but I couldn’t get a single volunteer. When I

enthusiastically tried to explain to the staff the many uses for

that wonderful I.V. pole, they looked frightened and suggested

more bed rest and cutting back on the pain killers. After my

release I jumped on my computer and found exactly what I

wanted on Amazon. More amazing is that an I.V. pole just like I

wanted only cost $33.58 including tax! Yes! The same people

who charge you $125.00 for an aspirin only pay about $30

bucks for those all steel, chrome plated I.V. poles. In fact, there

Good light from any position

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