Smoke in the Wires Jan 2016


Here is the long-anticipated January Smoke in the Wires in snazzy e-magazine format. Enjoy!

Letting the Smoke out

Marc Cherry


What a great winter driving season we’ve been having. Decent temperatures and low humidity are the payoff

for enduring July and August here. While we haven’t had a lot of driving events, there have been plenty of drives

to take and events to attend. The auction season is kicking off in Scottsdale and F1 and NASCAR will be running

their openers. Before you know it, the club’s signature event, Brits on the Bay, will be here.

January has proven much busier than I expected as my involvement with the classic auction scene has expanded

considerably. My auction house, Motostalgia, secured a Saturday evening auction this year at Amelia Island.

Suddenly there’s no shortage of work to do. In addition to the catalog work, I am now working consignments.

This change brought the good fortune of being asked to attend the Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach. This is the

premier Ferrari event in the eastern US. What an

incredible experience at an amazing venue. More

remarkable was that they charged a $200 entry fee (we

had passes as advertisers) and gave away goodie bags

that contained less than last year’s Brits on the Bay bags!

Shameless Plug for my auction house--click to visit!

If you make it out to Amelia this year, please look me up.

I’ve also been busy with an ongoing side project, converting my milling machine to computer numerical control

(CNC). See the Feb 2015 Tool of the Month feature for details of the mill. So far it has proven to be an expensive

and extensive project. I have named the new pet Millbot. Right now I have full control over the X and Y axis and

can make the mill

draw pictures and

forge autographs if

I mount a pen in

the spindle. I have

even cut precision

parts out of foam.

The conversion isn’t

even fully done and

it is already

mesmerizing to

watch Millbot run

through its paces

cutting things out.

By early next

Dinos at the Cavallino Classic

month, I should be

finished with converting the Z axis to computer control and be able to start making 3D metal, wood and nylon

parts as needed.

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