Smoke in the Wires Jan 2016


Here is the long-anticipated January Smoke in the Wires in snazzy e-magazine format. Enjoy!

Marc Cherry demonstrates the old ways with more light in his face than on the car

were even less expensive ones offered, but one should never scrimp on I.V. poles. I didn’t tell my wife about my

purchase knowing she would be pleasantly surprised when it showed up at the house. She was surprised! She had

tears in her eyes when I showed her my new chromeplated,

fully adjustable I.V. pole. Still, like the nurses,

she was too short-sighted to see the fantastic

possibilities for the I.V.pole that now stood in our

kitchen. When she got over the surprise enough to

speak, she only asked why I bought an I.V. pole.

Proud as a peacock, I told her it was because I

couldn’t get a nurse to hold a flashlight! She cried

even more! I’ve never seen her so moved by any

purchase ever. She said she was going to call the

doctor, but I let her know that they would not let us

have one of their I.V. poles because I already asked.

And then I told her the best part. I was going to

clamp a gooseneck lamp on the pole. It is not

possible to describe her reaction. She took to loudly

blowing her nose and shaking her head. Once I

managed to explain it was for my garage she gained

composure and said it was nice and she was going to

visit her sister in Texas for a few days. Anyway, it

really works great! A $7.50 goose neck lamp with a

super-strong clamp from Walmart and a cool burning

led light bulb was all that was needed.

Maniacal grin for want of proper lighting

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